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Teresa Palmer Boards ‘Point Break’ Remake

Teresa Palmer knows a thing or two about life after death.

Having starred in the zombie-fueled romantic comedy Warm Bodies, Palmer has lined up her next new role, as part of the resurrection of Point Break. According to TheWrap, she’ll star in the upcoming remake in an unspecified role.

The Point Break remake, directed by Ericson Core, sees Edgar Ramirez in the Patrick Swayze role of hard-surfing criminal Bodhi; Gerard Butler was previously attached to the part. Relative newcomer Luke Bracey plays the part of Johnny Utah, originated by Keanu Reeves in the Kathryn Bigelow-directed classic.

Point Break surfs into theaters on Aug. 7, 2015.


  • Sentry616

    They should do a remake of Point Break where, instead of extreme sports junkies, the guys are into street racing and steal stuff from trucks in transit to pay for their hobby. Enter an undercover cop who attempts to join the world of underground racing to get close to the crew. Cast Vin Diesel for the lead antagonist and some wooden wanker for the cop and you might just have a franchise.