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Andrew Stanton Reveals Unused ‘John Carter’ Trilogy Logos


While Disney’s plans for a trilogy were derailed when 2012’s John Carter failed so miserably at the box office, yesterday the film’s director Andrew Stanton showed on Twitter some possible logos for the rest of the series.

Noting they had “big plans,” Stanton teased what looks like a possible logo for the second film:

The Gods of Mars was said to be “in development” before the first movie hit theaters, adapting the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It still has a page on the Internet Movie Database listing it as such.

A potential third film, Warlord of Mars, would have adapted Burroughs’ third Barsoom book of the same name:

“They would very largely be contained to those books sequentially, Gods and then Warlord,” producer Jim Morris told SPINOFF back in 2012. “There’s a few little things that might traipse over the boundaries of those, but we wouldn’t bring anything in from the later books. If there was a trilogy of films, it would follow pretty much those books.”

I guess we can add these to the list of unmade sequels, like the second Time Bandits movie or the third Star Wars trilogy (oh, wait) …


  • toobad

    ahhh so disappointing. And here I loved John Carter.

  • Kanak Tripathi

    I loved carter too…everything
    shame we will never see these

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  • DaMak

    THis is what happens when a film is marketed horribly. I didn’t see John Carter until 3 weeks ago and I was shocked how good it was. THough I doubt it, Disney SHOULD move forward with the sequels.

  • Daria Brooks

    Andrew Stanton created the greatest action film Disney has ever released and got a knife in the back from the studio head for his troubles. Many of us keep holding out hope that a sequel could still be made if the rights were transferred away from Disney. Taylor Kitsch owned that role and it would be amazing to see him rock that sequel.