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Tim Story Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot, ‘More Serious’ Comic Book Films

Tim Story’s two Fantastic Four films aren’t exactly fan-favorites, but the director isn’t shying away from talking about his time with Marvel’s First Family, especially considering there’s a reboot on the way.

“Well, it’s weird,” he told Screen Crush, referring to the upcoming Fox reboot. “It kind of makes you feel old! It’s like, ‘Gosh, how old am I?’ But it is the world we’re in. And it’s going to happen when I’m 80 and it will be the fifth installment of the Fantastic Four reboot. Look, it’s what the business has become. I really enjoy the movies that are done well, so I’m definitely not going to go against any of it. What’s great about it is being a fan of movies; I’ve always been it. And it’s fun to watch these, especially when they work.”

Story added that he feels the stark contrast between his Fantastic Four movies and today’s current comic book crowd comes down to tone.

“Look, I don’t want to say only the fanboys, but I’d say the normal audience has just gotten into more serious tone,” he said. “I don’t want to say ‘darker,’ because that doesn’t seem right. But, just a little more straightforward. And I don’t know if that’s come from the videos that kids are playing now or whether it comes from what I consider to be a great medium now, television. It just has a lot of darker stuff. I don’t know where it really comes from, but the tone has gotten a lot edgier and kind of straightforward. It’s going to be interesting just to see, when you think of some of the few superhero movies that may garner a different tone, like an Ant-Man or even with rebooting Fantastic Four. It’s going to be interesting to see if there’s room for that. I just like laughing and when it can make you kind of smile, it just makes the characters a little more accessible. We’ll see what happens.”

Directed by Josh Trank, the Fantastic Four reboot arrives on June 19, 2015.


  • stephenmonteith

    You know, I actually liked the Tim Story “Fantastic Four” movie.

  • jrau18

    The only ones doing serious comic films are DC, and look at their track record of success…

  • Jason M Bryant

    I also liked his Fantastic Four movies.

    I think the problem withe the Fantastic Four is that the fans aren’t really sure what they want from an FF movie. Twice I had people tell me they hated his movies because they weren’t like the comics, then list off things from the movie that were *exactly* what happened in the comics. FF has changed so much over the years that different people think of it as different things, so it’s a hard target to hit.

    I definitely had some issues with Tim Story’s version, but overall I liked it.

  • joe

    Are you talking about FF or Man of Steel? I got confused for a minute.

  • Hypestyles

    Kudos to Tim Story- the extended version of the first film is very good and enhances the story.

  • Michael Aguiar

    Im probably in the minority but I enjoyed the F4 movies. There were flaws on it and Doctor Doom was a terrible terrible choice but I enjoyed it thoroughly and through the years people have bashed the crap out of it needlessly I think. The torch/Silver Surfer chase was fantastic (ha), I liked The Thing not being CGI, and now, after people spent all that time criticizing, we get black torch and the fantastic babies starring Emo Lil’Doctor Doom.. One of the comments I’ve read from the director was ” Its a coming to age story” and “I don’t even know if they’ll wear costumes” from one of the actresses involved.. so there you have it.. I will be passing on this personally as I thought Chronicle was one of the most overrated and overhyped movies ever in history and Fox’s decision to give a potential franchise to someone with 1 movie on his belt just shows what kind of movie we will get..

  • todd

    Yeah because the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel all tanked lol.

  • todd

    I didn’t mind the original Fantastic Four movies although I thought the first one had terrible pacing and the story could have been better. I liked Rise of the Silver Surfer though.

  • FF Fan

    Every time I read an article or watch an interview about Trank’s reboot my memories of Tim Story’s FF movies grow fonder. Say what you will about Story’s films but at least his FF, especially Torch and Thing, felt like the FF from the comics.

  • Tony Quatermass

    Aside from the weak Dr Doom, I liked the first Tim Story “Fantastic Four” movie.

  • beane2099

    Ben and Johnny were the best part of those movies. However, Reed, Sue and Doom were sorely miscast and he story left a lot to be desired and lazy in parts. Doom’s story arc borrowed heavily from Osborn’s story arc from Raimi’s Spiderman. To me it would have more sense if Doom had been the ruler of Latveria
    and Reed wanted to make use of the Latverian space program. Also the event that made the FF heroes was caused by Ben Grim in the first place (yes he supposedly stopped a guy from committing suicide but the guy was scared by Thing which is why he fell in the street causing the disaster). There’s a host of other problems with movie but those are two of the bigger ones. The second movie was just a mess all around.

