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‘Arrow’ Season 3 Casting Details Hint at New Heroes, Villains and Allies

Three Ghosts

The CW’s Arrow has never shied away from putting its own spin on DC Comics’ stable of characters — and judging by casting information obtained by TVLine, the third season will be no different.

The series is reportedly searching for a quartet of new recurring characters to kick of the third season: Toshi and Akiko will feature into Oliver Queen’s Hong Kong-based flashbacks as his handlers and trainers. Back in the present, Oliver will get some competition from a newcomer named Daniel who not only wants to get in on the hero game, but also has a thing for the hero’s compatriot and friend Felicity. Finally, the Arrow will have a chemistry-using villain named Seth who uses a drug to drain willpower to contend with.

Check out the full character descriptions at TVLine, and let the speculation begin!


  • Lyle

    Just guessing: Daniel will be Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Akiko will be Katana and Toshi will be her husband who is murdered inspiring her to be Katana. I’m not sure who Seth is.

  • Terobolso

    Seth Gable Aka Count Vertigo

  • Anthony DeCrisantis

    confused me, the only Daniel i know from Green Arrow is the villain “Brick” and i dont know ANY Seth, but yeah the Money Man with tech should be Ted Kord

  • mbtankersley

    Daniel sounds like none other than Daniel Cassidy, a.k.a. Blue Devil, as foreshadowed on a bus ad last season.

  • John Connor

    So there is going to be a second Count Vertigo?

  • lania moses

    Will Daniel be Steven R. McQueen

  • John Connor

    Never mind. I see that was the actor’s real name.

  • Jason Wells

    I wold love to see The Question on Arrow played by Misha Collins. The Question would fit in perfectly into that world & now that Amell is becoming friends with the Supernatural group he could really make it happen.

  • bayma

    Kord is a good guess for Daniel, but I was thinking it might be Michael Holt.

  • Cat Chance

    Words don’t explain how much I would love to see Misha Collins as The Question.

  • David

    Feels like Seth could be Parasite

  • Jason Wells

    Thats awsome so many others see it to. He would really fit in greal on Arrow & it would be a perfect way to introduce the character into the DC Cinematic Universe. Everybody help spread the word & maybe it could happen.. .

  • cboulanger

    You are brilliant. Mad I didn’t think of it.

  • Jason Wells

    Haha, To kind of you.

  • Liquid Aurum

    why not, there were 5 robins :D