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Shane Black, Fred Dekker to Reboot ‘Predator’


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and Monster Squad writer Fred Dekker have signed on to reboot Predator for 20th Century Fox. Black will direct and oversee writing of a script by Dekker. Original Predator producers John Davis, Joel Silver and Lawrence Gordon will return as producers for the reboot.

As THR notes, Black actually had a cameo role in the original Predator. After Black turned down the offer from the studio to polish the script, he was offered a small role in the film. Upon arrival at the set in South America, the producers asked if Black would mind taking a look at the script, to which Black reportedly said, “I’m still not rewriting it.”

After the original 1987 film, a sequel — Predator 2 — starring Lethal Weapon alum Danny Glover was released in 1990, and the franchise was later combined with Alien for two Alien vs. Predator films in 2004 and 2007. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For director Robert Rodriguez also had an installment in Predator lore: Predators, which hit theaters in 2010, and was intended as a relaunch of the franchise.


  • John DeSpirito

    Spoiler: Turns out the Predator is an out of work British actor.

  • Jaime A. Garcia

    Are any of his pussy jokes being rebooted too?

  • David Fullam

    Hope it picks up the lines of Predator 2.

  • David Hoang

    You know…because of the echo.

  • Drew

    Does it count as a cameo if he’s in half the movie?

  • x

    i wouldnt call it a cameo

  • Greg Phillips

    Good point. I wish he’d do a side movie dedicated to Jesse Ventura’s character.

  • zombiTerror

    khm… predators (2010) was made by nimrod antal.

  • josh

    Why the Hell is Hollywood taking all these Great Movies and Rebooting Them there was nothing wrong with the Original. Looks to me that Hollywood has Run out of Movie Ideas now they are screwing up old movies by Redoing them. What the hell has this world come too.

  • lol

    Why reboot when you can just have arnold be called back in to provide intel to a new group of soldiers who are continuing the hunt? fuck these reboots

  • Predatortje

    follow up the story line from predator 2, with arnold and glover giving info on a team or something, also mentioned in predators, arnold’s character dutch gave a detailed description to the army? about the creature.. maybe start from there? but no AVP shit.. just continue the storyline

  • apologist

    I was just thinking the other day that what we don’t have enough of are movie reboots.

  • Tony

    Just please no CGI Predator. Keep it a man in an awesome suit.

  • Florent Abougit

    Why don’t they make the story of Raphaël Adolini (as we can see this name at the end of Predator 2, when Harrigan picked up the ancient gun) ??


  • Shane Black

    I think this would be as much sequel as it is reboot. Why start over, too much fun in the existing mythology — and no: he will not be a washed up British actor… :-)

  • joseph


  • Jim Cason

    I agree with the team of Glover and Swarzenegger as lead/intelligence for group of advanced soldiers using similar technology such as vision, cloaking, movement etc…Let’s say 10 Alien versus 10 advance soldiers…to even the odds regarding size and strength it all takes place on earth’s moon (no gravity), where the Aliens are amassing their forces at the staging area (moon) closest to earth…or maybe they are riding in on an asteroid that is passing close to earth, Armageddon, Predator, We Were Soldiers, Deep Impact and a few more ideas come to mind.

  • manthing

    What the hell are you rebooting the first one for? the damn movies don’t even have really any connection ( aside for mentioning events from the first in predators)to one another you could just make a new one just for the hell of it. …

  • Si

    REBOOT!?!?!?! Has Hollywood run out of idea’s or is reboot the only thing they know how to do recently? Also to Mr Shane Black, are you REALLY the destroyer of the Iron Man franchise, or are you really an out of work, drug using British actor?!?!? Either way don’t f*** up this franchise as well!

  • Todd

    Probably going to tell how the Predators were here in the 1800’s fighting cowboys, while inadvertently becoming the hero’s, stopping the bad guy’s, and then reverting back to the bad guys themselves, only to be stopped by Clint Eastwood, who is then killed by the Terminator, who is captured by Darth Vader, and turned into a sith……… SQUIRREL!

  • Shane Black

    It’s not a reboot, really… it’s a sequel. Don’t know where they got their information.

  • Stig Johansen

    CGI Predator with a PG-13 rating. That is what this will be. Happened to Robocop and Total Recall. Terminator and Predator are the next ones up.

  • Ken

    Please no more small pathetic soldiers or those punk teen kids. A Predator movie is supposed to be made with big muscular soldiers like Dutch, Dillon, and even Billy from the original Predator movie. The other movies were great and all, but lacked so much detail. Does anybody agree with me?

  • mel

    He ain’t got time to bleed.

  • ScreamingEugene

    Could we maybe not have the weak plot of Predators? I kind of hated the whole Topher Grace’s character being a serial killer. How the fuck could Predators track him down and catch him when police who actually understand our culture couldn’t? Actually, make it a sequel to the first two and forget Predators and I’ll buy a ticket(or two if I can convince my lady to see it – no easy task.) Maybe have someone kick him in the nards during the final battle?

  • Sentry616

    Danny Glover got pretty big for Predator 2, but the days of the 80’s muscle man movies are long over.

  • bloodyarts

    The Expendables say hi. Actually, that would be awesome.. Expendables vs. Predators! Genius or what..?!

  • Joshua Wheeler

    the rock as dutch that would be as close as you can get to arnold

  • Sentry616

    Yeah, because Jet Li, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, JCVD, Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford are known for their Mr. Universe bodies.

  • Phillip L Ward

    Nope, the old movies haven’t been ‘screwed’ up, they shall remain untouched in all there glory.

  • Trevor

    I thought Predators was the 2nd best in the series, right after Predator. To each their own.

  • brian

    fuck i totally see that coming…great.

  • Ken

    Very true!

  • Ken

    Yeah Glover was back in 1990, but now he’s not so built. He is still a great actor though.

  • Ken

    John Cena too if you want to go the wrestler way.