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Marvel Vs. DC: 5 Ways DC’s Rumored Slate Could Change Marvel’s Plans

01 Production

If the rumors are true, then Marvel and DC’s long-established comic book rivalry might soon translate to a number of big box office brawls. Earlier this week, Nikki Finke revealed Warner Bros.’ possible film slate for their presently expanding DC Cinematic Universe. If Batman v Superman is just the dawn of justice, then this list encompasses justice’s afternoon, evening, and night.

The films included on the possible schedule are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 2016); Shazam (July 2016); The Sandman (Christmas 2016); Justice League (May 2017); Wonder Woman (July 2017); a Flash and Green Lantern team-up (Christmas 2017); and Man of Steel 2 (May 2018).

While this is of course big news to longtime DC Comics fans, this reveal – if true – could have a great impact on Marvel Studios’ still-developing Phase Three slate of films. We know the two companies have a competitive history; earlier this year, Warner’s pushed Batman v Superman to May 6, 2016, a release date already occupied by a Marvel film – one we now know is Captain America 3. If there’s truth to this leak, then DC plans to release films in months that Marvel’s already claimed. Things could get very interesting, and here are five things we think could happen.

Marvel cranks up production

Warner Bros. is being awfully ambitious following Man of Steel‘s success. They’re possibly jumping right in the deep end by planning to release three movies a year. So far Marvel has limited themselves to just two films a year, although Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has hinted that they might need to expand to three films a year, just to accommodate all the characters they want to introduce and only if the change would come about naturally. Seeing your competition throwing down the three-films-a-year gauntlet might just be the kind of “natural” development Marvel needs to crank up production.

Marvel pits Captain Marvel vs. Captain Marvel

02 Captain Marvel

The biggest surprise on the slate has to be Shazam, especially considering that character’s history and past legal contentions with Marvel Comics. What beef could Marvel possibly have with a big red guy called Shazam? Well, he used to be called Captain Marvel – and that’s a name he will always have to large portion of longtime comic book fans. To summarize, Captain Marvel was originally published by Fawcett comics until DC Comics sued Fawcett for copyright infringement, stating that Marv bore too strong a resemblance to Superman. DC acquired the rights to Captain Marvel in 1972 – but not before Marvel Comics snatched up the trademark for the name Captain Marvel. Marvel Comics introduced their first Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell of the Kree, in 1967. So DC Comics had the rights to publish the old Fawcett Captain Marvel, but they could never actually call the character Captain Marvel in a comic book’s title. This led to the character appearing in comics using some variation of the word Shazam. DC recently used the New 52 continuity wipe to rebrand the character as Shazam.

So what does any of this have to do with a possible Shazam film and Marvel’s current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers? As previously mentioned, a lot of comic book fans still default to DC’s Billy Batson when they hear the name “Captain Marvel,” even if Marvel’s had a version of the character around for almost 50 years. Batson was even appearing as Captain Marvel in DC cartoons as recently as 2013 while Carol’s been in the “Ms.” Marvel role in all of her television appearances. Warner’s most likely can’t call Shazam by his Marvel-ous moniker in the film, but getting the character to the big screen first could be seen as victory in the ongoing Captain Marvel war. If Marvel gets there first and cements Carol Danvers as the Captain Marvel to a massive movie-going audience, they could really stick it to DC and demonstrate their commitment to Carol Danvers as their new – and permanent – Captain Marvel.

Marvel fast tracks Black Widow

03 Black Widow

Comic book fans have had their eye on another race, even if it feels like the film studios themselves aren’t paying much attention to it. We’ve been waiting for a while to find out which company would try their hand at a solo heroine movie, and with a 2017 Wonder Woman film on this rumored lineup, we might just have to declare WB as the winner. Or… maybe not. Marvel still has two release dates locked down before Wonder Woman’s rumored July 2017 debut that they’ve yet to fill with a movie: July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017. Either of those dates could be filled with a Black Widow or Captain Marvel movie. Of course that would mean the character would have to go up against either Shazam or Justice League. Placing any solo Marvel movie up against the team-up spectacle-fest of Justice League seems like a risky move, but Black Widow might just work. It stars a recognizable character with an even more recognizable leading actress, and given the character’s very human ass-kicking abilities, it could be produced on a much tighter budget than a Thor or Captain Marvel. No, Black Widow would not outgross Justice League, but it would also cost a quarter as much to make and could therefore make Marvel Studios a lot more money.

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Strange V Sandman: Dawn Of Dreamscapes

04 Strange

Seeing The Sandman on that list is kinda peculiar, especially considering the fact that Morpheus hasn’t really been a part of the proper DC Comics super hero universe since the start of Neil Gaiman’s opus in the late ’80s. Whether or not The Sandman ties into the larger DC Cinematic Universe remains to be seen, but Marvel could steal attention from the sure to be weird film by unleashing their own master of weirdness, Doctor Strange, on movie going audiences in late October or early November 2016. Doctor Strange already has a director in Stephen Derrickson, and it needs a release date next. If Marvel gets to Doctor Strange first, they might be able to claim the off-kilter supernatural dreamscape comic book film genre for themselves, causing The Sandman to look like just a Marvel imitator to the uninitiated. If they don’t go for the early November weekend that Thor: The Dark World dominated in 2013, then Doctor Strange might be the film Marvel puts in the July 8, 2016 date.