  • Guest

    I agree, I want to smile and giggle in a film, I want comic book films to be fun. I guess this is why I loved the old superman and batman films but hated the new ones. Marvel have managed to be fun and not goofy. I enjoyed the original fantastic four films, but I was a kid at the time, they are not as accessible as better superhero films, but at least they are family entertainment.

    Leave dark and gritty to the likes of kick ass, sin city and watchmen. When I go to see a franchise I expect it to be faithful to itself, I was so angry at the end of man of steel… That’s not right, I should leave happy, even Godzilla was fun and that was meant to be a disaster movie.

    I had the same issue with some of the batman films, but as a trilogy I enjoy them, I guess its like Empire Strikes back, sometimes a film can be fun but end with the audience in shock… For some series it makes sense. For comic adaptations, not so much.

    If fantastic four doesn’t get reviews saying it was funny, full of adventure, fun and exciting…. Then I don’t think I’ll bother, if I wanted dark and gritty I’d go and watch sin city 2.

  • andrew11

    I really liked the tone of them, and I also liked how short they were. Just cheap, dumb fun. Now we have movies like ASM2 – a completely humorless Spiderman movie! How is that possible? To make it worse, it’s stretched out into 150 minutes.

    That said, his movies could have been better. Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman is pretty absurd, and Dr. Doom was just all wrong.

  • johnny dela cruz

    I love the Tim Story Fantatastic Four … I love the the way the FF come to life in his live action movies … wish they given Tim Story a third sequel before a reboot :P

  • Eno Har

    People judge it too harshly. For what it was, it was enjoyable enough.

  • TheWolverine

    Well said.

  • Ben Baker

    Well Man of Steel only made as much as Superman Returns adjusted for inflation/3D, so it wasn’t a huge success or anything. But the Dark Knight Trilogy is definitely an indicator that serious superhero films can be great and do extremely well at the box office.

  • TheWolverine

    This is one of the main reasons why marvel is so much better in the theater compared to dc (at least in the past few years). They seem to get that a comic or superhero movie needs to be an escape from reality. When it gets to “down to earth” or “based in reality” it begins to fall apart to easily. When I go to see a movie based on these characters or others I want to have a good time in another world, away from reality, and not think about whatever details that would not work or not make sense because that particular thing couldn’t or wouldn’t really happen in “real life”.

  • Ben Baker

    Really? You’re STILL whining about Michael B. Jordan? I get the other complaints and they’re valid worries (though I disagree completely because I loved Chronicle), but please just let the Human Torch go.

  • TheWolverine

    It all comes down to respect. If the producers, directors, writers etc. don’t respect the decades long history of the comics or the ideas of the creators then I don’t see why I should respect the movie.

  • Michael Aguiar

    Absolutely not.. it shows the utter disrespect towards the source material and what kind of crap we are to expect from that on. I Think Michael B Jordan was one of the only redeeming factors in Chronicle and to stick him in a token role to get publicity to a project is ridiculous. I’d be bitching the same way if they cast Triple H to play Luke Cage of if the Falcon in the Captain America sequel was Jet Li. Its all about the respect to the material folks, what distinguishes good comic movies from bad ones..

  • Dre Day

    His FF movies are a bit underrated. I didn’t however, like his take on Sue Storm, at all. Pretty sure, NOBODY did. Audiences are hard to please whether it’s a lighter tone or darker tone. The best way to do it, is to try to capture the best parts of the comic, you’re adapting. And figure out how to make the characters in the movie, likeable, most importantly, the main hero and villain.

  • TheWolverine

    Agreed. Well said again.

  • Ben Baker

    Being extremely faithful to the source material does not make a good movie. Were the casting choices for Jasper Sitwell or Heimdall or Hogun disrespecting the source material? You can argue about Tom Hardy as Bane as not the best choice but nobody was complaining that they cast an Englishman as a Hispanic guy. Before Iron Man 3 came out, few people really showed much concern that the Mandarin was now vaguely white rather than Chinese. Halle Berry was a terrible Catwoman, but that was because of her acting skills rather than respect to the source material. Changing a character’s ethnicity is not disrespecting the source material, unless the character itself is fundamentally altered as a result (Black Panther and Red Skull are pretty much the only examples I can think of off the top of my head).

