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Hulu Won’t Revive ‘Community’


Don’t hold your breaths for six seasons and a movie, Community fans.

TVLine reports Hulu has pulled the plug on talks to acquire the canceled NBC comedy, severely reducing the odds that we’ll see another semester at Greendale Community College.

Although producer Sony Pictures Television is dedicated to finding a new home for the show, the window of opportunity is closing quickly, as the actors’ deals lapse on June 30.

A perennial bubble series, Community was finally axed May 9 after its 13-episode fifth season.


  • JCM

    I’m a huge fan of the show, but my feeling is that it’s run it’s course.

  • Mr November

    Hmm not sure If I should be mourn its end.

    I’m started watching it about a month ago, I’m up to season near end of season 2 and I’ve found it wildly inconsistent in terms of quality. Some episodes have been excellent but others have been really disappointing.

    I’ve noticed when the show wants to unshackle itself from community college setting is when the quality drops.

  • Obscura

    to Netflix!

    Honestly, even if they just did a 6 episode run to finish it off, id be happy. and then a 61 minute 7th episode… just so we can have our 6 seasons and a movie!


    I dunno, the season finale was a Good Enough ending for me. Certainly better than season 3 of Deadwood.

  • Dan Wheeler

    Maybe a cable network will pick it up?

  • ACB

    Why NBC couldn’t just gave the show 1 last season with a better series finale and gave us fans some closure ..i wish the show will be on a different network but it looks like its the darkest timeline after all ..