Thor vs. Justice League

05 Thor

A Marvel movie has to go up against Justice League. Marvel’s already roped off the May 5, 2017 release date, and they are not the kind of company to back away just because the WB might release their Trinity and pals sometime that month. All conjecture aside, the truth of the matter is that Marvel only has five films in Phase Two. Unless they do up production, we’ll probably only get five films in Phase Three. So far, we know what three of them are: Ant-Man, Captain America 3, and Avengers 3. That leaves two left, and Marvel’s already got people working on them. Stephen Derrickson’s been hired to direct Doctor Strange and Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost have started work on the script for Thor 3. Unless Marvel does up production or push Avengers 3 back from its assumed May 2018 release date, we’ve got our Phase Three already. Between Strange and Thor, we’d put our money on the God of Lightning to throw down with Superman and company at the box office. Thor: The Dark World grossed $200 million more at the box office than 2011’s Thor, and the character’s exposure and popularity will probably only grow after his involvement in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Unless Marvel Studios starts to stumble and backs away from May 2017, this seems like a sure thing.


  • S Call

    But what if a couple of them bomb?
    Of course all of this hinges on the hope than movie goers don’t burn out on so many superhero movies and just stop taking them in.
    If ticket sales go through the floor how many of these would be dropped?

  • Corwin

    If Thor 3 does face off against Superman I think It would be great if Marvel had Thor fight Hyperion, Introduce their Justice League in the Squadron Supreme and release a better version of the League than the WB will.


    I think the Key to success is telling Great stories in these films. Plus if Marvel was smart they focus more on teams ups after Thor 3.

  • Frankie Bones

    This is the single greatest comment on the internet EVER. I would KILL to see the Supreme Power series made into film

  • Mr November

    “Marvel cranks up production” – Definatly the worst decision marvel could take, Franchise Fatigue and an even sharper drop in quality will happen. We want more films like avengers and Winter Solider, not thor 2’s and Iron man 3.

  • Katja

    I doubt it will change much. DC’s creating a sloppy and rushed cinematic universe; Marvel already has a great one. Why would they mess with it?

  • Mr November

    Has marvel really? they are rather shallow blockbuster films, if you think Iron Man 1, Cap 1 & 2 and Avengers are best, then there is a lot more bad films and then you have to include the “A-Team of Shield”

  • Mr November

    fine theory… except that’s never worked out in comic book sales so why would work in the cinema, given that superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are household names. I doubt many would know Hyperion.

  • Jeff_Allard

    DC’s proposed slate – assuming the info is accurate – is likely to turn into a debacle. Look at the string of misfires and aborted projects. Nolan’s Bat trilogy ended on a wobbly note and Man of Steel – the film that the entire DC movie universe is going to be built off of – was not a rousing success by any means. It performed ok but not great at the box office and the critical and fan reaction was mixed at best. And with DC’s poor record in getting movies like Wonder Woman and Flash off the ground, the idea that a Shazam, Wonder Woman, and GL/Flash team-up will definitely happen seems questionable. This DC slate seems like a lot of wishful thinking more than anything else. Marvel will keep doing what they’re doing regardless of DC’s plans.

  • Jack

    Nolan’s bat films did not end on a wobbly note. It was a critical (78 metascore) as well as a commercial success. Also IM2, Hulk and Thor were by no means great movies yet The Avengers still turned out pretty good.

  • beane2099

    Yes. They have. Creating a successful series of interconnected solo movies is no small feat especially when you have that many writers and directors with their hands in the soup. There’s gonna be a misstep here and there but that’s true of any movie really. Overall it’s been done very well. My hope is that DC learns from Marvel Studios’ mistakes and improves on the model just as Marvel Studios learned from mistakes Fox, Universal and Sony made on their Marvel movies.

  • beane2099

    There’s another option to consider. Marvel is owned by Disney who also owns Star Wars. Typically May has always been when Star Wars movies have been released. I think Disney is going to start releasing Star Wars films on that first Friday in May and start releasing the Marvel movies the first Friday in April (which worked quite well for Cap 2). Now true the Star Wars Spinoff’s won’t be as big a threat. But no matter what movie it is if it goes up against a new Star Wars movie with the original cast, that’s game, set, match. Even Justice League would have trouble beating that.

    However, most people seem to be putting all their eggs in the opening weekend basket. But I think over the long haul the numbers will play out the same just spread out differently. So whereas you might see a $100-$45-$20-$10-$5 pattern for a movie opening unopposed,what you’ll see is more like $70-$50-$35-$20-$10 or something like that. Obviously I pulled those numbers from the sky so there’s no weight to that. But it will be a very different financial model is all. The question is will studio execs be willing to let that play out with so much money at stake? Most likely not.

  • Michael Steinberg

    How many active Marvel franchises are there? How successful were previous Marvel movies? How many Marvel movies are likely to ACTUALLY be in the works and be released in the next, say, 6 years? What can we say about DC besides them making BATMAN/SUPERMAN? Who’s to say that will be successful? I see little of what DC does at this point effecting Marvel. Marvel is a rushing river and DC is a small stream that is flowing nearby to it and I need to get my thirst quenched. Guess which watering hole will be there in 6 years?

  • JCM

    Quality considerations aside, Marvel’s movie world is fait accompli. DC has a generation’s worth of lost opportunity to catch up with,

  • JCM

    To the world at large Marvel is a name brand that DC is not. Kids who grew up never having read or never wanting to read a comic book know Marvel as a movie line. DC doesn’t have this. In short there will be very few considerations of comic book fans in all of this. This is a new world here and Marvel is the giant like it or not.

