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‘Metal Gear Solid’ Sneaks Forward, Finds Director

Solid Snake has busted out from beneath his cardboard box, and is making a break for the big-screen.

Deadline reports Sony Pictures is finally getting a move on its adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, the Konami video game franchise that follows covert ops specialist Solid Snake on his various stealth-driven missions. According to the report, The Kings of Summer filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts is in early talks to direct, with Avi Arad aboard as producer.

With Warcraft already in production, Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed on the way, and now Metal Gear Solid heating up, are we on the edge of the video game movie renaissance? Or will all of these films flop, like virtually every video game movie we’ve seen thus far? We’ll find out soon enough.


  • Neil Kapit

    The fact that the games have upwards of 9 hours of cutscenes each makes the notion of a Metal Gear Solid movie kind of redundant, especially since the series is so driven by its auteur Hideo Kojima. As much as I love Metal Gear, I’m skeptical that Hollywood will allow this movie to be anything like Metal Gear

  • Alex W

    Please let this not be another Prince of Persia.

  • Neil Kapit

    A Metal Gear Solid film of Jerry Bruckheimer quality would be like adapting Citizen Kane into a free-to-play infinite running Android game.

  • yepp

    Agreed. MGS has historically held such a devoted fanbase, I worry that the director will completely miss the mark and drown it in CGI and VFX. I think the only way this can succeed is if the director is at least a fan himself, i.e., one who has had the patience to sit and play through virtually every game, with a firm grasp of the storyline.

  • dave

    Citizen Kane: The Rosebud Quest.