    (That being said, this movie is almost certainly going to be based on Ultimate Fantastic Four and that’s why the cast is so young, so it’s probably going to be fairly faithful to that storyline.)

  • jrau18

    If every movie they had made had tanked, I would have said that. Quality-wise, the TDK trilogy had diminishing returns. Man of Steel was alright. Green Lantern and Jonah Hex were absolute failures.

  • RussBurlingame

    But Green Lantern wasn’t particularly serious and Hex was “serious” but far lighter than the comics on which it’s based.

  • RussBurlingame

    That’s because many of his comments are applicable to almost every comic book movie, since they’ve all changed hands and directions so many times in their long lives.

  • ZeoVGM

    Absolute nonsense. The “respect to the material” crap is not a valid argument.

    To try and compare the importance of Johnny Storm’s skin color to that of Luke Cage and Falcon means you yourself actually do not “respect the material.”

    Johnny Storm’s skin color has, very literally, nothing to do with the character’s history.

    Falcon? He was the first mainstream African-American superhero. Gene Colan, who created the character with Stan Lee, said that Stan was very excited about the idea because civil rights protests were now regular occurrences and he wanted to be at the “forefront” of that. So no, you don’t cast an Asian in the role because that is an important aspect to the character.

    Luke Cage? The first African-American superhero to star in his own series.

    Those are incredibly important milestones related to the color of their skin.

    So, no, sorry Michael. It just isn’t the same thing.

  • YouKnowWho

    I’m reading criticism of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by someone who appreciates Tim Story’s Fantastic Four. Everything you say about TASM2 has become invalid.

  • YouKnowWho

    You’re racist. This is a film adaptation of the source material. BUT it is their own INTERPRETATION. What really matters is the character himself, not the colour of his skin. Johnny Storm’s personality is not tailored towards a white man – it can be anybody. As long as they become the CHARACTER – Brash, Impetuous and witty, then there is really no reason to complain. I think Michael B Jordan is a fantastic actor (watch Fruitvale Station and i’m sure you’ll agree). I’m not saying that he is the greatest Johnny Storm, because I haven’t seen him yet. But he has the acting chops and I’d love to see what he brings to the role. Who knows, he may even become the greatest Human Torch.

  • Michael Aguiar

    So basically it only matters if its the african american characters right ;) gotcha, no bias at all there.. Respect for the character has to be a little more important then if you prefer a certain group better Zeo, it has to apply to everything. White characters are white, black are black, asians are asians, its not a concept hard to grasp. If they cast Antonio Banderas as Shang-Chi it would be equally ridiculous. Luke Cage should be played by a Black Guy, Batman is a white dude, you get the concept right? I don’t give a rat’s ass that Michael B Jordan is black, if they cast a latino guy, asian guy, it’s the same thing. Lack of respect for the source material.. period.. People should leave their bias out of movies and respect where the character came from. If they make a Spider Man movie with Peter Parker he’s white, if they do with Miles Morales he’s black, if Captain America was Steve Rogers: White, if he was Isaiah Bradley: Black.. Respect.. not Bias, not Racial war, Just read the comic, see what actor best represent that character and looks like him.. cast it.. its easy, look at Iron Man..

  • Michael Aguiar

    I have to disagree with you there, one of the first things I saw on Aint it Cool News post board about the Mandarin a post asking why the F he wasn’t Asian.. Bane, as a Latino guy, pissed me off that they couldn’t get someone else, its not like we get lots of representation out there, but thats they point, its not because we don’t get a lot of latino superheroes, that I want to shove a Latino Batman down people’s throat and call it “great casting”. Using your logic, if a character’s race is not an issue to his casting, we could’ve gotten a latino Jim Rhodes in Iron Man and would be ok.. and still that would be awful.

  • TheWolverine

    The hail to the king-marvel one shot showed that the real Mandarin was not happy about his name being stolen.

