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Who Is Scoot McNairy In “Batman v. Superman”?


After years of watching Marvel be the subject of casting rumors and wild speculation, DC’s finally getting in on the action in a big way. Not only has their film slate all the way through to 2018 possibly been leaked, but they’ve announced a ton of actors for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice feature film. A trio of actors – Holly Hunter, Tao Okamoto and Callan Mulvey – were all revealed back in April, and the rumors that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman have only intensified in recent weeks.

Hot on maybe-Aquaman’s heels comes the news that Halt and Catch Fire‘s Scoot McNairy will join Dawn of Justice‘s cast in a still unspecified role. With characters ranging from the human Alfred Pennyworth and Lex Luthor to the superhuman Wonder Woman and Cyborg being cast, McNairy could really be playing anyone. The only precedent we can follow is that there isn’t one. With that in mind, here are the five characters we could see the Argo actor becoming in the Zack Snyder film.

The Flash


Barry Allen’s getting a lot of attention on the small screen thanks to the CW’s upcoming Flash series, but we can’t forget that – if that leaked slate is to be believed – the super hero will be dashing into theaters in 2017. That means that the Flash has to show up sooner or later, and McNairy could just be the man to bring the scarlet speedster to the big screen. Scoot’s got more than a decade on TV Flash Grant Gustin, but that could help distinguish the DC Cinematic Flash from the DC TV Flash; hard to confuse two guys with a 12 year age difference between them. As seen on Halt and Catch Fire, McNairy can play relatable with the best of them; that skillset could come in handy as the Flash.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern

We’re getting the two obvious ones out of the way first. It’s obvious that Snyder’s opus is heading towards a team-up of Justice League proportions. If all the rumors are to be believed, nearly every one of the New 52’s starting Justice League lineup is accounted for: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman. That just leaves The Flash and Green Lantern up for grabs. The slightly more mature looking McNairy might provide just enough of a change to erase the memory of Ryan Reynolds’ failed GL outing, but even we have to admit we’ve got our fingers crossed for Idris Elba’s John Stewart filling the League’s Lantern spot.

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor

There’s no reason to just assume that McNairy will be playing a super hero. Since this film’s already packed with big time supporting characters for both Superman and Batman, we feel it would be fitting to work in Wonder Woman’s primary supporting character into the film as well. Steve Trevor has been Wonder Woman’s primary dude in distress ever since his first appearance way back in 1941. His role as an intelligence officer would probably fit right in with the Snyder’s more grounded vision, and it would be super refreshing to see a male character existing solely to support a female hero in a comic book movie.

Ted Kord

Ted Kord

After watching even just a few minutes of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, you’ll start to get why McNairy would be a pretty great Ted Kord. On the show, Scoot plays an under appreciated tech genius that’s finally given the break he’s been waiting for. That could also describe the role that Ted Kord, a non-powered scientist, could play in Batman v Superman. And as an inventor/tech guy/scientist supreme, McNairy’s Kord wouldn’t even have to become the Blue Beetle in order to help save the day. Of course, he would probably wear nothing but blue shirts… and he’d probably quote Beatles lyrics or something. These movies aren’t always subtle.

A Totally New Person

Snyder’s already said that Hunter, Okamoto, and Mulvey will be playing totally new characters with no ties to any source material. Apparently Dawn of Justice has room for both a ton of characters from the DCU and a bunch of newbies. He could be a board member at Wayne Enterprises, or a technician at LexCorp. He could be Lois Lane’s new boyfriend or a reporter from a competing news organization. And, just to make things potentially even more confusing, any of those characters could take on established super hero monikers like Starman, Hourman or Wildcat. Until we learn more about Snyder and Warner Bros. intentions with this fledgling franchise, anything could happen.


  • Vince Underwood

    I could totally see him as Hal

  • Carlo

    I don’t know why people keeping thinking John Stewart is going to pick over Hal, they’re obviously going with new 52 line up…

  • Robert Smith

    They need John Stewart for three reasons: 1.) To distinguish this Green Lantern from the GL movie. 2.) In all of the comics that I read, John was always the more interesting character. 3.) So that Cyborg doesn’t look like the League’s token Black member.

