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James McAvoy Weighs in on Who Would Win in an ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ Movie

It’s not likely we’ll see Cyclops face Captain America on the big screen in the near future, if ever in our lifetimes, due to the division of Marvel’s movie rights. Still, James McAvoy happily played out the hypothetical scenario of an Avengers vs. X-Men film in an interview with MTV.

Clearly, the Days of Future Past star has his biases, so his decision to back the Children of the Atom against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes isn’t a surprise.

“There’s like 40 of us, and like five of them,” he said. “And one of them’s a half-man, half-robot: You just turn off the power and he’s done.”

“Another one’s a guy with a shield who’s a bit strong. I mean, come on,” he continued. “Guy with a bow and arrow? We’ve got guns and stuff, [Wolverine’s] got claws. I could just go like ‘sit down,’ and they’ll all sit down … I could be like ‘take your clothes off,’ and they’d all be taking their clothes off.”

In short? “It would be a disaster,” McAvoy said.


  • BeastieRunner

    But … PREP TIME!

  • Piotr

    Thor, Hulk and Iron Man(“I’ve got a suit for that”) would wreck all of the mutants.

  • Ed

    They’d put their clothes back on… but I’ve seen everything…

  • Retributi0n

    Well as much as I love the X-men, he is kind of wrong. If they just did a general Avengers vs. X-men, and there were 40 X-men, then there would also be a lot more Avengers than 5. Basically you would take every X-men that was officially a part of the team, and every Avenger who was officially a part of the team and let them go at it. It would be epic. If they followed the comic material though, the X-men are split up, with Wolverine with the Avengers and kinda in the middle at the Jean Grey school. The X-men would of course have the Phoenix powers though, so who knows. I would have to say Avengers, even though I love them both.

  • spyder

    He is completely right, Xavier could just shut them all down. He shut down an entire museum in X-2. The Avengers in the movies have no counter for that. As far as the comics though Avengers would win because Marvel’s editors would never allow their movie property to lose face to Fox’s. That’s why X-Men went from being the center of the Marvel universe to purposely sabotaged by the powers that be.

  • Mike McTighe

    Hulk (and to a much lesser extent, Thor) are the only ones who approach or surpass the powers of the individual X-Men. Hulk, at times, surpasses most teams by himself, and Thor is easily as strong as their strongest members. I think Thor would probably have trouble with them as a team though. Hulk would be the last Avenger standing, and if he’s anything like the comic version, could easily beat the entire team himself.

  • Ramone

    The Stewart Xavier shut down the museum patrons–McAvoy Xavier hasn’t reached that level of power yet (I suppose the new movie will let us know for sure though).

  • Joey Johnson

    WOW!!!! a star of xmen thinks the people in his movie would beat the avengers?!?!? such an amazing story!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yet i cant find any article about the season finale of one of comics’ live action show….

  • Omar

    Thor, Hulk and even Iron Man [via technological shielding] have consistently demonstrated a high resistance to mental tampering and manipulation. Thor or Hulk could solo the X-Men and Iron Man with prep could easily devise some kind of ungodly weapon that would lay waste to the X-Men — Remember, it was Stark’s satellites that eventually stopped World War Hulk when nothing else could.

  • Omar

    Thor and “lesser” are words that should not be in the same sentence when referencing Hulk. Aside from that blaring oversight, I’d have to agree with you –

  • Joakley

    Wouldn’t be that easy, but either way… Which franchise do you think I’ll be in line for opening night?

  • PietroMaximoff

    there are also like 50 avengers or something…
    also, SHIELD and the Avengers have anti-psychic defenses…

  • Joakley

    I feel like everyone glazed over the fact that they are talking about the movie versions

  • Rubicon

    The only X-Men member that can stand against Thor or Hulk is Phoenix. And not the embarrassing depowered “Phoenix” from the Fox-Men movies

  • Kuma

    Movie Thor would massacre the movie X-men

  • elliot

    It’s funny you say depowered, when she was disintegrating people at a molecular level.

  • Rochedalaix

    If it is the original 5 X-Men vs. the original 5 Avengers Thor would solo unless Jean Grey has the Phoenix Force. If Jean has the Phoenix Force than the X-Men win just barely.

  • I love Scarlett

    YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSS, please Prof X make Scarlett take her clothes off, i’m begging you!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • Fernando Guzman-Rodriguez Scha

    Even so, in World War Hulk, Hulk took out the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men and many others mostly by himself. He even fought with most of the gods and pure demons shortly after. Yet they’re confident that they could beat the Avengers? Funny.

  • Jonny_anonymous

    No they wouldn’t

  • Hypestyles

    There should be a joint Disney/Fox production to finally get these franchises to join for a film.

  • Maxerick

    It kind of depends on what Avengers 2 brings. If Scarlet Witch is as strong as her comic book version then all it will take is those infamous words ” No more mutants”.

