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Brian K. Vaughan Leaves ‘Under the Dome’

When Under the Dome returns in June, it’ll be without one of the creative forces behind its first season: Brian K. Vaughan.

The Y: The Last Man and Saga writer served as showrunner and executive producer of the CBS sci-fi drama, based on Stephen King’s novel, but in an interview with Bleeding Cool, he confirms he won’t be a part of the upcoming second season.

“I actually left my position at Under the Dome a few months ago,” he said. “It was the great thrill of my life to help adapt one of the best book’s ever from my all-time hero, but I’ve got two very young kids at home who I never got to see last season, so I’m enormously grateful to CBS and Amblin for letting me out of my contract a little early.”

“I’m already missing the cast and crew, but the show remains in the excellent hands of our veteran showrunner Neal Baer, and we were lucky enough to hire some heavy hitting new writers for this season, including none other than Mr. King himself,” he continued. ” His first episode is easily the best of the series so far, and helps set the tone for a fucking crazy new direction, so I look forward to getting to watch as a fan with everyone else.”

Under the Dome returns June 30 on CBS.


  • Dave

    first season was awful

  • Oscar Daniel Castillo

    this is horrible, it´s not an adaptation at all. changed every single thing good about the wonderful book. Hopefully someday they´ll make a real one.

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  • tatum635

    NO IT WASNT!!!!

  • rubiconW8

    I agree with you tatum635, in NO WAY was it awful, in fact it was the opposite… SIMPLY AMAZING and THRILLING week after week