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Daniel Radcliffe: ‘I could be Robin, I’m perfect’


If that rumored Batman movie does pop up on the Warner Bros. calendar, Daniel Radcliffe has a casting suggestion for Robin: himself.

In a “rapid fire” Q&A with Buzzfeed, the Harry Potter star was asked if he’d ever be willing to appear in another franchise. He said yes, and the host responded by asking which one.

“Batman. If they reboot that again I’ll do that too,” Radcliffe said when asked which franchise he’d like to appear in. “It’s happening, isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin, I’m perfect.”

Radcliffe also shared his thoughts on England being out of the World Cup, his favorite sport to watch (American football) and his favorite band (The Pixies). Watch the full Q&A below.


  • Shrek

    Actually, I could really see that working.

  • Rick

    He fits the part

  • Kaine Morrison

    I can see it! Harry Potter for Robin/NightWing!

  • Einelorelei

    I do think he’d be a great Robin! He’d save the movie.

  • Parker

    You know, he actually really would be perfect for Robin. Probably just Dick or Tim though. It’d be a hard pass for Jason, but I’ve never seen him playing that kind of character though.

  • Robin the Boy Wonder

    Meh. I guess D-Rad would be okay. If it means those bastards at DC and Warners actually put me in a movie again, then I’m all for it. S#it, yeah. To be honest, it’s got to the point where I’d wouldn’t care if Roseanne Barr played me. Seriously.

  • julzbobbibroun

    As Tim Drake, sure!

  • Anthony Ngu Guan Sing

    I think he would be a prefect Tim Drake.

  • glantern35

    I could see him doing Nightwing, but he’s too old for Robin. You need someone that looks under 18.

  • glantern35

    Robin! Language! What would Aunt Harriet say?

  • Derek Metaltron

    I think I’d like to see most of the supporting cast in a Batman movie – not just Nightwing but also Robin (either Tim or Damian, or even both), Barb’s Batgirl, Jason Todd as Red Hood, Cassandra Cain and Stephannie Brown, Kate’s Batwoman, maybe even Lucius Fox’s kid as Batwing or some of the other Incorporated types like Knight and Squire.

  • Chuck777

    He’s too old for Robin. Nightwing, sure.

  • Chuck777

    Holy Cursing Codfish Batman!

  • Chuck777

    I wouldn’t want a 24 year old Damian!

  • Snacker

    I hope he plays Jason Todd so I can watch him get beat with a crowbar.

  • Will of the Nerds

    Only as Tim. He’s just not a Dick Grayson kind of guy, and I can’t see him s a Jason either. Tim COULD work. And that’s when they’re ADULTS. I mean, even with the New 52 continuity, the Robins are at oldest in their mid-teens.

  • Jason M Bryant

    I just love his enthusiasm. I’m pushing 40 and I still sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to play my favorite comic character. It’s cool that he thinks about this kind of thing, whether it ever happens or not.

  • samuel

    Tim Drake to Ben Affleck in the 2019 THE BATMAN if it happens

  • Mitch2012B

    Yes, I could see that working.

  • Lyle

    This just seems odd to me. Daniel Radcliffe is a solid actor, so, why does he want to be someone else’s sidekick? Nightwing would be cool, but there are so many young heroes who are heroes in their own right who he would be wonderful at. How about Firestorm or Nova, for example? But, I bet other people could think of better characters he could be.

  • Anthony Nailon

    the way he said is like he’s been telling himself that for years “I could be Robin, I’m perfect.”

  • mel

    Because it’s a Batman movie.

  • DCfan

    i can see him pulling off the robin look from young justice

  • Royal Rican Prince

    I could see this!

  • Hypestyles

    Uh oh, the internet will be breaking again soon. LOL.

  • demoncat_4

    i could actully see him as robin or night wing even or worse warners tries to have him play like the joker.

  • Peter

    Um, yeah no. He would be the equivalent of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, which looking back I didn’t particularly care for. He just seems like too much of a nice guy with that voice/accent/big blue eyes, and not grizzled and badass enough to actually intimidate on-screen. Heck, why not just cast any white suburban kid then.

  • NateDizzy

    Definitely Dick. That way, he could transition to Nightwing after a movie or two.

  • JSintheStates

    Radcliffe would make a great Robin! Unfortunately, the Justice League and other DC Super-hero team-ups never included the the apprentice junior heroes!

  • PietroMaximoff

    well… there can’t be a worse casting than Ben Affleck as Batman, right?

  • Demitri Allaxul

    He’d be perfect for Tim Drake. Could easily expand to Red Robin overtime.

  • Hannah Wafler

    Pleasee that would be awesome!!!!!

  • SamDuhigiyn321

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  • brianimagines

    Yes! Yes! 1000 times Yes!

  • David Sanchez

    I’m super-up for this, though I haven’t heard him do an American accent yet.

  • tevii

    Nope… he actually looks like the comic character… Everyone knows Warner Bros doesnt like it when they actually LOOK the part. thats why we get an anorexic Wonder Woman, Simoan Aquaman, black Catwoman+Perry White+Pete Ross, a white Bane and a brunette Flash

  • Tommyboy

    Please pardon the casting directors as they scrounge around and hold screen tests for “authentic” Atlanteans.

  • tevii

    funny. But you missed the point. hes brunette not blond.