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‘Godzilla’ Crushes Box Office, Scores a Sequel


Godzilla crushed the competition in its opening weekend, grossing an estimated $93.2 million in the North American box office, and another $103 million overseas. And so it surprises absolutely no one that Deadline reports Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are already moving a sequel into development.

Director Gareth Edwards and producer Thomas Tull previously sidestepped questions about a potential sequel, insisting that discussion was better left until after the opening of their franchise reboot. “We’ll see what happens,” Edwards told Spinoff Online. “We actually had a meeting with the producers the other day, and we just came up and we were like, ‘Let’s not jinx it. See what everyone thinks about the film.’ If there’s an appetite, I’ll be first in line with a whole bunch of ideas.”

However, considering his fondness for the 1978 Godzilla animated series, the director teased that Godzooky might be a possibility. “He might show up,” the director joked. “This might be the origin story for Godzooky. You never know.”


  • dekko

    For the sequel … Mechagodzilla! Or Ghidorah. Either way…. (then give Rodan his own movie ;))

  • Kort Kramer

    Just please don’t call him Godzookie! 8|

  • Davids Gibbs

    gareth edwards please him Godzilla jr

  • Christopher Ely

    I hope that bus driver gets a spin off movie!

  • eyeroll

    Well, you know there’s gonna be a trilogy then. And it’ll probably get rebooted within ten years after that.

  • BeastieRunner

    I’d rather have another original American Kaiju before they start paying Toho for more rights. Maybe they show a group building MechaGodzilla in the sequel or tease Mothra, Rodan and the like.