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Josh Trank Already Made a ‘Star Wars’ Movie (in 2007)


Wednesday’s big news was, of course, that The Fantastic Four director Josh Trank will helm one of the Star Wars standalone movies. However, it turns out the filmmaker already took a stab at a galaxy far, far away … a long time ago. Well, Santa Barbara, in 2007.

Following the announcement from Disney and Lucasfilm, a COPS-style Star Wars parody video that Trank directed seven years ago has resurfaced. Titled “Stabbing at Leia’s 22nd Birthday,” the NSFW video (language) from Studio 8 Comedy documents what happens when testosterone-fueled teen Jedis get their hands on alcohol. And lightsabers.

Trank, of course, went on to use a similar found-footage approach for his 2012 feature directorial debut Chronicle.


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