  • TheWolverine

    The characters you mentioned were new heroes created for a definite need, not established characters that were changed in order fit a need. There needs to be more creation of UNIQUE heroes and characters instead of cutting and pasting an established creation into another idea. Square peg, round hole. It just comes off as lazy writing. Latest example is the introduction of the new Wally West. Instead of making a new kid flash with a unique back story that would some day hold the mantle of The Flash, they just pasted Wally’s name onto a random kid that Barry busted for graffiti who just happens to have a different skin color. Lazy.

  • Michael Aguiar

    You lost credibility the minute you called someone racist for no reason. Michael B Jordan is a great actor! He was as I mentioned before one of the redeeming parts of Chronicle and I watched Friday Night Lights and he was awesome in that as well, That said, He is not Johnny Storm.. Period.. Johnny Storm is white. If Antonio Banderas had been Jim Rhodes, per your own definition “his personality is not tailored towards a black man” so “anyone could play him” right? The entire world (myself included) would’ve turned upside down and shut down the internet with cries of racism, bullshit and the likes.. but every time a Caucasian comic book character is cast as an african american they call it “progress”.. Just give me one single example, even a minor black character that was another race.. never.. If they did a mfing Spider Man and had The Night Prowler in and didn’t cast him as black, the world would end in negativity.. Keep it simple, respect the source material.. Black Characters are black, white are white, latinos (the few there are) stay latino..

  • Adam Weissman

    So I guess you want the movie set in 1961 then, right? You want the FF to try to beat the Russians into space?* And you want Reed to be horribly sexist and condescending to Sue? And you want Johnny’s hobby to be 60s hot rods?

    It’s funny how the people justify rage over casting black and Latin@ actors and actresses for characters originally portrayed as white in the comics don’t see to get nearly as upset by things like organic web-shooters, Batman’s black rubber costumes, Hawkeye and Black Window being founding Avengers instead of Ant-Man and the Wasp, etc. You’d almost think that maybe something else was upsetting them besides accurate representation of the source material….

    * actuallly, I’d enjoy that

  • Adam Weissman

    Sigh, you really don’t get it. Okay, you want a character who should be played by a white actor? The Red Skull (unless he spends the whole movie in a mask). Race is part of that character’s story and defines his motives. Magneto should probably not be played by a black actor if you want to establish him as an Ashkenazic Jew who survived the holocaust.

    But Johnny Storm? Johnny Storm was white because in 1961, white was the default setting for all superheroes. And yes, that was because of racism. So what you’re basically saying is you want to stay true to the racism of the time.

    Y’know, its funny. We didn’t hear this kind of outreach when the decidedly not Mediterannean looking Jennifer Garner was cast to play Elektra. Can’t imagine why…

  • Adam Weissman

    Let’s say you went to Baskin Robbins, but at this Baskin Robbins, instead of 31 flavors, there were 30 tubs of vanilla and one tub of chocolate. It would be entirely reasonable to be pissed if the chocolate was swapped out for another vanilla. It would NOT be reasonable to be pissed of one of the Vanillas was swapped out for another chocolate. Or a strawberry or Butter Pecan. But vanilla lovers, used to having it their way, have a hard time seeing this and LOVE to get outraged when the absurd overrepresesentation of their favorite flavor is diminished. They’re start throwing some shit at you about how it’s the tradition of this Baskin Robbins to always have 30 tubs of vanilla and tradition should be repsected. Well, sure, that’s easy for them to say — it was a tradition that suited them.

  • TheWolverine

    OK, lets go with your ice cream analogy for a minute. Imagine closest to the cash register is their popular flavors, and behind and around the corner are the rest of the flavors. Now in front are a bunch of different kinds of vanilla and only two or three chocolate. When the customers start saying they need more variety the shop starts using food dye on the vanilla’s without changing the names, instead of actually taking the ingredients and making new flavors that would potentially become the more popular ones. When they change something just because of the potential cash grab the fans usually don’t react very positive. We need more unique flavors of characters, not the same ones with a different look.

  • Brian from Canada

    Any time someone brings up the casting of the new Fantastic Four, there are accusations of racism. The real problem of this new reboot isn’t the casting, it’s the fact that director Josh Trank wants to make a Fantastic Four that is more steeped in realism that science fiction, and eliminate the family elements which make The Fantastic Four unique. In other words, it’s going to turn into a generic superhero team like in Chronicle that really doesn’t involve the same investment.

