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Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine to Become an Avenger


Not only is Hugh Jackman shying away from his Wolverine retirement plan, the actor already has his eye on joining another superhero team.

“I would love to see him as part of the Avengers,” he tells IGN. “There’s a great dysfunction among that team, and I think Wolverine would fit right into that. He’d like that.”

“There’s no doubt he’d get in a fight with Hulk at some point,” he continued. “Those two bad, rage-filled characters are going to square off at some point. It would be quite fun. I don’t know how much fun to shoot it would be because I’m sure I’d be on the worst end of it, but hey, he can heal.”

For now, due to the Avengers rights belonging to Marvel Studios and X-Men belonging to Fox, such a crossover event is unlikely. We’ll have to be satisfied instead with X-Men: Days of Future Past, in theaters this weekend.


  • mr. k0

    Can’t happen.

  • dekko

    They’re just leaving money on the table. You’d think they’d want to make a TON of money …. Of all the impossible crossovers, Wolverine would be the most interesting to interact with the Avengers.

  • NFG

    Disney would never give Fox the money Fox would want to have Wolverine as part of the team. Disney knows that Avengers 3 will make a billion dollars without Wolverine so why would they want to give Fox hundreds of millions to have Wolverine?

  • anon

    I would love to see the xmen return to marvel and be made by marvel studios. Fox has already ruined the film series. Days of future past will likely be just as good as xmen 3 and first class… Both of which sucked

  • Guest

    Do a crossover. Establish that the FoX-Men and the Avengers exist in different universes, which is obviously the case.

    It can be like an MCU “Crisis” for the movies.

    If the X-Men ever return to Marvel, deal with the continuity issues then.

    It’s just to fun to NOT see Jackman at least have some kind of interaction with the MCU.

  • William_Spike

    First Class was possibly the best X-Men film yet. It embodied the very essence of Stan Lees vision. Its also the highest rated X-Men film by critics. I will never understand so called fans who hate on that movie. It was a truly great film.

    Also for your information, Days of Future Past has so far received critical acclaim by the critics and seems to be the best X-men film yet. So how about a bit less prejudice?

  • Baran34

    That’s stupid fanboy logic for you, the hate on the films not because their good or bad but because Disney owns marvel now, so they want the rights to go to DIsney/Marvel when the sad part is all disney would be doing is bench these characters and continue to spoonfed the audiences with RDJ, Hawkeye barely got a role in the first avenger movie for christ sake

  • J.p. Ducey

    I feel like Jackman is going to keep bringing this up until Fox at least calls Disney.

  • Majestic

    RDJ has been the avengers show runner since before Disney owned marvel so that was dumb to say and I’m sure they know how valuable the x-men are they wouldn’t just bench them so that was also stupid to s

  • Majestic


  • M_Walsh

    …because Wolverine hasn’t hogged enough of the spotlight with the X-Men films, he needs to start shoving his c**k in the Avengers, too?

    I’m overall pretty “meh” on the X-Men films, but I’m not at all upset they exists in a separate continuity from the other Marvel movies.

  • auranim

    That was the first thing I thought upon reading the headline. I hope he does just that.

  • ImpostirEvil

    Disney/Marvel is on a two movie a year plan right now(excluding Big Six) to bring the best quality to the screen, so obviously X-men would be benched

  • chai xiong

    Because 7 movies over at Fox all about him isn’t enough already? I think if Disney and Fox somehow does come into an agreement to add Wolverine to the Avengers lineup, they would probably recast the role.

  • Ephraim Judah

    Fox should allow Disney/Marvel to use Wolverine in one Avengers movie in
    exchange for the rights to use Hulk, Hawkeye, Red Skull, and all necessary character references for an Old Man Logan movie. Both will cross-promote the
    other. Everyone wins. Somebody please pass this along to Mark Millar and Kevin Feige

  • Will Vega

    Two words — Roger Rabbit.

  • tsever

    A simple option to this is the 2 coming together and make Incredible Hulk 2 and The Wolverine 3 into HULK V WOLVERINE. I’d love to see that

  • unsean

    I don’t think Marvel Studios, and their Avengers property, are exactly wanting for money. That being said, it would be awesome to see.

  • unsean

    “X-Men: First Class” also looked the cheapest of any of the X-Men films (including the pretty mediocre X-Men: The Last Stand).

    “It embodied the very essence of Stan Lee’s vision.” Really? How could you possibly know what Stan Lee’s vision for that particular film is? Either talked to Lee recently, or he said that at some point because otherwise, that’s nonsense.

    And as to the critical acclaim for ‘Days Of Future Past,” it premieres this Friday, though I have yet to see any reviews.

  • unsean

    How is it obvious what Marvel would do if Fox somehow lost their license?

    I see what you’re trying to say, but you’re presuming an awful lot.

  • LazyDjinn

    Should happen.

  • Pete Stancheck

    should happen and Spider-man too

  • Derek Metaltron

    The main issue with this is that the two universes don’t gel easily right now. Heck, this own idea is apparently what’s keeping Fox from crossing over the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

  • Dayna1975

    It would be great to see them, but like the article says they would have to be under the same owners. Hopefully Disney can start getting all the Marvel brands back with Marvel.

  • Hypestyles

    I support Wolverine in the next Avengers film. But it won’t happen any time soon. Too much ego and too many lawyers on retainer who feel like they can make more money than God by keeping franchises ultra-separate

  • televoid

    That is soooo not the main issue. Continuity is the last thing on anyone’s mind.


    Wish it would happen.

