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Roberto Orci Beams Up For ‘Star Trek 3′


Although Paramount Pictures reportedly required some convincing, the studio has finally settled on J.J. Abrams’ successor on Star Trek 3 — and it’s exactly who everyone expected. According to Variety, franchise co-writer Roberto Orci will indeed helm the next film.

It will mark the directorial debut of Orci, who’s writing the script with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. Paramount and its partner Skydance Productions didn’t comment on the report.

Word of Orci’s interest in Star Trek 3 surfaced last month in a report that he and longtime writing and producing partner Alex Kurtzman will pursue separate film interests (they’ll continue to work together on television projects, at least for now). He was only recently labeled as the frontrunner for the Paramount gig; it’s unknown who else was being considered.


  • Vizator

    Awesome… this is the moron who said Transformers don’t need starships because they “moonlight as vehicles” ignoring the fact that Autobots can’t fly and thus can’t leave a planet’s atmosphere. Also, there is no sci-fi I’m aware of where something as small as a normal sized Transformer can achieve warp speed meaning he knows squat about scifi. Plus he had a hand in “writing” all three Transformers and the first two Star Treks, and I use the word “write” loosely. The franchise is again doomed.

  • lattethunder

    I agree. Those movies about the robots that can turn into functioning cars in less than ten seconds were lacking in verisimilitude. Completely ruined the experience for me.

  • Seth M. Sherwood

    Since Into Darkness gave us a transporter that could work between planets and an immortality formula, what’s left in the galaxy that has any sense of wonder?

  • Paul

    You know what else is doomed? Your chances of kissing a girl.

  • Vizator

    Um, yeah, I’m married with child would be my response to you if you if I gave one rat’s crap about your miserable existence. But thanks for showing your ass.

  • Paul

    Well first, you did respond, so you obviously care about me. Which is sweet. Aww. Second, I never showed you my ass, but if you’d like me to, you should at least buy me dinner first. And a movie. Pick you up at 7.