  • J.p. Ducey

    If Marvel really wants to go head to head with Justice League, they should consider making Iron Man 4. I know that RDJ is only contractually obligated to Avengers 2 and 3 but money talks. Imagine if he agreed to return for an Iron Man featuring The REAL Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom! It might not win, but it would compete better than Thor 3.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I loved THOR

  • neckfeathers

    i loved iron man 3 but yeah, thor 2 wasnt my cup of tea

  • Jeff_Allard

    Dark Knight Rises was largely considered a disappointment compared to TDK. And while those Marvel movies weren’t great, they also weren’t the fatal missteps that, say, Green Lantern was.

  • Riq

    DC rules!

  • Gregory Eckes

    I disagree a little bit because Superman and Batman are universal icons. While Marvel has very popular characters, I don’t think they have icons, maybe apart from Spiderman

  • Davey1983

    It looks more like the Star Wars movies are going to take the month of December. Episode 7 and the first spinoff are scheduled for Dec. 2015 and Dec. 2016, respectively.

  • JCM

    True they are iconic figures but Time-Warner hasn’t leveraged that fact into a movie empire the way MARVEL has.It’s unfortunate because they could. DC is way behind in Hollywood.I know girls who love the X-men, Iron-Man,Thor, the Avengers and Spider-man because of the movies and yet have no idea what DC evens means. Let alone it exists. When we talk movies we are way outside the comic world.

  • JCM

    I love DC Comics but aside from Batman where are the great movies based on DC characters?

  • vin has ass cancer

    imo there are only a few dc titles that can be made into good movies without changing too much about them. they could make a lot of great movies with these characters but such movies probably wouldn’t make a lot of money though. if dc’s rumored schedule is legit i smell more green lantern crap films than tdk and mos hits. i’d perfer sandman to be a tv show myself and it would make a great 50-70 episode story.

  • Riq

    Man of Steel was awesome. Wonder Woman will introduce WB/DC to money they never thought of. Thanks to Marvel for getting them of their ass. However the intensity that DC heroes will bring to the World will be a phenomena. Every generation knows DC characters. Zack Snyder is our Hero!!!

  • Brian Adkins

    No,no he is not.

  • sunspot001

    Man of Steel and it’s plot was horrible. The acting was so so, but the movie made no sese. The dubstep machine, the horrible dialogue of Pa Kent, terraforming a planet where your a God on. The terrible decision to consult a Priest instead of the super computer dad who obviously knows Zod. Why? Seriously it had the best action scenes i seen in a movie, but half the movie was product placement. DC needs to step it up.

  • Statham

    Wonder Woman? The film they’re supposedly putting out THREE years from now? DC already lost that battle.

  • Statham

    But they’ve made Cap, Iron Man, Thor and arguably Black Widow into these iconic figures. Look at how many people can rattle of dialogue from the Avengers, how many people observe every last intricacy of these Marvel films. In putting together the MCU, Marvel made these characters iconic. DC is flagging.

  • Justin Bausman

    Didn’t Gambit die Killing Hyperion in the Exiles universe?

  • Tyler John Richards

    Unless DC starts making smart casting decisions I don’t think they will be any challenge to Marvel. That being said, I do wish Marvel would do whatever it takes to get the rights back to X-Men, a Wolverine vs. Hulk movie would blow billions of minds.

  • Bazell

    It was Blink.

  • Steve

    Phase Three will likely have six movies, not five. Ant-Man will be out next year alongside the last film of Phase Two, and Cap 3 will be out in 2016. That leaves a second slot in 2016 and two in 2017, with Avengers 3 capping it off in 2018.

    So the May 2017 slot could be Thor, or it could be Guardians 2, which might be better suited to go up against Justice League, at least if the first does as well as Marvel are hoping.

  • beane2099

    Yeah but there’s that one interview recently where Bob Iger mentioned that May is really where Star Wars belongs that makes me think otherwise. That interview happened before WB decided to start moving in on that month.

  • Leandro Arteaga Vega

    People seems to forget that the box office perfomance of TDKR was affected by the shooting on the premiere. But even so the movie get a respectable profit.

  • MaxLevelJon

    Well DC cranking up production is even worse. It’s quite ambitious, even foolish that they’d do 3 a year considering they’re moving forward with a rocky Man of Steel franchise and betting it all on a director who has yet to complete a wholly satisfying film in his entire career.

  • Jonesy

    Sheeeshhh! You’re a kid! That’s why you don’t make any sense…

  • Ill Communication

    Speak for yourself. I wasn’t a big fan of Thor 2, but Iron Man 3 is one of the MCU’s (and the entire genre’s) best, regardless of the whining minority who didn’t get their Fu Manchu with the 10 Magical rings.

  • AndySynn

    That is certainly one interpretation, and i would say it’s certainly valid in many respects.

    However, as very much a non-partisan comics reader (yes, I tend to gravitate towards Marvel, but mainly because I feel that right now they’re simply producing more of what appeals to me, not because either group of characters is intrinsically, or obnoxiously, better) I would say that perhaps Marvel’s major success has been using the films to take their characters – particularly Thor and Iron Man – and make them into universal A-listers.

    Even Captain America was doubtful as a success originally, due to his anachronistic origins, but that worked out fantastically.

    My major concern, as someone who wants to see the DC pantheon done well on-screen, is that having the Justice League movie before so many of the solo movies is a potential mis-step – although I can see why DC might be doing it to attempt to avoid emulating the Avengers formula.

