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Sigourney Weaver Wants to Make Another ‘Alien’ Movie

Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, isn’t ready to sign off.

Appearing over the weekend at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles, actress Sigourney Weaver made it clear she’s interested in pursuing another film in the Alien franchise. In her opinion, “there is more story to tell.”

“I feel a longing from fans for the story to be finished,” she continued. “I could imagine a situation where we finish telling the story.”

The Ripley story ended on a bizarre note, with Alien Resurrection bringing her back to life as a human-alien-clone hybrid. By the end of the 1997 film, Ripley and a handful of survivors escape the xenomorph menace and arrive on Earth.

If a Ripley-led Alien sequel picked up where Resurrection left off, then, it follows that Earth would be the setting — but not if Weaver has her way. The actress said she can’t imagine seeing aliens “popping out of a haystack” somewhere in the “French countryside.”

Franky, that wouldn’t be the weirdest alien appearance imaginable.


  • dekko

    All props for Weaver’s acting, but she’s not a visionary – she won’t be able to see Aliens on the French countryside unless a director sees it first then (s)he’ll explain it to her.

  • Phil

    How shocking. She likes money. This is quite a scoop.

  • lattethunder

    Somebody should film her apologizing for the last one. I’d paid to see that.

  • Statham

    Why? Why her and not Joss Whedon or the director? Weaver worked with what she was given, but she didn’t write the turd or direct it.

  • lattethunder

    Whedon stubbornly refuses to take any of the blame, and

    Jeunet has more or less owned up to his mistakes. Weaver, on the other hand, has remained silent.

  • William_Spike

    Joss later made up for it with little things called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Firefly” and “The Avengers” so how about giving him a well earned break

  • JellyJessopiiy

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  • tevii

    I have no problem with Alien resurrection. It had so many uphill battles to fight to fix everything that Alien 3 broke. Alien 3 was a travesty. They killed all survivors from part 2, making the sequel pointless and then they even killed Ripley, ultimately making the entire series pointless and declaring Ripley the loser.

  • Tophman

    Much as I love Ripley’s character (from Weaver’s portrayal to her journey from “Alien” to “Aliens”) I would prefer if they take the story in another direction. Perhaps continue a look into Weyland-Yutani’s ill-conceived breeding or cloning weaponization experiments or simply reimagine “Aliens: Music of the Spears” for the big screen (or the small screen, I can see this as a fun survival TV series akin to “Walking Dead”). Personally I’d hoped they’d do a proper “AvP” movie based on “Deadliest of the Species” but as it stands, it’s just wishful thinking.

    Bring in new characters & locales as the Alien universe has expanded well beyond Ripley’s exploits in many good graphic & traditional novels. Keep the budget low by hiring/discovering talented un-/little known actors and focus on the story & the mythology. Sadly, I doubt Fox will ever do that as they want huge boxoffice returns & think the only way to get it is to throw money & explosions at the problem.

  • Tophman

    Although I agree that Whedon did screw the pooch with “Resurrection” it’s difficult to put the blame squarely on his shoulders as working for a corporate machine like Fox with a relatively ‘new’ director probably meant him compromising whatever vision he initially had. Such is the problem with story writing by committee (& he gets the blame as head writer).

    Also, I agree that Weaver has nothing to apologize for as her portrayal of Ripley v2.0 was solid (much as I’d never blame “Superman Returns” on Brandon Routh -that’s all on Singer).

    I would like to see Whedon come back to the franchise & have his take on the “Alien” universe considering his current Hollywood clout (thanks to “The Avengers”). Sadly, I doubt Marvel is dumb enough to give him time off to do this considering the expected success of “Age of Ultron” & a possible “Infinity Gauntlet” (or “Civil War”) -inspired Avengers 3.

  • Statham

    Actually, she refused to make another one for several years, considering it done and because she knew the quality of Resurrection wasn’t up to scratch. Which in itself says a lot.

  • Statham

    And? Weaver was part of the great dynamic in Ghostbusters and it’s sequel, and has other great movies under her belt? Why did she need to be singled out? Nobody really blames George Clooney for Batman and Robin, for instance.

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  • TallBoy6t6

    The original Ripley heroically sacrificed herself so the Alien didn’t fall into the hands of The Fucking Company.

    Ripley 8 is now living happily ever after with Call somewhere in Earth.

    That seems like closure to me. Like the Simpsons said, “Marge, I’m confused. Is this a happy ending or a sad ending?” “It’s an ending. That’s enough.”