  • Carlo

    I like John Stewart a lot but the problem is he very Overshadowed by the other lanterns. I don’t know comics you read but all johns, tomasi and even the new creative teams, it’s been that way.

  • Robert Smith

    Honestly, I haven’t read a Green Lantern comic since the early 1990’s. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I thought that GL was boring and lame. Fine as a supporting character in Justice League of America, but not much else. I really got into the mid-80’s John Stewart run, then was constantly disappointed as the character was constantly pushed aside for Hal’s return, or Kyle Raynor or whoever. I absolutely loved the character on Justice League The Animated Series and have long hoped for him to headline a GL movie. After Ryan Renalds portayal of Hal Jordan, I am hoping that putting John on the big screen is a no-brainer.

  • Nestor

    I see your point of view because your looking at it from a person who’s only seen the JL animated series, but the GL mythos is much bigger than. Two of the stories fans want to see is sinestro corps and blackest night. If you got John Stewart as the main lantern it’s going to weird because a lot of that had Hal in there. And it’s not going to no brainier if got Hal Jordan stories happening to John Stewart.

  • scarecrow

    maybe hes king faraday playing a sort of fury role in the JL forming.

  • Ed. Floden

    Do I have this correct? “they’ve announced a ton of actors” and “Apparently Dawn of Justice has room for … a ton of characters”. Does that mean that the movie might have TWO tons of actors/characters? Or that the ton is already cast?

  • Oscar Daniel Castillo

    new characters in comic-based movies is bad. why do that when there are hundreds of characters in the source material to chose from?

  • Clyde

    Here’s my two cents to piggyback off what Robert stated. When actor Chris Evans jumped from being “Johnny Storm” to being “Steve Rogers” aka “Capt. America”, the production studios had to reboot the character of “Johnny Storm” in order to move forward with the Fantastic 4 franchise. So they totally went a different direction by putting in Michael B. Jordan. Now although I’m not feeling that dramatic change I casn understand and respect the reasons behind their decision to make the Marvel Universe lead characters more racially diverse. Look what happened after former President Bush left the white house. The country was so disgusted that we rebooted the type of president we have. The first ever black/white hybrid president. Next election we may get a female president. So its no out of the realm of possibly that in spite of DC Universe New 52 featuring Hal Jordan “Green Lantern”, that the Warner Bros. production studios won’t override the decision to cast Hal Jordan and to reboot Green Lantern with John Stewart…a Green Lantern that many non-comic book readers is already familiar with. And yes, the casting of Cyborg by an unproven tv/film actor like Ray Fisher does seem like token black guy. And lets be real shall we…we all know that on the depth chart Cyborg ranks 7th of seven founding members of the Justice League. As compared to a Green Lantern that is ranked 4th behind Superman, Batman & then Wonder Woman. I’m hoping for Idris Elba, but I can always smell what the Rock is cookin!

  • Chuck777

    So wait.

    They are going to make not just one but a handful of NEW characters for these films…? Why? There are thousands of characters out there in the DCU, why bother making new characters when you can just as easily co-opt established characters?

    My only thought is that these new characters will all be support characters but, even then, we have thousands of those already. If they are new heroes, then maybe this is DC’s way of making a huge splash with POC characters!

    Then I look at all of these people up.

    Sigh, at least they are not all white.

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  • SlamAdams

    Presumably because they would have to pay the creators. How many characters that have already appeared in DC movies that should have been named something else? Dark Knight had clear Bullock and Montoya stand ins, while the blogger in Man of Steel was originally supposed to be Jack Ryder.

  • SlamAdams

    Maxwell Lord

  • EmaHalJordan

    I think Ray Palmer!

  • Renaldo

    Aquaman’s brother.

  • Paul

    if its not hal jordan then they shouldnt bring in Green lantern.. Hal was first in the Justice league.. John stewart was third .. stop the politically correct bs.. get your heads out of butt.. Reynolds did a great job as hal.. just story needed to be better…

  • PietroMaximoff

    superman’s boyfriend!
    Alfred’s grandpa!
    Wonder Woman’s drug dealer!
    seriously these lists are getting pointless and out of control…