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5 Hulk Stories We Gotta See On Film


We need more Hulk.

It’s now been two years since Mark Ruffalo got angry in 2012’s Marvel’s the Avengers and provided the version of Bruce Banner fans have been wanting to see on the big screen for years. The Hulk reached his full smash potential and Ruffalo brought the exact right amount of human vulnerability to the green behemoth’s alter ego. The character emerged from the team-up blockbuster a megastar and, aside from a post-credits cameo in last year’s Iron Man 3, there’s been nothing but silence ever since.

But that silence has been broken by the sound of Ruffalo’s most recent comments to Digital Spy. “I think [Marvel] are, for the first time, sort of entertaining the idea of [a solo Hulk film],” revealed Ruffalo. “When we did Avengers 1 it was basically, ‘no.’ Now I think there is some consideration for it, but still nothing definitive — not even a skeletal version of what it would be.”

No sweat, Mark, because we’re here to provide that skeletal version. Here are five Hulk stories we want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mr. Fixit

1 Fixit

Near the start of Peter David’s nearly 12-year run on Incredible Hulk, the writer reinvented the brutish anti-hero as a cunning, gray-colored brawler. With this new disposition – and a firmer grasp on the English language – the Hulk traded his purple pants for a white tuxedo and began working as a mob enforcer in Las Vegas. Going by the name Joe Fixit, the ex-Avenger encountered a whole new set of problems – and had a whole new set of skills at his disposal. A Mr. Fixit movie might mean less screentime for Ruffalo, but the actor would get a chance to play a different, smarter incarnation of his alter ego, and we’d love to see that.

Hulk & Strange

2 Strange

Following Doctor Strange’s eventual big screen debut, Marvel Studios should consider pairing him up with a character that could be considered the sorcerer supreme’s spiritual opposite – the Incredible Hulk. As two members of the kooky quartet called the Defenders, these two have an extensive history just ready to be mind in Marvel’s first co-headlining feature film. A story similar to the one told in Incredible Hulk #370-371, where Strange enlists Hulk’s help to fight off an invading sorcerer from another dimension, could form the basis of this trippy team-up. Strange’s powers could also allow him to travel into Bruce Banner’s mind, possibly allowing for readers to get a glimpse at Banner’s traumatic childhood. Really, anything that gives Ruffalo meaty material to work with should be considered.


3 She-Hulk

Another co-lead feature film could introduce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America: The Winter Soldier showed just how great a movie with platonic co-leads given equally rich character arcs can be, and a film starring Bruce and Jennifer could be done in that same style. Since Walters gained her super powers from receiving a transfusion of her cousin’s blood, Banner has to show up in Jen’s origin story whenever and wherever it’s told in order. Make that the inciting incident for the sequel to 2008’s Incredible Hulk, and give us double the Hulk action.

Future Imperfect

4 Imperfect

Now that X-Men: Days of Future Past has proven that super hero films can successfully dive right into time travel craziness, Marvel Studios could experiment with the Hulk’s own time-twisty storyline. In the Future Imperfect tale, a super smart green Hulk gets taken to the future where a beastly dictator called Maestro rules supreme. His trophy room is filled with artifacts like Cap’s shattered shield and the head from Iron Man’s armor – come on, that would be a great visual. There’s a reason why Hulk’s the perfect person to take down the Maestro, though: he is the Hulk. This storyline would allow for Ruffalo to pull triple duty, performing as the Hulk, Bruce Banner, and Maestro. Ruffalo’s got the range to pull this off.

Planet Hulk

5 Planet

Any discussion of Hulk storylines isn’t complete without mentioning Planet Hulk, the jade giant’s epic foray into intergalactic gladiatorial combat. Seeds for this journey could be planted in Guardians of the Galaxy, and one – the stone warrior – was already glimpsed in Thor: The Dark World. If fans dig Guardians‘ out of this world vibe, Marvel would be wise to take Bruce Banner on a trip to the stars, where he can throw down with some of the strongest bad guys in the universe and become the leader of a rebellion.


  • beane2099

    I know the studio folks are concerned that Planet Hulk would preclude any Banner time. But you could rework that story to include Banner. Wouldn’t be that hard actually. In fact it might be interesting to see Banner’s reaction to how they embrace his Hulk persona.