  • Ill Communication

    Anybody old enough to remember the ‘DC Implosion’ of 1978? If not, give it a ‘Wiki.’ Warner Brothers would be wise to be prudent not to repeat history.

  • Dean Lundquist

    I think the problem for Warner Bros./DC is that they don’t have a Kevin Feige type person tying everything together. Part of what makes the MCU work is the interconnectedness of it all. The other thing is that DC doesn’t have a big post-Dark Knight blockbuster film to build on. Even MoS (56%) had a worse critical reception than Superman Returns (76%) on the tomato meter. I think the decision to do Superman vs. Batman is already a huge risk. If it bombs, then all bets are off.

  • stainedglassscarlet

    I think a quality Captain Marvel film before both Shazam and Wonder Woman would really stick it to DC/

  • APL

    Bomb? Like what, at the box office? Personally, I wouldn’t concern myself with those. A good story doesn’t even guarantee good box office results. Fans just want their superhero movies, DC, Marvel or otherwise. I am very intrigued about how Sandman will translate into film since the first post millennium Vertigo outing, Watchmen, was something I immensely enjoyed.

  • john q publick

    Wow discussions on this post are insane. Revisionist history anyone? Anyone whom believes Antman or guardians of the galaxy are going to be huge hits are really going out in left field. These properties most people don’t even know, movie goers that is. What fanboys need to realize is mainstream audiences decide what becomes hits, not you , the fans. Marvels newest X-Men opened less than x3, the newest Spiderman 2 opened less than mcguire’s Spiderman 2 a decade ago. Oh, but less we forget marvels bombs such as Elektra, Daredevil, blade 3, ghost rider 1and 2, x3, most of marvels animated cartoons and direct to DVD movies are horrible. The tv show shield is a joke, unlike smallville. Arrow, the upcoming flash, Gotham, Constantine. Marvel can’t compete with dc’s animated tv shows from bat man to justice league of America, or their direct to DVD features. Dc has icons, marvel doesn’t. Bats,supers,we, have been around 75 years, have had successful tv shows, movies, etc, throughout that time, has Thor? Black widow? ant man?, guardians? Marvel has had great theatrical success but not all around, iron man 2 was critically panned, so was Thor 2, but people on this thread say man of steel was critically panned as well, but went on to make over $700 mil. The dark knight trilogy made over a billion, dc haters need to understand just because dc has had a rocky start to their comic movie franchise doesn’t mean it will always stay that way, and just because marvel has had some decent success their future isn’t guaranteed, citing the upcoming fantastic four which is already worrying marvel to possibly cancel the book just to get back the rights from Fox. As well as Sony releasing a sinister six movie before Spiderman 3? High five marvel, I see some stinkers in your future, haters.

  • homer813

    i bet most would be perfectly content if they could be as disappointing as TDKR.

  • homer813

    this is just flat out humorous. you guys know all too well you’re seeing all of them like i will.

  • Betterwatchout

    What a bunch of nonsense. Nothing is going to win against JL. Black Widow is a joke. NONE of the marvel movies rate to Dark Knight or Man of Steel. Marvel made cartoons compared to them. Captain America 2 was close except it made a joke of shield, and winter soldier killed too many good soldiers, not hydra agents after he started to fight the brainwashing. That was typical bad marvel movie writing. DC Warner is getting ready to kick some movie butt.

  • Ran

    But what we got was a lame cop-out, another bland non-threat played by a white actor. Ben Kingsley was wasted as faux Mandarin. His imposing appearance and acting skills could have been better used. Even better still, just as Tony Stark had been updated for film, Mandarin could have been updated and played by an Asian actor and used as stark contrast to Stark’s tech.

  • Ran

    Aside from the tornado scene, that version of John Kent came off as the most human. He showed frustration with being in this crazy position of adopting an alien child but showed the same caring and loving values of the traditional Pa Kent, as well. Regarding the priest situation, Clark went to get a human perspective. He already knew not to trust Zod, but needed to speak to someone, a sounding board, about faith, and humanity.

  • Jorgebuja

    OK, I can understand no one brings this up because, after all, it’s a CBR forum. But both DC and Marvel fanboys don’t seem to realise these are hell expenseive movies to make. Comic fans are definitley not enough to support… what… five or six superhero movies a year? The market will saturate and audiences will get fed up of so many capes, villains, powers and traumatized backstories.. It’s not just both cinematic universes competing… it’s also Fox and Sony. Let’s face it, Marvel has set a trend and they are going quite strong because they’re producing unexpectedly enjoyable movies with characters who were, definitely, not their most popular. You can’t argue with that, as much as anyone could root for DC. But, for how long can this be kept up? Thor 2 enjoyed the Avengers’ momentum, but it certainly lowered the bar. Add another seven interlinked movies from Warner, with more names and more characters, in just a couple of years. All of them filled with references to previous movies. Trying to catch up with Marvel (yes, Warner is clearly copying the Marvel CU model and trying to get a slice of the “shared universe” pie) in such a short timespan will only confuse general moviegoers who really don’t care whether it’s a DC or a Marvel property. And those people are the bulk of the box-office. Girlfriends can only take a superhero movie at a time. Will Warner’s be better or worse movies than Marvel’s? Only time will tell. It all depends on casting and screenwriting, not on our comic book preferences. But “Another superhero movie? Hell, no, I’ve already had my share” will be the phrase at the theatres. I’ve almost had my share myself. And I’m a comic-book reader. But also a moviegoer. And this could lead to saturation in 2016-2018.

