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Daredevil Season One: Plotting Out The Man Without Fear’s Netflix Debut


Production on Netflix’s Daredevil series has officially kicked into high gear. The series, set to shoot this summer in New York City, has found it’s Man Without Fear; Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox will don the crimson tights to portray Matt Murdock and his crime-fighting alter-ego. Criminals of Hell’s Kitchen had best beware, because there’s a new hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cox has his work cut out for him though, possibly even more so than the rest of his super powered peers. Daredevil’s not had an easy life as a hero; in fact, one could argue that he has just about the worst luck of any Marvel character out there – yeah, including Spider-Man. To get an idea of the wide range of torment Charlie Cox will have to endure on the big screen, we’ve come up with a list of comics that we would select to form Daredevil‘s first 13 episode season. And if you’re still unfamiliar with the hero, you can use these 19 issues to get you up to speed.

1. Daredevil v3 #1


Every first episode should introduce readers to the show’s world, and this issue by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera does just that. A pilot loosely based on this adventure would accomplish two things: the fight with the teleporting bad guy called Spot would allow for Daredevil to really show off his abilities, and it would start the series off on an upbeat note – which is important, considering just how dark things will get.

2. Daredevil v3 #28-29

Every super hero needs an origin story, too, but since the accident that gave Matt his powers happened when he was a little kid, we can’t really see that origin unfold in real time. Thankfully this recent two-parter recounts Daredevil’s origin as it relates to a court case Matt has to take on – defending his childhood bully in court against the racist Sons of the Serpent gang.

3. Daredevil v1 #131-132


After two introductory episodes, we meet one of Daredevil’s A-List bad guys: Bullseye. This story from 1976 introduces the mad marksman while still keeping the tone a little light; Bullseye and Daredevil do have a final showdown in a circus tent, after all. But don’t worry, Bullseye will be back.

4. Daredevil v3 #7

Murdock’s a hero of the people, as evidenced by the courtroom subplots we envision unfolding underneath all the super hero antics in every episode. This time we get to see Matt be a hero outside of the courtroom and out of his tights, as he guides a group of blind students he was chaperoning through a snowstorm to safety. This episode would prove that Matt Murdock can be just as inspirational and heroic as Daredevil.

5. Daredevil v3 #12


A lot of Daredevil‘s success will hinge on the relationship between Murdock and his best friend Foggy Nelson. Up until this point, we will have seen the two in a number of odd couple situations as the two try to balance work with Matt’s extracurricular activities. This flashback tale to Foggy and Matt’s time in college will finally explain how the two met, and show that Mr. Nelson’s lawyering skills are nothing to sneeze at.

6. Daredevil v1 #174

Things start to get dark. The crime boss called the Kingpin, annoyed at Daredevil meddling with his hired hitmen Spot and Bullseye in previous episodes, sends a group of Hand ninjas to assassinate him. Luckily for DD, a strange woman swoops in to rescue him at the very last minute – except her smell seems awfully familiar.

7. Daredevil v1 #168 & #175


That’s because she’s Elektra, Murdock’s college girlfriend that has since become the deadliest assassin in the murder business. This episode would cut back and forth between the character’s origin story (#168) and the two of them teaming up to take down Kingpin’s hired Hand (#175).

8. Daredevil v1 #227

As Daredevil recounts his college reunion to Foggy, the Kingpin comes into some information about his new horned enemy: his secret identity. Daredevil and Foggy deal with mysterious break-ins at both home and the offices of Nelson & Murdock, as the Kingpin searches for more evidence.

9. Daredevil v1 #169 & #227


Bullseye’s back, and he’s crazier than ever! Really, because he thinks that everyone he sees is actually Daredevil. Bullseye goes on a killing spree in Times Square, until Daredevil confronts him. Their battle that stretches from seedy movie theaters above ground all the way to the subway tracks below, where he struggles with whether or not to let the maniac get hit by an oncoming train. At the episode’s end, just when the Bullseye madness dies down, Kingpin blows up Matt’s home.

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10. Daredevil v1 #228

Daredevil, homeless and enraged, tracks down the Kingpin. The two fight it out in a brutal slugfest, but Kingpin emerges victories. He stuffs Murdock in a car and throws it into the river, but his henchmen report back later with unsettling words: “There is no corpse.”

