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‘Community’ Could Get Another Season … on Hulu


Talk of six seasons and a movie has been rekindled. Deadline reports that perennial bubble comedy Community, which was canceled earlier this month by NBC, could find new life on Hulu.

While talks between Community producers Sony Pictures TV and the streaming service are in very early stages, it’s certainly a hopeful sign for fans of the series.

Deadline notes that because of its current digital-syndication deal, Hulu seems like the ideal home for the comedy; the streaming service would also benefit greatly from such a high-profile acquisition.


  • samuel

    do this please and thank you

  • V3

    Could this show be any whiter? YAWN!

  • alistaircrane

    Shirley, Troy, Abed, Chang, even senior citizen Pierce…it’s a fairly diverse cast for most network comedies.

  • V3

    4 non white people is not “diverse” . Not saying there’s anything inherently incorrect about it either.

  • alistaircrane

    LOL! Yes it is. You do realize American is mostly white people, right?

  • oblivious247

    But when a show is all minorities no one complains…weird….