  • Gedalyah Reback

    I don’t think this is true. There is too much risk putting all these movies up at the same time and so quickly. I don’t think they can crank out 8 scripts that blend together all at once. And Wonder Woman in 3 movies in 14 months? Yeah right.

  • CogInTheWheel

    The dates for these movies are flexible, over half of them will easily be changed due to delays in production or just to avoid a particularly movie-heavy weekend.

    Personally, I have little faith in all those DC properties being handled well, especially after the shlock that was that weird Batman trilogy and that joyless new black n white Superman movie with the over-dramatic plotting and cardboard one-dimensional characters.

    No Papa Kent! Dont try to save our dog from that tornado…I cant show the world I’m an alien!

    I wonder if they’ll show billy batsons adopted family get killed trying to save a flock of birds from broken powerlines. David Goyer approved ham.

  • KiraHaxellepa

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  • PlanBFromOuterSpace

    No, The overall performance of Rises was not affected by the shooting really, as it still made a hell of a lot of money. I manage a theater, and all the shooting did was turn some customers into insensitive a-holes. “We’ll take two for Batman! Hope we don’t get shot! Derp!”. Anyway, it made a ton a cash, but it was a pretty disappointing conclusion to the trilogy from a storytelling point of view (Batman’s been sitting on his @$$ for 8 years, it takes him hour to get suited up, he’s taken out again and spends ANOTHER hour recovering while not much of anything interesting happens in his absence?), ending with the movie painting the character into a VERY specific corner that’s essentially forcing a reboot of the character again. People are still on the fence about how to feel about Superman, and WB/DC doesn’t even have the Batman safety net this time around since it will be a new unproven version of the character, so it’s a VERY risky endeavor for WB/DC to plan so far ahead, because if Dawn of Justice doesn’t perform in the way they want it to, that could put the brakes on everything else in a hurry.

  • afan

    That ship has already sailed. They screwed up Mandarin so no more Mandarin. Beside, magic does not work well in this semi-realistic, pseudo-science based Universe that they have built.

  • Mike Blevins

    DC WISHES it had as strong a superhero lineup as the MCU, but outside of Superman and Batman, they are hopelessly second rate. If Warner/DC thinks it can go up against Disney/Marvel, more power to them, but they’ve still got it to do–and it’s all talk right now.

    The MCU isn’t all talk. It’s reality.

  • Glen Polimeni

    The only characters that dc has with any appeal is Wonder Woman and the huntress. Superman is overrated. Who can’t recognize Clark Kent is super poop? Batman? Run into the ground. Too many men playing batman. None of which was convincing. Aquaman? What’s he going to do? Stop water pollution? Not many criminals underwater. Did you ever notice how many dc characters wear a cape? How do you fight in one of those? Real manly too.
    Dc remember this captain America rules. Dc always drool.

  • DC owns all

    fuck you, dipshit! Marvel is full crappy heroes and are all rip offs of DC characters, DC owns marvel in every other media and you know dumb ass. go shove wolverine’s claws up your ass you son of a bitch

  • todd

    I actually really enjoyed the Winter Solider,but you are right about nothing being able to beat Justice League. I can’t believe the writer even suggested that a Black Widow movie could possibly do well against Justice League. If X-Men Origins:Wolverine had lower opening numbers than X-Men 2 and 3 I doubt a Black Widow movie could, especially against Justice League. Thor 3 could maybe pull some decent numbers, but it would have to do a Winter Solider and put 2 other heroes in it and it would have to be Captain America and someone else Marvel felt was popular enough.

  • todd

    All their direct to blu ray movies are awesome.

  • todd

    Gotta love the comments when it comes to the DCCU. One minute people are demanding a Wonder Woman saying it will do well, DC needs to get more movies out, and DC needs to step their game up then articles like this come out and everyone says DC is going to fail. This is why I don’t feel bad there is no Wonder Woman movie yet or DC is doing solo films first. You people will never be happy when it comes to DC because they aren’t Marvel. Everyone seems to complain about DC so much and how they suck so why do you even bother caring about their cinematic universe? People will probably complain even after a Wonder Woman movie gets made simply because it is DC and not Marvel.

  • V

    Hulk was a better movie than TDKR. :|

  • Bruce

    I find it funny, how you are revising history in your statement, Where did Man of Steel make 700 million? it didn’t even do that on the worldwide scale. All the marvel movies you mention were not made by marvel studios. And have been successful in what they were. DC/Warner Bros. have had past success in animation, The last 5 years not so much. And when you concede DC had a rocky start with their comic movie franchise, you are talking about Man of Steel which made less than 300 million in the United Staes, thats less than the first Iron Man movie, and Superman is DC’s 2nd biggest known character. A rocky start to a franchise, usually means death of the franchise. There is no franchise in movie history that started out low and made tons tons more, they usually make less as they go on. Nolan’s batman, probably the exception to the rule, had an actor die, which garnered pity viewings, and DKR made less than DK in the United States. One last thing for you to think on, Marvel movies make alot more overseas than DC movies. So DC’s movies, are starting on shaky grounds introducing way too many characters in a a movie named Batman vs Superman, and you think they are going to do better? Also, you can’t compare sony’s and fox’s movies to Marvel and DC’s movies. Because all of DC’s movies are under Warner Bros. and not spread over 3-4 different movie companies. Comparing Marvel’s studio movies and DC/Warner Bros is all you can really compare if you are trying to make any valid points.

