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Max Landis’ ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Would Have Featured Slimer’s Origin

Although he’s not writing the film, Max Landis has ideas for Ghostbusters 3 — lots of ideas.

Earlier in the week, the Chronicle screenwriter was reported to be penning a take on Ghostbusters for Sony, but Landis himself shot down that rumor. Nevertheless, he took to Twitter to outline what his Ghostbusters vision would have looked like.

He described his hypothetical opening scene as follows:

My Ghostbusters 3 began in the 1920s with Ivo Shandor murdering a gluttonous associate to protect his cult after he has a moral objection. Shandor tells the overweight man that nothing can stop the coming of Gozer; first, the gate will open in 1984, then again twenty years later. The fat man, who now has all the details of Shandor’s plans, threatens to go to the police, and Shandor poisons him. It’s scary, bu t… As Shandor escapes, we see that we’re in the Sedgewick Hotel, and that the guy we just saw die … is Slimer. Cue theme. Show title.

Landis continued with his pitch, which would have involved the Ghostbusters becoming a worldwide franchise, albeit a bankrupt one. Only Ray Stantz remained of the original team; Egon died, Winston retired rich and Venkman lived on an island somewhere. In an attempt to recapture their former glory, a rogue team of Ghostbusters summons “a minor ghost” that turns out to be Gozer. A “hero team” of newbie Ghostbusters is forced to step in to stop Gozer and the “Michael Bay”-inspired “bad team.”

It’s an interesting take on the concept, but not one that we’re likely to ever see on the big screen. Still, Ghostbusters 3 remains a priority for Sony and Columbia Pictures. Expect more news on the sequel in the coming weeks and months.

(via SlashFilm)


  • alistaircrane

    Ghostbusters 3 is pointless now without Harold Ramis.

  • Statham

    So basically he’d be cribbing notes from the Ghostbusters game, which already involved the Sedgwick Hotel and tied things together with Ivo Shandor? I think I’d rather play the game again.

  • dekko

    I like the idea that the life of a ghost that they’re busting actually plays into the plot, but bringing back Slimer and Gozer? (who’s really asking for that?) Ugh. I’m glad this never saw the light of day. It has “retread” all over it.

    Reboot the franchise if you can’t get Bill Murray. You don’t even need the same characters or anything similiar to the plot. You just need a bunch of funny people busting ghosts. Bring in Bill Hader to star and surround him with some funny people. (not Seth Rogan though – he’s played out ;))

  • Statham

    Nah, just let it die. These days it’d inevitably end up starring James Franco and god knows whoever else who is totally overplayed, these days.

  • Peter Whitney

    Just watch Evolution since that was the original Ghostbusters 3 script

  • JokersNuts

    Thank goodness it’s not happening. Max landis please stop

  • 0nyx

    also if you knew the story of slimer he is a ghost cat

  • adam

    it was? thats funky. evolution was a great movie.

  • Peter Whitney

    Yeah. Ivan Reitman pretty much gave up and with some tinkering to an existing screenplay (adaptation), Ghostbusters 3 became Evolution.

  • frankie09

    thank god they did not go with this idea the last thing we need
    is another film starts off in the past to say it’s being done to death
    and we do not need an over used centuries ago plot exposition
    dialogue subtext at the start i’d rather go with Paul Feig’s Idea
    thank you and Slimer is coming back yey.
    Frankie Ninja Smales
    smales tv uk