11. Daredevil v1 #229-231


Homeless and broken, Matt finds himself in the care of a nun – a nun that might just be his long lost mother. While Daredevil recuperates, his allies scramble to pick up the pieces of his exploded personal life.

12. Daredevil v1 #232-233

With Daredevil still out of the picture, the Kingpin hires another villain, Nuke, to destroy Hell’s Kitchen. Murdock returns just in time to stop Nuke, and the bad guy ends up laying blame on Kingpin after being taken into police custody. The Kingpin’s reputation is ruined. The comics feature a team-up with Captain America in this story arc, so a Chris Evans guest-role would be welcome – although we do think it’d be good for DD to tackle this threat all on his own.

13. Daredevil v2 #32


In the aftermath of the Nuke battle, the biggest disaster that’s hit Hell’s Kitchen all season, a handful of detectives try to figure out who all these major players are. One of Kingpin’s lesser cronies ends up spilling Daredevil’s secret identity, and the cops start putting the clues together; Murdock stopped the Sons of the Serpent from assassinating his client in the courtroom, he somehow guided a group of blind children through a snowstorm, and he dated a known assassin – Elektra – in college. But before the cops can figure out what to do with the information, the tabloids get hold of it. The next day, Foggy sees the headlines: “Pulp Hero of Hell’s Kitchen is Blind Lawyer.”

Netflix leaves us with this tease: Daredevil Season Two – OUT.


  • Richard Casey

    YEAH, because Marvel movies always adhere strictly to specific comic book issues. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason the writer of this article will only ever write internet “articles”.

  • King Chibi

    Uh Marvel Studios does lol. I can list several issues cretin aspects are from. For example the Mandarin twist was a spoof on the Mandarin: The Story of My Life

  • Mr K

    No Elektra till season three and just hint at dark times to follow in season two, don’t use all the material for the first season.

  • Fury

    And The Avengers owes a lot to The Ultimates as well as Avengers #1

  • Statham

    Winter Soldier was loosely based on the story and is significantly different in parts.. That’s not adhering strictly to the story at all.

  • Derek Metaltron

    I think my main hope is that if they do bring in Karen Page, please don’t kill her off in Season One. In fact having a love triangle between her and that lawyer in the modern comics would be fun, that or Elektra.
    Incidently I am stunned you guys didn’t consider having Jennifer Walters guest star in an episode.

  • Jonah Hex

    I really hope they don’t focus solely on Mark Waid’s run. Bendis and Brubaker’s work on DD was brilliant, and in my opinion leaps and bounds better than Waid’s.

  • Ulrich

    Obviously you don’t read comics or you’d know that the majority of the comic book movies released in the past decade have been a synthesis of major comic book plots/ issues. (e.g., all the great examples that are posted above)

  • Shinken

    You’re clearly wrong, but I’ll allow you to live.

  • Nick A Sam III

    I’ve got to call BS on this list for the sheer lack of Volume 2 references (the best of the three – even though I enjoy Waid’s work). While the writer starts using the darker Vol 2 stories for a second season transition…there’s not enough of a guarantee that seasons 2 and 3 would come to do those stories justice.

    Underboss – the ultimate crime story. Little DD – but it establishes him. Throw some more flashbacks into the parts where Sammy Silk is looking into why DD/Murdock is off limits and it makes a great soft reboot. You can start later in his history and hit up the oldschool DD at the same time.

    Underboss leads to Out, Lowlife, and Hardcore. All great stories.

    Jump to DD being arrested at the end of the season and start season 2 with the Devil in Cell Block D and Brubaker’s conspiracy plot.

    Let’s not go soft or slow. If DD is going to succeed, they need to jump in head first to the high stakes storylines.

    ***Though if any DD story should be adapted from V3, the Omega Effect would be a great tool to reintroduce the Punisher to the MCU***

  • urbanlegend

    Interesting good take on the material, but not to contradict or repeat the movie I think Mark Waid’s run should be left for a third or later season (after DD is established as a different hero than others in viewers eyes). It’s so easy to make a superb DD tv series I can already imagine those three seasons. Sticking mainly with the classics I would write the shit out of that and it would be the most watched show, highlighting some important plot points here is a quick summary below (SPOILERS?!):
    Season 1 – Born Again etc; mastermind – Kingpin