  • Bruce

    Glenn, I am going to say this honestly, and as nicely as I can say, aside of Superman and Batman, most people don’t know any other DC heroes. At this point Marvel has Spiderman, Avengers, X-men and all the characters with in. I enjoy both their product when done well, but DC has had way more out and out bombs in the last 20 years, in movies, comics, cartoons and tv shows than marvel. I don’t really like the Shield TV show, but it does better numbers than the Green Arrow show. DC has not had a successful cartoon since Justice League. Young Justice, though I liked it alot, got cancelled, plain and simple, because the numbers weren’t there. And if you love DC so much why did you have to resort to a marvel character to rip Glen’s ass? Couldn’t think of a DC character? that says alot.

  • The Watcher

    DC at a major disadvantage.
    Given their bad track record, for a DC cinematic universe to work, they’re gonna have to get EVERY FILM from now onward to be GREAT. Unlike marvel, who have already positioned themselves so that they can afford a bomb or 2. If this next DC film bombs or is even just meh, we can all kiss a tangible DCCU goodbye (for at least another 20 years, until someone tries again)

  • Dre Day

    There’s NO need for Marvel to change their plans. They just need to bend over, brace themselves, and take their ass kicking like men or……. “X”-men (pun intended). #justiceleague

  • SwagMeOutHoe

    Domestically, Man of Steel made $291,045,518. But worldwide, it made $668,045,518, which was more than the $585,174,222 Iron Man 1 pulled, the $263,427,551 the Incredible Hulk pulled, the $623,933,331 Iron Man 2 pulled, the $370,569,774 Captain America: The First Avenger pulled, the $449,326,618 Thor pulled, and the $644,783,140 Thor: The Dark World pulled. So yes, Man of Steel didn’t make $700 million like John said it did, but it got close and it did beat out all of the Phase 1 Marvel films. Also, I don’t get how John up there can say that Man of Steel got off to a rocky start if it did considerably better than the majority of the Marvel Phase 1 movies domestically. With the exception of Iron Man, which made $300 million each with both movies, Incredible Hulk ($134,806,913), Thor ($181,030,624), and Captain America ($176,654,505) didn’t even manage to break $200 million, the Hulk being the runt of the litter with $130 million. That’s about as rocky as any start can get, and yet, Marvel still managed to successfully take off their cinematic universe. So why should we doubt that DC can’t do the same or better with its cinematic universe, considering it’s first entry has done better than most of the Phase 1 movies, domestically and worldwide?

    All numbers came from

  • Jason Dincauze

    Did you see the Marvel One Shot Short on the Iron Man 3 DVD. don’t be sure “that ship has already sailed,” they totally opened to door for the type of interpretation that everyone who bitches was hoping for.

  • Jason Dincauze

    If DC put the effort they do in animation into their film slate, they may have a fighting chance. But it seems to me like, unlike Disney who is fairly hands off, Warner Bros. as an overseeing studio is too inclined to meddle with the good things. Also, DC’s films haven’t learned the lessons of the early 2000s Marvel failures. Green Lantern fails for about the same reason Daredevil does; it tries to do too much in a single film, instead of building toward those bigger story lines across a few films.

  • Jim Z

    “Batman vs Superman” is sounding more and more like it’s going to be an overly-crowded Justice League try-out. Not saying it won’t work (people seem to gobble up the 30 second mutant cameos in the X-Men franchise after all), but I don’t think that Marvel’s going to feel threatened enough by it to change course.

  • Chuck777

    Domestic Market has been shrinking. International is now where the money is made.

  • Chuck777

    Fox will never give the rights back. What else do they have that can reliably make 300-400 million dollars?

    Sony could be forced to sell, especially if they continue to struggle financially but it would be a plan of last resort.

  • Chuck777

    So if Marvel escalates to 3 movies a year, we could easily be looking at 3 Marvel/Disney movies, 1 Fox movie, 1 Sony Movie and 3 DC/WB movies every single year into infinity?

    I am sorry but 8 movies a year is way too many. There is going to be a backlash.

    EDIT: This is in addition to a new Star Wars movie being released every year.

  • Andy

    Shazam before Wonder Woman? Really?

  • Chuck777

    DC has no idea what to do with Wonder Woman. I think they will try and gauge the mainstream audience for which version of the character they find most appealing.

    Shazam is relatively easy by comparison. The hardest part will be finding a kid who can look like a kid for 3 or 4 movies.

  • MaskedManAICN

    This all hinges on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, seriously, Man of Steel made less money than Amazing Spider-Man 2- which doesn’t really have fans wanting to see 3 or the Sinister Six, Sony is currently rethinking their plans. So unless BvS has great buzz and an awesome trailer, it’s on track to perform worse than MoS, and pretty much kill all of WB plans.

  • Chuck777

    Batman will save BvS:DoJ from being a total flop.

  • Ben Baker

    If DC is indeed releasing three Superhero movies in 2017, and Marvel ramps up production to release three Superhero movies, we still have Fox’s Wolverine 2 and Fantastic Four 2, and either Sinister Six or Spider-Man 3 from Sony. That’s NINE Superhero movies in one year! Add in nerd megahits like the next Star Wars, the next Avatar, and whatever other blockbuster movies come out that year and we are inevitably going to have some big flops on our hands. The insistence on massive tentpole movies here is going to really bite these studios in the ass if they act like franchise fatigue only affects their own franchise, and not all the other similar movies around it as well.