    Trank (and Jordan in his conversations with the press) don’t have any reverence for the source material. They talk about it as anachronistic, meaning that it’s dated and not worth knowing beyond a framework they can make their own story in. This is not an adaptation or interpretation — it’s not really Fantastic Four (just as Ultimate Fantastic Four has been a routine failure because of its lack of reverence as well).

    Tim Story’s Fantastic Four films had sure flaws, but the best moments for fans were the small moments that recognized those underlying relationships. It tries to be endearing — which is something the more serious superhero films do not. People talk about how good the performances are, but not the characters.

  • TheWolverine

    Yep. Unless they get the characters right it just doesn’t fit together. Family adventure, fun, while still having “serious” parts where needed.

  • TheWolverine

    I kept hoping that near the end of Rise the smoke would blow away to reveal Galactus. It was still a fun movie tho.

  • Michael Aguiar

    Thats because its easy to just see racism everywhere, its the token card anyone plays whenever it comes to subjects like this, its easier to call someone a Racist then to actually think. It’s also funny that the examples you mentioned don’t even make sense, a LOT OF PEOPLE bashed organic web shooters, thats why they went with the ORIGINAL in the new films, Hawkeye and Black Widow’s inclusion in the Avengers is right there as well in the Ultimates as is their look, again a great representation of the characters.. Nick Fury, a BLACK CHARACTER in the Ultimate Universe was accurately portrayed by Samuel L Jackson, in 1989 EVERYONE had an issue with the Rubber Costume, it was one of the laughing stocks of Batman and Robin, causing them to completely change it in the new Batman films. and oh, Johnny’s hobby being 60’s hot rods would be fn awesome. Try to take off the “everyone is racist ” hat for a little bit, it tends to squeeze people’s head to the point they only see racism all around them, Blade, Nick Fury, Falcon, War Machine, all african american characters that were portrayed rightfully so with african american actors, period. There is nothing hidden or extra, open the book, look at the character in question, find the best person that resembles that character the most, put it on screen. Regardless of color of said character, its not a complicated thing, not a big issue. I LOVE when people start this sort of bitch session because it truly shows their bias, but if you even try as I mentioned earlier to do the opposite, may god have mercy on your soul.. Even if you cast a non white actor, a latin actor as the Falcon or War Machine, the world would’ve ended with cries of Racist from the biggest soap box the internet can find..

  • Jason M Bryant

    It kinda did. The smoke pulled back and we saw an indistinct face.

    Tim Story said that at the time there was a plan to make a Silver Surfer movie, and that he wasn’t trying to say the cloud was Galactus. He wanted to save the actual Galactus reveal for the Silver Surfer movie.

  • Adam Weissman

    There’s a reason it’s easy to see racism everywhere: there’s racism everywhere.

  • Adam Weissman

    But the people who benefit from it would usually rather not acknolwedge that, because it would mean admitting that their wealth and prosperity are ill-gotten gains.

  • TheWolverine

    Oh yeah, I remember that story now. It’s still to bad they didn’t clearly show his face or have him say a line. Something close to how they did the Thanos reveal would have even been better. The pitfalls of planning to far ahead without having a green light that you would be able to make another.

  • big2033

    I’m black and I don’t like the casting. It’s like a slap in the face. Casting a black actor immediately changes the characters history needlessly. Now his sister, Sue Storm will likely no longer be his real sister. I know a marketing casting when I see one.

    Changing the race of a character also changes the cultural background of the character which changes a lot of the essence of the character. When it’s a minor character it’s passable (hemdahl etc…) but when it’s a major character you’re changing background when you don’t need to. It’s like they needed to fill that Tyler Perry demo so they stuck a black guy in there.

    You want to impress me? Make a Black Panther movie.

  • victimblue

    say what you say….I thought the FF movies were decent entertainment, Especially the silver surfer one. Was way better than Green lantern and Man of steel. The FF movies were almost exactly like the comics. Sure Galactus was a mere shadow but you couldnt just show a huge man in a purple costume…it would look ridiculous…Silver surfer and Doom were on point. Casting Jessica alba as Sue Storm was ugh though. Now this new reboot looks to be shit. A young cast? A black Johnny storm? thats like doing Archie and making him black. You just don’t mess with classic characters. No offence intended.

