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Is Lawrence Kasdan’s Boba Fett Spinoff Based on Expanded Universe Material?

boba fett

One more source is claiming that not only is Boba Fett getting the spotlight in one of the Star Wars standalone, but that Empire Strikes Back and Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan is working on the script. Schmoes Know reports that its secret source has confirmed the rumor, which began circulating early this year.

According to the website, Kasdan’s script may take cues from some of the Expanded Universe, despite Disney and Lucasfilm saying that material is not necessarily part of the canon. When producer Simon Kinberg revealed that, he noted, “It’s not off limits and it’s certainly inspiring,” which means writers like Kasdan can look to what’s been done before and bring it into continuity. Fett has turned up in numerous comic books and prose novels, so there’s plenty there to choose from.

Content aside, one of the big questions this raises is where this Boba Fett movie will drop. Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards has been announced as the director for the first standalone film, working from a script by Gary Whitta, while  Josh Trank will helm another. As Schmoes points out, there was a leaked schedule that slated a Boba Fett film between Episodes VII and VIII, which would be followed by a Han Solo movie.

If the Edwards-Whitta film is still the next one to be produced, that might mean Whitta is rewriting the Kasdan script, or that Trank is shooting Kasdan’s script and it will be the second spinoff.


  • Sentry616

    Choice as bro, does that mean we get more Jake the muss kicking arse in armour? That would be sweet as bro.

  • Statham

    Eh. Boba Fett was ruined as a character the second Lucas managed to stop him being The Man With No Name of the Star Wars Universe. A bounty hunter with an amazing visual who we know nothing about is far, far cooler than ‘clone’.

  • Chuck777

    Why is this news? Everyone involved with Star Wars has said the EU now exists as a knowledge bank with which to mine great story ideas. I am not surprised they will be drawing inspiration from his storied life in the EU.