    Episode 1 – Introduction to the characters, DD fights some bad guys (Mr. Fear, Jester or Spot). A dash of humour, radar sense exploration, standard street hero stuff and a cliffhanger ending: Karen sells his secret identity to the Kingpin
    Episode 2 – Courtroom drama, revisiting the collage years with Foggy, a mysterious client (later revealed as Typhoid Mary), first sign of legal troubles, ending: Karen shows up on his doorstep and admits to her drug addiction, having HIV
    Episode 3 – Backstory of Karen Page and flashback adventures of the past, Matt loses the right to be a lawyer
    Episode 4 – Foggy ends up in the hospital (maybe in a coma ?) after an assassination attempt on his life by Typhoid Mary, DD confronts Kingpin
    Episode 5 – Karen is killed by Bullseye, Bullseye ends up wounded/broken/paralysed
    Episode 6 – DD contemplates murdering Bullseye (Russian roulette issue) and falls even further hitting the bottom, a few scenes with Matt’s father
    Episode 7 – Losing his office now a homeless and broken Matt wanders the streets, fights off killers sent by Fisk
    Episode 8 – Elektra shows up (now part of the Hand clan or even leading them) to remind Matt who he is and helps him to be reborn (Fisk: “there is no body” scene)
    Episode 9 – DD with nothing to lose goes against Typhoid Mary again to get the evidence necessary that would allow him to be an attorney once more
    Episode 10 – Matt tries to slowly rebuild his old life, visits Foggy, talks with Ben Urich about his plan, Kingpin has failed to destroy Matt Murdock
    Episode 11 – DD takes down the Owl and his men, sets the trap for Fisk, Bugle publishes an article about Fisk’s ‘business’ connections
    Episode 12 – Final confrontation with the Kingpin results in a serious blow to his empire and Fisk ends up temporary blind, Matt gets the final proof of his innocence

    Hell, practically the rest fills itself and I think those script changes make it really work as an exciting show.

  • urbanlegend

    And because I’m on a roll here’s more of that perfect Daredevil TV show (we all know what logically must happen next):
    Season 2 – Bendis era; enemy – himself, true nemesis – Kingpin

    Episode 1 – Happy DD fights the mob, flirts with Kirsten McDuffie, still weakened Fisk is betrayed by his people and removed from power, press is informed about DD’s secret identity
    Episode 2 – Kingpin’s wife Vanessa revenge, she hides her husband abroad, Matt saves Milla Donovan, public goes mad about his alter ego
    Episode 3 – Facing troubles in the court Matt and Foggy argue about their situation and his behaviour, Black Widow’s friendly cameo
    Episode 4 – The war is on as DD fights Tombstone, it would be also cool if Luke Cage appeared as his hired bodyguard here
    Episode 5 – After awhile Kingpin returns and takes firsts steps to reestablish his position in the underworld, Matt continues to meet with Milla
    Episode 6 – Daredevil vs Kingpin, Matt puts Fisk in jail and declares that he is the new boss
    Episode 7 – DD cleans up the neighbourhood, explains the new rules to the criminal community while fending off more reporters
    Episode 8 – Yakuza openly attack Matt, after crossing the line FBI director takes it personally and decides to focus on Matt
    Episode 9 – Matt is still lying about his identity while FBI is now following his every move trying to exploit DD’s weaknesses
    Episode 10 – Foggy is worried about Matt’s mental state, Fisk makes a deal with the FBI in exchange for his secrets
    Episode 11 – After learning about Fisk’s scheme Matt is setup and wounded in public
    Episode 12 – Matt surrenders to the police and is sent to prison with Fisk and others (Tombstone, Owl, Tarantula)

    Season 3 – Devil Inside …; behind the scenes villain – Kirsten McDuffie ???

    Episode 1 – Matt is attacked awaiting his trial, he learns about DD impersonator outside, Foggy is killed
    Episode 2 – Angry Matt terrorises the inmates, recovered Bullseye is transferred to the same prison, if it’s possible to get Punisher in this episode it would be great
    Episode 3 – Fisk is released to the gen pop, others try to convince Matt into killing Fisk but they come to an agreement, we learn that Foggy is alive in the witness protection program
    Episode 4 – Riot and the big escape
    Episode 5 – Finally free as Daredevil he tracks and confronts the fake vigilante (not necessarily Iron Fist)
    Episode 6 – Dakota North further supports Matt in his quest as he decides to find out who’s behind Foggy’s murder and Milla’s disappearance (kidnaping ?)
    Episode 7 – Purple Man’s hideout club exposed, Matt sleeps with Dakota
    Episode 8-12 – Depending on the viewers response the main antagonist would be revealed to be either Vanessa, the Hand or someone else from his past, tortured Milla would be rescued ‘brainwashed’ (love hurts), Foggy would come back, Wilson Fisk would be released (or not) and producers would decide if they want to keep Daredevil’s secret identity and go back to the status quo of Nelson & Murdock team or finish this game and continue to tell the story of Matt Murdock as a confirmed hero (not wealthy version of Iron Man in viewers eyes)