  • Jonesy
  • J.p. Ducey

    Exactly, Jason is right.

  • captainzorikh

    I think DC has given up on the Captain Marvel name, as evidenced by the two (count ‘em TWO!) attempts they have made to re-name the leading Shazam-powered character “Shazam” himself (Who remembers “Trials of Shazam”?). Dan Didio himself has expressed to me the exultation he felt ast being able to have the character’s name be the same as that of the book.
    Incidentally, since DC/Warnoers owns the copyright to the character, they copuld certainlly allow the name “Captain Marvel” be used in the dialogue of a movie. The trademark that Marvel/Disney holds would not stop that.

  • allan
  • allan
  • allan
  • JCM

    Zack Snyder seems to be a downside to me. I don’t personally know anyone who really liked Man of Steel whereas almost everyone loves the Marvel movies. We are living in an age where 14-18 year olds know Marvel as a movie brand rather than comic book company. And those same kids draw a blank when I ask them what they think about DC, I have to say Batman to get any recognition. Whereas if I say it’s a Marvel movie they know that means something.

  • Palmer

    Marvel’s going to run into some problems later, I think, when people like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans stop playing Iron Man and Captain America. These characters weren’t generally household names until the movies came out, so most people see Iron Man as only ever being played by Robert Downey Jr, where with characters like Batman and Superman they’ve had multiple movies across thirty-five years with multiple actors. Kevin Feige dismisses this in interviews when he talks about recasting Iron Man when Downey leaves, but I think it’s going to be a huge problem for them

  • Dr Brian Knockin

    Hmm to me Marvel is at 3 movie a year speed… its a natural progression.. DC on the other hand just seems like they do not fully know what they wanna do. Marvel can do a Avengers movie, a character from the Avengers, and another character in the same universe and make it all work…. DC just trying aiming at nothing

  • Darko2309

    And what big block buster did the avengers build on? Man of Steel already out-performed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Thor 2, Captain America, Captain America 2 (Only domestically but that shows north america loves Superman more). The only ones man of steel did not out perform are Iron Man 3, Gaurdians of the Galaxy and Avengers. And those movies had years of leg on Man of steel. Kevin feige didn’t do a good job of tying them together if they had to omit the connection from Iron man to incredible hulk now do they. Sorry but your premise is flawed, if man of steel is not a good block buster to build on then neither were any of the phase 1 marvel films or phase 2.

  • Darko2309

    And what, pray tell, do marvel have in the cartoon universe to compare to DCAU? DC started off with superman way before marvel could even touch the ground. Then with batman. Fox and Sony touched ground before marvel could even. DC has a history of successful Superman and Batman Films, a history of successful batman and superman animated series, successful justice league series, successful batman beyond series, successful animated original movies (which marvel is trying to replicate but is failing miserably at doing so). Green Arrow and The Flash and Gotham are magnitudes better than SHIELD. Marvel does not have x-men or spiderman, fox and sony do, Marvel has the avengers and that’s it. Captain Marvel (AKA Shazzam is not second rate), Green Lantern is not second rate, the Flash is not second rate, Wonder Woman is not second rate, the Atom is not second rate, green arrow is not second rate; Clearly you don’t know DC comics. So tell me, where were the marvel tv shows and cartoons history compared to the DC history from 1940s till now. That’s right marvel havent touched ground until Iron man came out so please, remove foot from mouth. Thank you

  • Darko2309

    What track record would be that? Christopher Reeves amazing classic superman movies? The Batman movies of the 80’s and 90’s? The Dark Knight Trilogy? Man of Steel? (Which out-performed all of marvels phase 1 movies and half of the phase 2 movies with only Gaurdians and Iron man 3 beating it.) That track record? Or are you focusing the minuscule attention that you have on one bad green lantern movie. How about the fact that marvel doesn’t own X Men or Spiderman, they belong to Fox and Sony. That the only track record Marvel has is beat out by the first of many DCCU movies. 6 out of 9 MCU movies. That’s your track record…Drops mic….

  • Darko2309

    Actually, you’re wrong. Spiderman only grossed 202000 aprox at the domestic box office, where as MOS grossed approx 292000. That being said spiderman grossed 69% of what MOS still did in NA. Does that sound like a failure? No. MOS out performed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Captain America 2(Domestically), Thor, Thor 2; therefore based on your opinion the Avengers is a failure. Right.

  • Darko2309

    Strong line-up? Really? If they’re considered strong than DC has nothing to worry about. Considering MOS out performed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, THor, THor 2, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Captain America 2(Domestically). Supes alone beat out 7 or your 10 marvel films. AND Green Lantern is not second rate, given that the first movie didn’t do well it is not a part of the DCU that will be. Wonder Woman is not second rate, The Flash is not second rate, Shazzam (Captain Marvel) is not second rate, Green arrow is not second rate, the Atom is not second rate.

    And your premise that MCU isn’t all talk it’s reality is because it is reality, duh, they happened. MOS out performed most of that “reality” by itself. It’s all talk talk right now because it hasn’t happened, geez your dense. Uh yeah I breathe air and that’s a reality cause fish breathe water. You make no sense in that part of your argument.

  • Darko2309

    Smart casting decisions? You are aware that most of the MCU actors we’re met with skepticism, no one wanted washed-up RDJ to play Iron Man, or Chris Evans AKA (The human torch) to be set as Captain America. Henry Cavill is awesome as superman, and Ben Affleck will be amazing as batman as well.