  • SamDuhigiyn321

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  • blu girl

    I couldn’t agree more. But I do think Marvel movies are based in reality in theory- an audience can follow the logic Stark building a piece of technology or a serum that can change someone’s physiology. But the end results- flying armor and a changing into a super soldier- are fanstastical elements that the MCU movies embrace rather than shy away from.

    I think DC tried to do that with Green Lantern and Fox tried to do that with FF. It didn’t work and their reasoning is “it needs to be more gritty” instead of “we made a crap movie”.

  • Curious

    Sorry to sound stupid, but if Constantin Films (or the late Bernd Eichinger anyway) bought the rights to the fantastic four in 1983, and they mad three films, one canned and two distributed by fox…

    Then when did Fox magically suddenly have the rights to produce and distribute the fantastic four? What’s the news not telling us!

    Is this why there will be no fantastic four / xmen crossovers?

    Where is an article saying Constantin Films sold the rights to produce fantastic four films to fox? And can they do that? I’ll keep searching, just thought fans of the original films might know more then I do? Thanks

  • TheWolverine

    Very true.

  • TheWolverine

    In some ways it kind of reminds me of how they tried to change superman into that electro-superman for a while before the fan outrage made them change him back.(I know it didn’t have anything to do with his race, it was still a fundamental change of the character tho.) These characters are beloved for very individual reasons, it just doesn’t make sense to change them instead of making an effort to create new ones.

  • Brian from Canada

    The Korman-produced film of the 1990s was done on term license: it was basically use it before you lose it, and Marvel opted to have it shelved rather than push its release because the publisher felt that the film was a good example of what COULD be done with a bigger budget and better cast.

    Licenses could be sold but they were still limited to a certain window. This is the problem that Spider-Man went through: James Cameron thought he had bought the rights to Spider-Man full out from the previous holder, who didn’t realize what he was actually selling was the right to produce a Spider-Man movie by a certain date (and there were others who thought the same thing). In the end, it was determined all rights belonged to Marvel.

    Avi Arad, meanwhile, changed the process after taking over at Marvel. Film rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four, along with all spinoff characters in those franchises, were sold to 20th Century Fox in order to get any sort of production on those films going. Once those deals were made, and Marvel started seeing the sales potential of the characters and realizing what licensing could do on bigger characters, they went back to the older system. Daredevil, Spider-Man and Hulk were all done through licenses instead of all out sales.

    This is why Marvel tried to keep Daredevil at Fox: it wasn’t that they didn’t want the character back, they wanted to use Galactus for Avengers and couldn’t because Galactus is owned by Fox. It’s also why Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are no longer Magneto’s children in Avengers: Age Of Ultron — Fox owns anything “mutant” though the sales contract they signed with Marvel.

  • Kirkby fan

    I really hope the estate of Jack Kirby win, he should have got the respect and pay he deserved when he was alive. If Fox give some of the money made by this film to his family, his silver age legacy is felt all through Marvel but nowhere more then the Fantastic Four. He already did so much for poor struggling artists and I wish his estate luck improving rights for the artists against a the corporations.

  • Ben Baker

    Yeah the Mandarin was the worst example there out of all of those because there was some talk about it. Most of the pre-release discussion I saw though was about his lack of magic rather than his being Ben Kingsley.
    Latino James Rhodes would have been fine with me honestly, unless they got a really horrible actor to do it like George Lopez or something. (Imagine George Lopez as War Machine. Now try to stop laughing.)

  • picnicfun

    I disagree and don’t understand what all the hostility is towards the first two FF movies. Jessica Alba worked out fine. I’ll agree with Dr. Doom to a point. But the Silver Surfer movie was excellent minus the portrayal of Galactus. A 3rd movie could have continued with the Silver Surfer and the original cast. I hate these endless reboots. Move the storylines for a change.

  • picnicfun

    Jonah Hex? What Jonah Hex? I couldn’t disagree more with your assessment of TDK. Each one was an excellent portrayal in itself. It’s not all about the weekend box office.

  • picnicfun

    He was talking about FF.

  • picnicfun

    We will wish we had the original FF cast once we see the travesty the new reboot is. That thing will ruin the origin story.