  • AJ_1310

    Wouldn’t apply the same concept as quicksilver and scarlet witch?, both mutants and avengers, so Disney doesn’t need to ask for permission to use him.

  • Droppo

    Why can’t the two studios split both the cost of production AND the profits they would make and just work together ONCE? They might like the mega bucks they would make from it. Imagine only having to spend about sixty million on a movie and then raking in around four hundred million after splitting the profits? If it was really really good, people would love the idea of the crossover/team-up/whatever you want to call it. It would be huge.

  • Droppo

    Or better yet, Disney can freaking afford to buy back the rights to those franchises almost no matter what the asking cost would be. They own Marvel comics, Star Wars, AND DISNEY.

  • Jugh Hackman

    HELL NO!!! First of all I don’t want this to happen period.

    And I don’t want a SIX FOOT TALL Wolverine standing next to Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Roger Rabbit was done long ago. I honestly can’t see that kind of stuff being possible anymore. We won’t have Wolverine in the Avengers or Mickey & Donald on screen with Daffy & Bugs or Spidey teaming up with Supes or Bats. That just doesn’t happen anymore for whatever reason and I really doubt that it will ever again. At least in the foreseeable future

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yes, FC was a pretty good film but it’s not X-Men. It’s a bunch of superhumans in the 60’s. And as much as it got close to actual X-Men it also deviated from the actual X-Men. And the problem of Mags/Xavier/Wolverine being the first and only notable characters in the whole franchise is still there and hasn’t changed.

    I know that Disney/Marvel getting X-Men rights back would result in them benching x-films but at least they might stop crapping on X-Men in comics and cartoons department. That’d be at least one positive development and I’d be more than ready to give up the mediocre x-films for quality comics/cartoons.

  • Tommy Rankin

    I’m sure the problem isn’t that they exist in different universe or how they could be brought together. The problem is that Fox and Marvel don’t get along as well as Sony and Marvel do.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Sigh, there’s the one difference that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been Avengers characters for the most of their comic book lives but they started out as X-Men villains and are Magneto’s kids. Their unique in that they are so connected to both franchises. This doesn’t apply to most other characters. Wolverine was created as Hulk villain but after his first appearance he has only been connected to X-Men until just recently and most of his development has been in x-books so he is an X-Men character through and through.

  • dxtoink

    When will it happen?

  • Jugh Hackman

    I hope it will not happen in this lifetime.


    You mean you don’t want to see Hugh Jackman’s ass in Avengers 4?

  • Shawn L.

    Jackman is doing this because he’s seen the musical episode of Buffy, and Dr. Horrible, and wants in on any Avengers musical sequel.

  • KryptosXLayer2

    I care SO much about what critics think compared to what I read in the comics. I also think it was an EXCELLENT idea to incorporate characters created in 2003 in a story about the First Class of X-Men. I don’t know what sarcasm is, why do you ask?

    FC was crap. Wolverine movies were crap. DoFP will be crap. I’ve spoken to Claremont at MegaCon 2013 about “The Wolverine” and asked him point blank – do you think Fox will ruin your epic story? He said “I know Jackman personally, and he is a great actor,” obviously avoiding the question, to which I replied “Sure, but you pay anyone that kind of money, they’ll do whatever you tell them to do in production, so if they say to ruin your story, he would end up doing it for the money.”

    Guess what happened? THEY DID. And Claremont was PISSED.

    Len Wein was even more so:

  • Jugh Hackman

    I don’t want Jackman to be an Avenger. He should stay with Fox and Singer’s lap forever.

  • Trey

    Said no one ever.

  • Gary

    I’d rather listen to the reviews from a large amount of critics and fans alike instead of some whiny fanboy who cries about every little detail not being fulfilled in an adaptation.

  • KryptosXLayer2

    Yep, I’m “whiny” because I hate Fox totally ruining great stories by great storytellers, you’re right….. Maybe their own movie adaptations should have monkeys and space exploration and killer carrots because then it would be entertaining for simple minds like yours and large amounts of critics, wouldn’t that be fun to watch? Now don’t color outside the lines, good boy…..

  • Jennifer Gookin

    I just want to point out that some of the x men were at one point part of the avengers in the comics, so why not have them that way in movies too? What can it hurt? It would only bring in more money for both sides and it would be inteeesting to see wolverine and cap back as a team. Because if I am not mistaken he and wolverine have major past together.

  • AJ_1310

    The twins spent one year as x-men villains and other than the House of M they have mostly been in Avengers books, excluding some x-men titles.
    Wolverine on the other hand has been a solid x-men character but has for already 9 years been an avenger, longer and more consistent appearance than when pietro and wanda were truly related to the x-men franchise.

    There is anyway a problem in which as mutants Fox is entitled to pick any character and no one can complain even if that character was also an avenger, but Disney will have problems if it is the inverse. “mutants are thicker than avengers” metaphor…

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well Pietro and Wanda did bounce back and forth between being Avengers and being Magneto’s followers even once they got to Avengers books. (as far as 80’s even) And then of course Pietro has been in X-Factor and both caused HoM which had a huge effect on X-Men related books. So yeah, they are much more connected to both franchises than any other character.

    And Wolverine joined long after Marvel had already given the film rights to Fox and I don’t think that they could even get any x-characters’ movie rights even if they cancelled all x-books and folded them into Avengers completely. If they could they would have already done that. Plus they wouldn’t be able to do much with Wolverine since he is so tied to other X-Men related characters.

    Spidey and Wolvie won’t return to Marvel no matter how hard Marvel tries and Fox/Sony won’t give them up as long as they don’t lose money from making those films.