  • Michael Weyer

    I think this might be a bit “too much, too soon.” Do we really need Bullseye, Born Again, Elektra and the outing all in the first season? No, plenty of material to play with and stretch it out more, establish the world before we go wild. Look how “Arrow” played it relatively quiet in first season then upped the ante big time in year 2 with Suicide Squad, Canary, Huntress and more, sure DD can do the same.

  • Scott Gregson

    Except Arrow is awful. Season 1 especially. Personally, I can’t stand the whole show, but following Arrow’s plan for Season 1 is an absolutely terrible idea. Doing ANYTHING “like Arrow” is a terrible idea. Hell, doing a third season of arrow is a terrible idea.

  • Juan Alejos

    obviously you didnt read his comment because he said that “Marvel movies always adhere strictly to specific comic book issues” and they dont

  • Tophman

    It would be nice to have many of these stories told in the TV series but for a 13 episode series (vs a full 22-24) it will be a tall order to include all of these beats… (as Michael said… “too much, too soon”). So although it would be great to see Elektra in it, I say leave that for next season (or a spin-off series). So to the producers: KiSS: Keep it Simple, Stupid.

    I’d rather have them focus on Matt Murdock & the world of Hell’s Kitchen that turns him into Daredevil (or justifies the need for him to go out in tights & bash criminal heads in). Regardless of what they end up doing, it’s paramount that they fill Matt’s world with Foggy & Karen and flesh out these characters.

    So what form will the series take? I’d like to see an episodic courtroom drama with Matt’s DD exploits to balance the scales of justice as he uncovers a ‘bigger picture’ (leading to Kingpin perhaps). Kind of a cross between Boston Legal and Arrow. Needless to say, I see Matt’s world as light & hopeful while Daredevil’s world is darkness & despair.

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  • Dalarsco

    Interesting. I like the general pacing and think the first half is spot on, but I think they should save Born Again and Out for Season 2. Season 1 should be more Elektra saga stuff, then end with Bullseye and Daredevil playing Russian Roulette as the GoT style denouement episode.

  • What the D’ast

    Actually the Guardians movie is based on the much more magnificent DNA run from 2008 and not the current one. The director has made this clear on several occassions.

  • Alton

    The only way this will fly is by dumping all previous references and starting fresh.All the fanboys ever want is personal vindication of comic continuity they have been following for 300 yrs. or so. The real target audience ( teen girls from CW ) is what will make this show a success. Character as played by Cox needs to die in the first episode and pass the baton to a Gay black teen girl.Just being blind just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not enough angst.

  • barracuda

    Now waitaminute we want DD to be a success, right ?

  • XSpectreGreyX

    Following this, season 2 could borrow from Ed Brubaker’s run. “The Devil in Cell Block D” was a great story, so I hope they use it. I don’t doubt they’ll have Matt’s identity outed eventually. I assume they’ll start the show off decently light-hearted, but eventually darken it. I hope so, because as I recall Joe Quesada saying, this being a Netflix series, they are allowed to go darker. And Daredevil is at his best when the stories are dark, Mark Waid’s run aside.

  • Axxell

    Sorry, did I miss the part where the author actually claims that?

  • Axxell

    You are a benevolent one.

  • Juan Alejos

    well i meant that marvel movies dont follow comic storylines to strictly but takes liberties and they dont

  • MarvelFan_1

    I love that Marvel have gone street level for this series, it means the writers will be very free to create what they feel are the best episodes they can without feeling restricted to the canon of the MCU, things that happen in the bubble of Hell’s Kitchen will not be noticed or effect what happens in the grander Marvel world.
    Marvel are being so smart atm, Matt Murdoch’s lawyer persona is also the perfect fit for a series, if the DD series goes well just imagine DD popping up in a Cap America movie mid battle to lend a hand?