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‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Writer Set Out to Correct ‘The Last Stand’

By the end of the week, it’s possible that X-Men: Days of Future Past will finally eradicate the mistakes of X-Men: The Last Stand, thanks to the time-travel plot of the upcoming sequel — or “inbetweequel,” as director Bryan Singer has called it.

For his part, Simon Kinberg, writer and producer on Days of Future Past, and one of two credited writers on The Last Stand, sees the upcoming X-Men movie as an opportunity to fix what went wrong in Brett Ratner’s 2006 film.

“I wanted the Dark Phoenix story, but I regret where the movie ended up,” he told Screen Crush. “And so, weirdly, this was sort of my opportunity, a little like the characters in Days of Future Past going back and improving their younger selves with the lessons they’ve learned as wiser men. It’s sort of a chance for me to go back and do differently what I did 10 years ago on X3.”

As a result, Days of Future Past sets out to correct the continuity of the X-Men movies, without ignoring what came before — including The Last Stand, for better or for worse.

“It was absolutely a conscious thing that what we were doing was trying to set the continuity into a more coherent place,” he said. “And that we would erase certain inconsistencies. And no matter what, we knew we were making a time travel movie that whatever happened in the past was going to ripple and have a butterfly effect on the future and obviously touch X1, X2, and X3. As we were doing it, we were very careful and had a lot of long conversations — Bryan and I — about how much we want to redefine the world of X1, X2, and X3.”

We’ll see the new definitions of those worlds when Days of Future Past arrives on Friday.


  • Lccf

    I didn’t hate X3 as most people, but it’s true Dark Phoenix was butchered. I’d love to see Singer’s take on it. Complete with flaming bird this time, please !!!

  • ItsAnt

    I’d love to see proper adaptions of ALL the characters and not just Wolverine Professor X and Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence is still a weird choice for Mystique to me. I think J. Law was cast because she fit the Raven they wanted to portray in First Class, before she became an assassin, but I guess there’s nothing I can do about that now. At the end of the day, I hope DOFP shows the filmmakers they can do so much more with franchise and they take full advantage of utilizing other characters…and NOT just Channing Tatum’s version of Gambit that Lauren Shuler-Donner is so adament about getting done!

  • rosie1843

    [“By the end of the week, it’s possible that X-Men: Days of Future Past will finally eradicate the mistakes of X-Men: The Last Stand, thanks to the time-travel plot of the upcoming sequel — or “inbetweequel,” as director Bryan Singer has called it.”]

    “X-MEN: FIRST-CLASS” screwed up the franchise’s consistency, not “X-MEN: LAST STAND”. You people need to open your eyes and stop getting bitchy about “X-MEN 3″ because Singer didn’t direct or produce it.

  • Andy

    No it was X3.

  • MrTee23

    I’m not a huge fan of retconning storylines because I think it kind of evidences a lack of forward thinking on behalf of the writers in comic books, but where the story flew so completely off the tracks in The Last Stand and then in Origins: Wolverine, I’m absolutely 100% in favor of washing that crap taste out of my mouth. On top of that the script is great, the acting top notch, and the plot was more cohesive than most comic book movies.

    One of the biggest problems with Fox’s X-universe movies was that by the
    end of Last Stand it was clear that whoever was overseeing the XMen
    property at Fox couldn’t see beyond the marketability of Wolverine and the
    whole franchise (which is inherently an ensemble piece) was suffering
    from Hugh Jackman overload. Kudos to Mathew Vaughn, Brian Singer, and whomever is executive producing these movies for getting their shit together and refocusing these pictures. Also, everyone should thank Joss Whedon for proving that a true ensemble superhero movie could be profitable with The Avengers.

    Some of the things in this movie that impressed me (no spoilers):

    1) The dialogue between old Charles and young Charles (hinted at in the previews so no spoilers) was never cringe-inducingly overly sentimental (i.e. Aunt May’s speech in Spiderman 2) and actually worked to advance the plot. It’s a superhero movie so you aren’t going to get the quality of dialogue like in The Departed, but it’s probably the best I’ve ever heard in a comic book movie.

    2) QUICKSILVER. I’ve always hated this character because he seemed like a dime store rip-off of DC’s Flash, but Brian Singer NAILS this part. Other than the schlocky costume (we get it, he’s “quick” and he likes the color “silver”), everything else about this character is fantastic. I will buy this movie on DVD simply because, for the first time in cinema, Singer figured out how to depict a person with superhuman speed. Similar to how Whedon finally nailed the Hulk character in the Avengers, Singer nails Quicksilver. Really hope to see more of this character in subsequent movies.

    3) The plot not focusing on Wolverine. Wolverine is the character that binds the future and the past in this movie, but he isn’t necessarily the main character (also brilliant decision to go with Logan over Shadowcat as the time traveler in this version). Once again the focus is on the very interesting relationships between Charles Xavier, Magneto, Mystique, and Hank McCoy. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine gets most of the screen time, but it never feels like he dominates the story. This is a BIG part of why this movie works.

    4) Attention to detail. It’s pretty clear that Brian Singer and his writers sat down with a pencil, piece of paper and all the past XMen/Wolverine movies and put together a detailed timeline. And for the most part they strictly adhered to that timeline. Are there plot holes in the movie cannon? Yes and some of them are big ones, but they don’t FEEL big and I actually trust Brian Singer to resolve some of them as the series progresses.

    5) Post Credits Scene. I won’t spoil it for you and I hope you haven’t read anything about it online because when it hits you, it’s gonna be big. After The Last Stand I truly thought that the XMen series was dead. Thank God I was wrong. Big, awesome, great things coming.

    My grade: A-

  • MrTee23

    All shall be revealed with Days of Future Past.