  • Darko2309

    Affecting***. Well lets see, the Dark Knight Trilogys stream out peforms that Marvel river by magnitudes. MOS alone out performed 7 of 10 MCU films. Marvel only has 1 franchise; the avengers, they don’t owen X-Men or Spiderman, so don’t know what you’re going on about there. I see you say MCU, Xmen and Spiderman are not a part of that so make up your mind. If youre gathering info and comparing it all its like i said Dark Knight Trilogy and MOS out perform anything Marvel has thrown at them. Green lantern was a failed attempt, 1 DC failed attempt of all their movies. Superman Returns was on Par with Thor/Iron Man/Captain America for box office revenue so i wouldnt call that a failure unless you want to call those failures as well. Much like an eager young one running with everything they’ve got in a marathon, DC will pass by with endurance and last the entire race. :)

  • Darko2309

    So MOS was not a rousing success so that’s grounds for calling everything else that follows a failure? You do know that MOS out performed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Thor 2, Captain America, Captain America 2 (Domestically MOS grossed 13% more than CA2), Incredible Hulk. So if a DCCU movie such as MOS is not good grounds to start a shared universe off of than respectively neither were any of the MCU’s movies :). And we’re not talking about movies that never got started before we’re talking about what is. And you’re right, marvel can keep doing what they’re doing, under perform compared to DC’s movies :) (The Dark Knight Trilogy, MOS), the only thing under your belt against DCU is green lantern, which performed as well as the incredible hulk. So what. TDKR did not end on a wobbly note, it was executed quite well, a 1 billion dollar box office agrees. No stand alone character movie Marvel has ever put out did that well (Until Iron Man 3), which had to garner years of MCU movies before it could get there.

  • Michael Steinberg

    Thor/Cap/IM all had sequels and then some. What followed Superman Returns? Also it doesn’t matter who produces the films or who distributes it, fundamentally marvel films promote other marvel films/comics. Most people at this point really don’t distinguish between Marvel studios or Sony or Fox. Marvel is Marvel. How many do they make put together? How many films are DC making? At this moment, al, they have going is Man of Steel. DK trilogy is now history.

  • MaskedManAICN

    Good point, but we live in a global box office world where all those movies DID make more money than Man of Steel (AS2- 709m vs MoS- 669m). And you’re forgetting I was talking reviews too, as AS2 had better reviews than MoS, though now I see (opposed to four months ago) MoS now has a high review rate than AS2 53% to 56%. And all those other movies you mention have better reviews as well (which was my point).

    Sony looks at those numbers 709m / 53% and starts to rethink their mission. WB sees these numbers 669m /56% and thinks it’s a huge hit and time to crank out more.

  • hackertaz

    Iron Man 3 are you sure? Real Mandarin is not even there.

  • Ill Communication

    What does that even MEAN??

  • Darko2309

    Considering that DC has been putting out good movies since the 80’s and that Superman Returns IS A SEQUEL, you fundamentally know nothing about DC. And no, you’re wrong, Sony owns Spiderman, Fox owns Xmen, and Marvel Studios owns their MCU. PERIOD. And based on your statement of “How many films are DC Making?” Same goes for Marvel, currently they only got Avengers age of ultron, DC has Batman V Superman. All other Marvel movies are now history. And you are right they did have sequels, most of which made less at the box office than MOS. The superman movies went for 3 sequels in the 80s, with Superman Returns being the 4th sequel. The Dark Knight had 2 sequels, Batman had 4 movies in the 80s. Currently DC is putting out Animated original movies that are hits smashing out Marvels bad animated movies. DC Currently has 3 hit tv shows (Flash, Gotham and Arrow), with Smallvile in its pocket. So no, MOS is not all they have going. Talk to me when you actually know something about DC.

  • Darko2309

    Since when does anyone listen to people who critique movies for a living. Those people are people who can’t make movies and just bash whatever they feel like. Heres some numbers for you.

    IMDB Rates
    Iron man 7.9
    Iron man 2 7.1
    Thor 7.0
    CA 6.8
    IH 6.9
    Avengers 8.2

    Iron man 3 7.3
    Thor 2 7.2
    CA 2 7.9
    GOTG 8.5

    MOS 7.2

    Of marvels 10 movies 4 of them are a quite a bit higher score, 1 barely, but it is on par with most of Marvels movies. Same goes for the fans who voted on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

    Iron man 93 score 91 fans
    iron man 2 73/ 73
    thor 77/76
    CA 79/74
    IH 67/72
    Avengers 92/91

    Iron man 3 78/79
    Thor 2 65/79
    CA 2 89/93
    GOTG 90/95

    MOS 55/76

    As you can see here fans loved MOS, the general populace that goes to see the movie, not some pretentious critic. Based by fans, MOS did just as good as any marvel film, except the big ones (CA 2, Avengers, GOTG, Iron Man), considering that most of those had a lot of leg up on MOS, i’d say that MOS is just fine at the box office, and you’re wrong,

    at the global box office MOS did out perform Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Thor 2, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk. Considering that CA 2 only grossed 7% more than CA 2, i wouldnt call that bad. Considering that the only two movies marvel has put out (Iron man 3/ avengers) like i said, have had a lot of leg up on MOS, it took them 5 movies to get that big pay off for Avengers, and 6 movies to make Iron Man make better than good numbers at the box office, again, Id say that MOS is doing quite well :).