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Production on ‘The Raid’ Remake Delayed

The American remake of The Raid is taking a little longer to get started than anticipated.

Variety reports that Screen Gems’ adaptation of the Indonesian martial-arts movie won’t get off the ground until the first quarter of 2015. Originally, it was aiming to begin production in September.

Patrick Hughes is set to direct the remake, which has no cast in place. However, the Variety report lists a few names who were considered frontrunners for roles: Luke Evans, Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo and Ethan Hawke. But no offers have been made, and the website adds that “one [possible] reason for the delay is that the producers are seeking a bigger name.”


  • humandivine

    good. just cancel it. we dont want one!

  • wildstorm

    What! Are people too lazy to read subtitles that they need an Americanized version of the movie which will suck anyway and be nowhere like the original?

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