  • Rubicon

    Fox’s “Phoenix” couldn’t even stop Wolverine from walking toward her. Marvel’s Phoenix sucked the life out of a freaking star. Depowered isn’t a strong enough word

  • Tommy Rankin

    Umm, this was just about the movie version, nothing that hasn’t appeared in the films counts. So then there would be 5 Avengers but still like 40 X-Men because we’d have the ones from original trilogy, the ones from first class and the ones from the future in the DofP film. So X-Men would win hands down by sheer number and variety in powers.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yeah, this. Editors at Marvel would never let X-Men be better or stronger nowadays.

  • Dalton Munnal

    Implying the status of the characters in the comics has any effect at all on the success of the movies.

  • GlitchyUltron

    retarded brett ratner version is the strong enough expression?

  • Jordan

    Pheonix 5 stomp Avengers

  • bomm

    five??? ant man, wasp, vision are avengers too.

  • bomm

    dont forget about scarlet witch and qsilver

  • Charlie

    Hulk would . Ever read “World War Hulk – X-Men” ? I doubt it .

  • Mike McTighe

    Thor is far less powerful than Hulk. There are versions of Thor that existed in alternate universes or briefly in the main timeline who may have been close to Hulk, but even those are probably still less than Hulk. You’re talking about the same Hulk who becomes the Maestro, and kills every hero and villain. Peter David was once asked who would test Hulk’s “ceiling” as far as power goes and he replied “maybe Galactus”. Thor is in no way near Galactus, but Hulk is. No matter what Hulk gets stronger. Thor is very strong, but relatively will remain the same. He can beat Hulk, but in theory if Hulk continued to get madder and Banner never subdued him (as it usually occurs) he’d eventually over power even Thor.

  • Nick

    Hulk isn’t a pimple on Galactus’s ass. Galactus could easy totally disintegrate the Hulk in the blink of an eye.

  • Scrilla

    Marvel cinema was the best thing that happened to the avengers. Before that they were lame as a team , and boring . X-men all the way

  • Dean Swiatek

    There’s 5 of them, but I’m assuming that counts Thor and Hulk, who would be enough…

  • Eric

    professor x and jean grey mind erase the entire avengers team in the first few seconds. TKO

  • Dale Brown

    Wolverine has beaten the Hulk before

  • Dale Brown

    Wolverine has beaten the Hulk several times during his rampages

  • Dale Brown

    they cant be used, the new movies are both calling them xmen/avengers so they’re kinda neutral… also their father is on the side of the X-men

  • Dale Brown

    if it wasnt for the X-men, Marvel wouldve gone bankrupt years ago and there wouldnt be any Avengers right now

  • marvelfan409

    World War hulk. The hulk beat the entire X men roster including all of their expanded teams. This included wolverine, juggernaut, and colossus. He beat them up so badly that the members who were hurt had to be sent to their infirmary then be sent back out because they didn’t have enough people to keep holding back the hulk. Wolverine barked on about how he beat him before and hulk threw him miles away every time he showed up. Hulk said you can’t beat me if you’re not here.

  • Mike McTighe

    Not according to those writing the comic, which I’m guessing is not what you do for a living. It might not make sense, but it is canon. Just like that time Hulk punched time (literally time itself) and it stopped momentarily.

  • Mike McTighe

    No he hasn’t. Not once. Lost every fight.

  • Dale Brown

    Yes but this isn’t WWH, and if it were he wouldn’t be in the equation

  • Mike McTighe

    I have that helmet in your avatar btw.

  • Mike McTighe

    Correction. She totally could, but she wouldn’t. Either way that movie was trash.

  • johontallo

    You don’t read the comics do you? Spouting Wikipedia info is not accurate. Wolverine beat hulk once. That’s one win in several encounters and that was before hulk became who he was today. Pre-avengers, during first appearance wolverine. If you have read anything in the last 50 years, there’s a status called “world breaker” and only two marvel characters on earth hold that title. It’s the hulk and the sentry. Today, wolverine would not dare to even get hulk mad. Today’s wolverine can’t even beat captain america. That fight just happened last year and wolverine got pummeled

  • marvelfan409

    Still the same body with same powers. Hulks powers are beyond any of the X men and any of their powers barely phase him thats including their level 5 powers of telekinesis and telepathy. When you fight the hulk you’re just denying the inevitable.He can’t die, so he’ll keep coming. But the difference is, everyone on the X men side can die. And that’s where the hulk wins.

  • Dale Brown

    Storm killed him in the Onslaught saga, stopped his heart with lightning… she was nice enough to bring him back, but she still put him down, I love the Hulk, but he’s not Invincible

  • Tommy de Jesus

    ugh. just no. Xavier couldn’t mind control Hulk in WWH, Stark would have psi dampeners in his armor. Thor is a god. If storm tried lightning with Thor around, he’d end that quick.

  • mcdropkick

    I just look at them, and all their clothes fall off. They try to cover themselves up, but it’s too late, I’ve already seen everything.