  • Eno Har

    The next Ruffalo standalone should have Fixit. I think it’s important to explore the different Hulk persona’s. Not necessarily a whole Fixit movie, but a few scenes would be good. Jen Walters should also feature with some She-Hulk set up towards the end. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk I’d like to see, but further down the line. Lets get some good set up before then.

  • J.p. Ducey

    Don’t really care for any of these ideas. People want to see a new HULK movie, not a Mr. Fixit movie. That would leave people more disappointed than Iron Man 3 did with the Mandarin, plus I’m not sure the casual movie goer could understand the concept of Mr Fixit.

    Why not just use the damn LEADER? He was in Incredible Hulk already and after seeing all the destruction Hulk is capable of from the Chitauri attack this would be the time to go after him. Even something to do with the Intelligencia would make sense.

  • Eno Har

    I think it’s a bad idea to exclude Banner time. People forget that the tv show lasted many seasons with plenty of Banner time. It creates the Cloverfield effect. Tease the audience with the main even but keep people interested before then. Nortons Hulk was solid with 3 main Hulk appearances. Good script and a great supporting cast can curb those fears. Amadeus Cho, Dr Samson, Jen Walters, Plenty to choose from. Much in the same way Black Widow and Nick Fury helped prop up Steve Rogers. Banner and Rick Jones are Marvels answer to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. :)

  • Wellman

    All of these stories are good but none of them are probably MCU material by themselves. Planet Hulk maybe but most likely a new Hulk movie will be something different, although I could see them sneaking She-Hullk’s origin into it, it wouldn’t be that big of a focus.

  • lawrance goodwin

    What they should do is have a “trial of the hulk” type thing with Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) defending him and have a twist of her getting Injured during a climactic Hulk fight resulting in blood transfusion. Then Banner is found not guilty but post credits Stark betrays him and sends him into space and Jennifer Walters wakes up and transforms into she-hulk. Now you have a She -hulk for a Female lead marvel film and set up for Planet hulk. Also cross over potential with daredevil

  • demoncat_4

    marvel would need the rights to the characters they don’t have since fans if they did planet hulk would also want world war hulk as a sequel. but a good hulk film has to include some banner time for the hulk to be needed. plus also would love marvel to use the film to set up she hulk at last. original jen one not the red one.

  • guest

    No Rulk?

  • chraven

    you forgot incredible hulk: what savage beast

  • David Fullam

    Agreed. Bring back the Rosses, give us the Leader.

  • Aztecapache666

    What happen to Mr. Blue at the end the Last Hulk Movie? – That would be a Cool Villain.

  • Norm

    I don’t think filling more screen time with the Hulk without banner shouldn’t be thought of as a negative. Not if you’re talking the more emotive versions of Hulk. With the pioneering of Mocap right now, a good actor can still act on screen as a character without makeup, and the CG is able to capture what is going on. A good actor should look at it as a chance to be a forerunner. Hence Andy Serkis, taking the opportunities and running with it.

  • akkadiannumen

    I’d love to see Mr. Fixit but the only way it would work would be to introduce him at the end of a Green Hulk movie leaving Vegas for the sequel. A lot of stuff would have to be cut out for the sequel’s story and it would be a waste. Honestly, Fixit would work much better as a TV series or even better as Season 2 of one. Heh… I can almost see the movie guys worrying that people would be confused by the color change.
    She-Hulk is another concept that would work significantly better as a series. Courtroom drama-comedy with superpowered hijinks. What’s David Kelley doing that he hasn’t jumped on this? Why try to screw with Wonder Woman when he can do this?

  • Hulk’s Sidekick

    I have the Future Imperfect comic, and the only hit that the Hulk gets in is right to the groin…

  • dayfan

    I like Future Imperfect, but, I’d much rather see it as an animated film than a live action one. I think they’d have much more freedom to be more faithful to the source material and to do it right. That said, it would be beyond cool to see Gran’pa Rick’s trophy room for real.

  • ScarletRainbow1

    Unfortunately, for me, a cgi Hulk is not real enough. I saw Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno for so long, anything other than using real actors is just plain phony.

  • monkeymanstones

    Planet Hulk is already a cartoon movie, so I would go Future Imperfect. Perez and David created a classic.

  • Jeff Miller

    Would like to see a Hulk movie where he takes on the government and the big bad Global Warming monster,

  • Xavier Moore

    No to all of those suggestions.

  • seoulglo

    Hulx vs Wolverine

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  • PietroMaximoff

    Planet Hulk! and Hulk vs Illuminati! or anything with Rulk!