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Quicksilver Will Return For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’


Evan Peters’ Quicksilver, whom some early reviews have characterized as one of the bright spots of X-Men: Days of Future Past, will “absolutely” return for X-Men: Apocalypse.

So says writer/producer Simon Kinberg, who may possess super-speed himself, judging from all of the interviews he’s done leading up to the Friday release of the new X-Men film.

The latest is with Total Film, which asks about the controversy surrounding the casting of Peters as Quicksilver in Days of Future Past only a month after writer/director Joss Whedon signaled that he’d be using the character and his sister the Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron (the duo is among a “handful” of characters whose rights overlap).

“It wasn’t something we anticipated, because we didn’t know they were using him in the Avengers movie,” Kinberg says. “We only found that out … it got publicized, I think, weeks after we’d made the decision, after we’d done it.”

As we know by now, a nod to the Scarlet Witch was cut from Days of Future Past. Whether she might be introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse remains to be seen, as Kinberg doesn’t directly address that part of the question.


  • DeShawn Thomas

    Why can’t you idiots ever do the characters right?! It’s laid out for you right on the pages. Just reboot the X-Men franchise and give it back to Marvel so they can do it right.

  • Please FOX, just go away

    Leave it to FOX to answer the question nobody was asking

  • Jonny_anonymous

    Eh considering everybody thats seen this movie has said Quicksilver is the best part so I’m pretty sure they are “doing it right”

  • Galen Nycroft

    Who is the old woman in the picture? Is that supposed to be Quicksilver or is that an Aunt May recast for the Spiderman movies?

  • Chuck777

    Yes give it back to Marvel so they can sit on 99% of the X-Men franchise and do nothing with it for years.

  • Please elaborate

    What exactly is FOX doing with it that’s so remarkable. Besides putting Wolverine in every role that was originally written for other characters.

  • Jason M Bryant

    I’ve enjoyed the X-Men movies that Fox has made, other than X-Men 3.

    The problem with Marvel is that they’re too busy. Their plan is to make 2 movies a year. It’s a good plan, and I think it’s why they’ve kept a good level of quality. If Marvel suddenly got back X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four, they wouldn’t have time to actually make any of those movies.

  • HAahahahahah


  • Derek Metaltron

    The funniest thing is that Quicksilver was so clearly meant to be Northstar originally, so their talk about it being a total accident is utter rot. That said if the actor’s pulled off the character well, kudos to him. Now if only they’d actually reference the fact he’s related to Magneto on screen…
    Also I think they should skip Wanda and save Polaris for an X-Factor TV show with Multiple Man. Have her be his grandaughter instead in the present, perhaps.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Exactly, if they had Spider-Man and X-Men we wouldn’t get films for Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange or Ant Man. I do rather wish the rights to FF would go back to Marvel though because Fox clearly have no idea how to utilise them.

  • 5star fornicator

    They should have the brotherhood kill the Fantastick 4, it would be next level shit and would make Fanfan boys cry. Fantastic 4 suck that’s why the movies suck.

  • 5star fornicator

    What! Why would you skip wanda with the cool stuff she can do and storyline’s she opens up for a female clone of Magneto? It’s cos she has green hair isn’t it.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Probably because Avengers is likely to do all the interesting things with Wanda and her sibling relationship with Pietro, so I don’t know if her appearing in an X-Men film is going to be any different. As for Polaris I reckon she’s different enough that a TV show could have her be the focus character. If the First Class films hadn’t mucked about with Havok I would have suggested he appear too so they could have that relationship on screen somewhere.

    I would be happy to see most of those girls appear in the future though. Domino and Psylocke could easily suit an X-Force film (though I’d also love to see Betsy’s brother Brian and her share the screen in a Captain Britain and/or Excalibur film. I often thought that if Fox made a New Mutants TV show with Dani Moonstar and Patrick’s Xavier as focus characters, they should definitely have Jubilee as well.

  • Scooby

    After actually seeing DOFP (and not speaking through my #rse like most of the haters basing there opinion on a film they HAVEN’T seen) I can honestly say Quicksilver, both look and personality, is an absolute stand out in an excellent film. DOFP is better than most of the Marvel Studios films I have seen. Avengers was great, but didn’t have a plot, IM3 was a waste of time, CA2 was excellent.)

    I’m happy that X-Men isn’t with Marvel Studios. The Disney-driven films are light and fluffy and avoid real-life violence and the consequences of said violence. Cap fighting Hydra agents in an apparently Nazi-less WW2? Utter rubbish. Tony Stark’s PTSD? Pathetic. The first X-Men film opened with Magneto’s imprisonment in a Concentration Camp. The films’ embrace real-life history and incorporate it into their plots and character’s motivations. Marvel Studios don’t, and the result is an exciting, but films with a lack of substance. Enjoyable fluff.
    Marvel Studios play it safe, and at the end of the day nothing of consequence ever happens.

