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Nicolas Cage Sees a ‘Ghost’

After two films starring as the Spirit of Vengeance, Nicolas Cage is ready to return to the world of ghosts — just not Ghost Rider.

The Oscar winner has boarded Pay the Ghost, the supernatural thriller from Voltage Films and director Uli Edel. Cage stars as “a hard-working NYU English professor bucking for tenure when his 8-year-old son mysteriously vanishes from a Halloween day parade,” according to Variety.

Pay the Ghost, based on author Tim Lebbon’s short story of the same name, is shooting for a start date in late summer. Casting is under way for the female lead.


  • Tommy Rankin

    Nic Cage as a professor at a University?! Oh man, what does he teach? Over the top acting? There’s no way he’d be an english professor!

  • pDUB

    There’s no way Sandra bullock could be an astronaut, but wait, they’re actors

  • Tommy Rankin

    Umm… Okay? I know they’re actor and actors can act multiple roles but some actors can pull of more roles than others. But now that I think about it I bet Nic Cage can play an NYU professor, he’ll be a perfect as an eccentric and crazy professor. I just hope they don’t try to play it straight and allow him to go all out nuts in this. That’s when he’s at his best.