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Paul W.S. Anderson Plans to Close ‘Resident Evil’ Saga With ‘Final Chapter’


Paul W.S. Anderson is looking to close the book on the Resident Evil franchise with the next installment, currently titled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Just in case there’s anything ambiguous about that title, Collider asked the filmmaker whether he’s writing the script as if it were the conclusion of the series. “That’s what’s on the title page,” Anderson replied, “it’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, so absolutely.”

Revealing he’s “right in the middle” of the first draft, the director said there’s no shooting date for the film, which at one point Screen Gems pegged for September 2014 release.

“I think we’re waiting until we have a first draft screenplay and then go from there,” Anderson said. “I don’t know [when it will debut], depends how fast I write, I guess. There’s no set date yet but hopefully we’ll have an announcement for that soon.”


  • Alex W

    Can’t hurt to clarify. Just look at “Friday the 13th IV: The Final Chapter,”

    or “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

  • Victor Acosta