  • picnicfun

    No he is not racist. No, it can’t just be anyone. Johnny Storm and Susan Storm are brother and sister. That is not subject to interpretation unless you completely tear apart the storyline.

  • picnicfun

    Very well put.

  • Magnetic Eye

    The Lee/Kirby run of Fantastic Four sci-fi adventures had as much dramatic flair as it did comedic elements and did not shy away from addressing serious issues. The comic book series certainly progressed over 5 decades with new writers and artists keeping the many themes and original concepts intact.

    Why then was a comedy director employed to make the first 2 FF films? Why is the comedy emphasized over everything else? It doesn’t make sense.

    You can still have a genuine and faithful adaptation that respects the original source material because good screenwriters know how to creatively update the textual interventions to suit modern times.

    Good screenwriters know how to glean the best material, use the best strategies and plot devices for character development in cinematic narratives.

    The key to originality for any director is to still be respectful of the original source material. An adaptation can still be fresh and original if you truly understand cinematic language by updating well loved characters with modern textual interventions. Basic Screen Studies 101.

    The strong definitive characters bought to life by Lee & Kirby will be lost in this new and poor attempt at introducing an unfamiliar younger cast loosely based on the Ultimate comic book title instead of the more popular and better known mainstream title.

    The interaction of family dynamics between the four characters won’t be as powerful. The drama and comedic elements usurped by catering to a younger demographic who will accept any bastardization Fox throw up on screen.

    Trying to be politically correct also doesn’t make it interesting. Nobody wants to see Trank’s (Chronicle 2) version of the Fantastic Four. I couldn’t care less for his vision. Why are Fox Abattoirs allowing him to reinvent a franchise that they themselves are privileged to having the film rights to???

    These characters are the property of Marvel/Disney and Fox are putting them through a bordello. They couldn’t care less for a genuine or faithful adaptation because they don’t have the resources or talent to match Marvel Studios.

    They don’t understand the characters because they have no love or respect for the comic books nor the many writers and artists that have worked on the title. They certainly have nothing but contempt for fans that have grown up reading the Fantastic Four over the last 50 years.

    Josh Trank has apparently said he loved this franchise his whole life, but he still wants to impose his (Chronicle 2) vision upon it??? That is such a contradiction. Is he referring to the previous two FF movies, because it seems like he doesn’t know much about the books.

    There is nothing original about dismissing the rich history of the Fantastic Four in favor of imposing an alternate re-imagining upon it. In Josh Trank’s case, (Chronicle 2) was indeed an original concept, but applying the same formula to the Fantastic Four is a dumb idea.

    The Fantastic Four franchise needs a distinguished (A) list director, the caliber of someone like Doug Liman for a truly eventful epic action packed sci-fi blockbuster.

  • YouAren’tEvenBlack

    Quit lying. Racist, you are. Everyone overlooks the obvious idea of a multiracial family. Don’t even bring up Tyler Perry

  • Angry Guest

    Sounds to me like Fox are trying to damage Marvel and Jack Kirby by destroying over 50 years of legacy.

    Now we know they are ignoring all the history and making something brand new and nothing like the fantastic four, the question is, is this Chronicle 2 with a slightly edited script and a change in powers?

    If so, come on Disney get your lawyers involved, surely there are some rules about ruining your property, if this film stinks people will stop reading the comics and watching the TV series and buying the merchandise, so just sue them already.

    Really hoping the Kirby estate at least wins the rights to the Fantastic Four and shut thiss film down.

  • Guest

    Omg Johnnys race means everything to the character, he has had it for over 50 years. Now you could say the same about Nick Fury if it wasn’t for the fact that he was just a commando and it wasn’t so much as changing his race as combining him with other howling commandos notably the amazing Gabe Jones that was in every howling commando comics (as far as I recall).

    The fantastic four have to much history to go playing around with it. Not just characters race, but their family dynamic, origins and personalities should all be fixed.

    Now before you cry racism, I’d have loved, truly loved a fantastic Four 3, sure change the cast. Their are so many stories the film doesn’t need a reboot (one of the longest running comics of all time in fact) and the team has black members.

    So let’s scratch this film, make a fantastic four 3 film and make it an origin story of

  • Guest

    wildstreak. Sure they would have to ditch the. Hydra stuff, but that’s just another reason why Fox should have just let the rights go.