    DOFP was the best Marvel-based film I have seen for a while. Go see it and leave an educated comment instead of jumping on the “Marvel Studios are awesome,everything else sucks” bandwagon – it’s pathetic.

  • DeShawn Thomas

    Have you seen x-men 3 or wolverine origins? They cant even get the core characters right. Wasn’t Cyclops the leader of the X-men? Singer treated him like he was just there for Wolverine to make fun of. Even Hugh Jackman wants to be in the Avengers.

  • ImpostirEvil

    In Foxs defense they rebooted after X-Men 3 and The Wolverine stepped up it’s game

  • David Fullam

    I’ve only seen one extended scene with the character (where they recruit him). Regrettably I found him to be highly obnoxious.


    I disagree.

    But even if he was “obnoxious”, wouldn’t that make sense as he’s Quicksilver? That character is supposed to be obnoxious! He’s always been portrayed in that manner.

    So know we’re complaining that the character is too much like his comic book counterpart? F%cking hilarious.

  • Scooby

    That’s pretty pathetic hanging on to two films that came out AGES ago. Wolverine is and always has been the centre-point for the comics and movies.
    And my recollection is that Cyclops made fun of Wolverine just as much as he was made fun of. You obviously need to re-watch them.
    I’ve just seen DOFP. It’s awesome. Wolverine is not the central character. He is just the catalyst for the events to unfold.
    DOFP is all about Xavier, Mystique, and Magneto.

  • Musikonica

    Maybe he’ll get a real costume by then.

  • 5star fornicator

    Just saying theirs better and more interesting characters to use than Polaris especially in a movie, and that’s what fox is making movies. A TV show is a pipe dream man.

  • Derek Metaltron

    Well Fox have expressed recently a lot of desire to emulate the success of Warner and Marvel’s shows and take part in the super hero shift onto the small screen with the licences they own. I would figure of all the options, X-Factor and New Mutants (along with possibly X-Force or Excalibur) would be the most likely choices, and I think fans would love to see them appear.

  • 5star fornicator

    Rights then so they make a show that won’t happen, and you reckon Polaris and Havok are going to be the stars, I’m glad you aren’t writing the shit. I would rather see an X Force movie my self, and it will happen after they do the sequel to dofp, the script has been written and paid for. If they eventually do a poxy New Mutants style movie or TV show then it will be an M day storey line focusing on Cable, Hope, aaaaaaaaaand Wanda, or they could use apocalypse instead, but the point is NO POLARIS!

  • 5star fornicator

    Dofp has been a bit overrated IMO, the first 3/4 of the movie was awesome. All the stuff done in the future was great especially the sentinel fights, Quicksilver worked great his main scene was up their with the sentinel fights in the future, magneto was played really well yet again, you can tell that jail has really started to take toll on his brain. Toad and Ink were cool as but their role in the movie along with havoc were useless and didn’t really fit into the plot, their was no wear near enough time spent in the future time line especially when it’s probably the last time we will see these characters, Blink, Warpath, Sunspot,and bishop had about 2 lines between the 4 of them same as Ink and Toad. I thought Jen L was a bit flat and her acting was not as good as we have come to expect. The ending was the worst way to peachy.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the reference they made to him being related to Magneto- cute without being heavy handed because it wasn’t related to the plot of this film. “You can control metal? My mom used to know a guy that could do that.”

  • Ankur

    Wait till u see him in action in X-men.
    u will be the one going on and on about how awesome he is.

  • Manzoor

    They did reference the fact that he is Magneto’s son. He learns that Magneto’s power is controlling metal, and he gives a side remark that ‘my mother knew a guy like that’. How fucking cool is that?

  • joey

    Ummmmm I’m pretty sure Quicksilver is Magneto’s son in the comics… So they did mess this one up pretty bad.

  • BigWillie99.2

    It referenced on screen that he his related to Magneto just subtle. Someone says something about knowing or wondering who his father is it is meant for those who know already.

  • Saussy

    I think that Marvel should have the rights back and use others studios to help them make movies but they keep creative control over the characters this way as a fan of Marvel Superheroes we get what we want which is more and better movies with all of our favorite superheroes and super villains……

  • Royale With Cheese

    He was the best part. Critics loved the film and audiences loved it as well. The movie is a success through and through and it’s going to make a ton of money. X-Men Apocalypse is already underway so “DeShawn” can keep crying for years to come about whatever version of X-men he wants.

  • Sam

    Well, there was actually a reference to that. Quicksilver was talking about how magneto could control metal and that his mom knew a guy who could do that. It was subtle but a reference none the less.