  • Charlie

    He would have came back on his own with time. And if you consider that horrible story canon, that’s an entire different subject .

  • Charlie

    Hulk beat his head in so bad that he gave Wolverine brain damage. Lol!

  • Charlie

    Thor has said it himself that he cannot beat the Hulk. It was in one of the Fear Itself titles that were out not too long ago.

  • Tommy Rankin

    It’s true. Too bad Marvel doesn’t treat X-Men with the respect that the franchise would deserve. Every story now centers on Avengers while X-Men are stuck in one place without any direction.

  • Dale Brown

    so do I it was custom made for me 2 years ago

  • Maskakos

    A group of 5 hand picked X-Men (Magneto, Xavier, Wolverine, Jean, Colossus) would still win the Avengers. Hulk would be an issue but after the other 4 are down then he wouldn’t be able to win all 5. Justice League on the other hand would win both

  • Wirehedd

    Kitty Pryde grabs Thor’s leg and phases him down into the ground and let’s go.

    He dies.

    She then phases through Iron Man and the armour immediately faults out and shuts down (look it up, her power can do that) and Tony Stark is out of the scrap. Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops watch with amused interest.

    Xavier emits powerful but not fatal psionic blast (he IS the most powerful telepath on the planet) and the remaining Avengers go down with a whimper.

    As for Hulk, yes he’s classified as a “world breaker” but he’s also susceptible to psionics and as such would be able to be taken down by Xavier. If not a much less powerful Jean Grey could use her not so prodigious telekinetics to simply lift the hulk off the ground and upward to eliminate Hulk’s ability to interact with anything around him. Green behemoth “sort of” neutralized.

    Understanding the powers these characters all possess makes this issue rather simple to suss out.

  • js

    Guess you don’t remember when Marvel DID GO BANKRUPT, and it was at the height of X-Men fame. Look it up.

  • Jonathan David Wright

    But that’s only cause Marvel is Marvel Studios, so they are going to spend more time on other stories outside if the ones Fox and Sony have movie rights over. I bet if Marvel had X-Men/Fantastic Four and Spidey back they would probably focus on all of them. Since Marvel had a majority of their rights back you’ll probably see an increase in stories like Punisher, Daredevil (since their doing a Netflix series), Heroes for Hire, etc. Marvel Studios have movies planned out til like 2020 I think. There is no way Fox and Sony can keep doing X-men and Spidey over and over again.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Oh I know that, dear god I know. I just hate it as someone who mostly reads only X-Men comics. Or at least I used to read them.

    Even Marvel’s 75th anniversary cover shows what they concentrate on and what franchises they care about. That cover featured every franchise from Marvel even the likes of Inhumans, Iron Fist and GotG, all of which are c-list. It even featured Spidey who is owned by Sony because he is too big and important for Marvel to ignore. But FF, Marvel’s first family and X-Men, that was Marvel’s number one franchise alongside Spidey for decades are completely absent, not even Wolverine got on that cover. Same with cartoons, X-Men and FF are only big ones that don’t get one under current regime.

    I know what it is and get why Marvel does that but I can’t help but hate it.

    And when it comes to movies it doesn’t really matter who owns to film rights. If it’s Fox then we get a bunch of mediocre at best FoX-Men movies and if it’s Marvel we won”t get any X-Men movies because Marvel is too busy with other franchises. Movies that are mediocre at best or no movies at all, doesn’t really matter but at least Marvel might be bothered to make better x-books if they had the movies rights.

  • Jonathan David Wright

    Marvel is doing that with Spider-Man because they got back the merchandising rights for him. Do I think they should at least have Wolverine on the cover, yea I do but as a comic fan I do like that the lesser known characters from Marvel are starting to get noticed. To me if you’re going to make hundreds of characters, don’t just focus on a handful. I feel the same way about DC, when you only focus on a few characters you have no choice but to reboot them over and over i.e Batman and Superman. It’s just good to see other just as awesome chacters being bought to the non-comic fan’s attention by Marvel.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yes, I know it’s about the merchandising rights also and I have no problem about them giving attention to lesser known characters/franchises but what I do hate is that they are doing it at the expense of characters that I like.

    X-Men is the only Marvel franchise I care about because Marvel has made me dislike everything else by promoting everything else at the expense of X-Men. (AvX for example)

    And they still have Spidey and Avengers there so it’s obviously not so much about giving chances to lesser characters but mainly just about the movie/merchandising rights.

  • Marvel Fan

    Then you could see everything… Hehe I think he has been taking lessons from Patrick

    The Avengers have time to catch up, Scarlet Witch is a stronger M word then Charles IMHO but then she will have an Xmen twin… Umm Dr Strange maybe… Some Inhumans are on a par with the xmen… Will see where the franchises go.

    Still fun comments, made me smile and want to put on extras again… Even though the link is tenuous.

  • Randy

    Avengers have Scarlett Witch…
    She can simply say:
    and there will be no more X-MEN!