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10 Things We Can’t Believe ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Got Away With


Transformers: Age of Extinction scored a $100 million opening weekend at the domestic box office, banking even more coin overseas. That’s a lot of money for a movie that the best people can say about it is “At least no one tried to murder me while watching it.”

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In addition to making tons of money, Extinction has become Michael Bay’s worst reviewed movie ever — 16% on Rotten Tomatoes – and for good reason. As the film continues to prove that audiences love big robots destroying things, here’s a look at ten reasons why that love is very misplaced. (SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie.)


1. Autobots Really Want to Kill Humans

Remember in the cartoon – based on kid’s toys – when Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobots discussed at length their desire to kill humans? We don’t either, but Extinction would have you believe that after the events of Dark of the Moon, these so-called heroes would spend most of their interactions talking obsessively about how they can’t wait to kill some homo sapiens. That’s what happens when screenwriter Ehren Krueger attempts to invest the robots with personality.


2. Trademark Logic Issues

If only Michael Bay’s plots could be as consistent as that string of tree lights that appears in every one of his films.

The story, along with its action scenes, are violently allergic to the physical and emotional geography required to make them make sense. Our favorite offenders: Why do we attack Chicago again? Didn’t we get enough of this in the last movie? In one scene, Prime is racing down a street in vehicle mode, and a beat later, he is somehow in the middle of a rooftop brawl we never saw the beginning of. In another, Prime frees the enslaved Dinobots only to later beat their leader into submission under the threat of death and in the name of freedom. Because reasons.


3. Optimus Prime Is the Worst

Optimus Prime is one of the most simple (in a good way) heroes of the ’80s – the guy’s modeled after John Wayne – and the filmmakers’ attempt to edge-up Prime results in the character coming off as a 3-story, murderous gun thug. Inconsistent heroics and out-of-character homicidal desires drive a character the franchise has built as someone who, no matter what, sees the good in humanity even when humans can’t. Bet all the kids can’t wait to get their hands on that new Prime toy, “now with 100% more “killing the guy from Frasier action!”


4. Transformium

That’s the name of the metal Stanley Tucci’s character uses to make his own army of Transformers. Really? Really?! Oh movie, you’re not even trying!


5. Most Unlikable Humans Yet

Mark Wahlberg’s Texas inventor Cade Yeager (which is a name that exists never) is a slight improvement over Shia LaBeouf’s Sam, but we question the choice of saddling the former with an unlikable daughter and her fantastically useless boyfriend. When these two characters do anything but remain silent, they make LaBeouf’s antics seem like a Golden Age.

As for Stanley Tucci as the supposed comic relief? Someone needs to remind both him and his director that comedy isn’t having talented actors yell ad-libs. That’s… just yelling.


6. Cade Yeager: Bad Inventor, Even Worse Father

We said slight improvement because the only thing Wahlberg’s character sucks at more than inventing things is raising children. He doesn’t want his teenager daughter to date, ever – so fresh! But all she wants to do is date! Clutch the pearls!

Conflict and lots of bad acting ensue, all of which stems from Cade’s genius plan to send his daughter to college by using his business partner’s money to buy a cab-over truck sitting inside an abandoned theater and then sell the truck for scrap. Hey, Cade? Instead of, uh, any of that, how ‘bout you use your business partner’s money to make a down payment on your kid’s education, sell your farm, move into an apartment and send her off to college?

Also, how come no one asks “why is there a cab-over truck sitting in the middle of an abandoned movie theater?!”

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7. The Death of T.J. Miller’s Character

Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller plays Cade’s aforementioned business partner, one of the few characters remotely approaching “likable” in the movie. But the script gives him a very hollow and unintentionally funny death. The script is unable to have its surviving characters take a beat – or even feign taking one – to mourn the loss, which ultimately denies the death any narrative value.


8. Wasting the Dinobots

Fans have sat through three movies to see Grimlock and Co. get ILM’d on the big screen. At the 2 hour and 15 minute mark, they get to see them – albeit in the form of personality-less things that exist to do to Hong Kong what Gallagher does to melons.


9. Aftermath of the Hong Kong-ocalypse

With the help of transforming dinosaurs, one of the largest cities in the world has been turned into toothpicks, by the same alien robots that not once, but twice, murdered Chicago. How does it all end? Not with the Chinese attacking their attackers, despite a scene showing military personnel ordering a military response. Nope, instead the Autobots and Dinobots stand at the edge of the city they destroyed for a happy ending, which involves Prime sending the Dinobots to roam free across China apparently like one would let dogs out in the backyard.

And there is no way that the Dinobots and the Autobots get to stand around on the edge of the city they destroyed for a happy ending – especially after showing key Chinese military officials order a military response on their robot attackers.


10. That dialogue!

We saved the best of the worst for last.

Our favorites? Cade, appealing to Tucci’s character to help them save the world: “You’re an inventor, just like me, so I know you care.” Also, his response to a ship-sized alien magnet: “It’s sucking up metal and then dropping it!”

But all of that is Sorkin-esque when compared to Optimus Prime’s parting words: “When you look to the stars, think of one of them as my soul.”


  • Simon DelMonte

    Remember the 80s cartoons? Sometimes fun, usually cheesy, rarely very smart. Well, the good news is after four of these thundering wrecks, the movies make the cartoons look like like Batman: The Animated Series in comparison.

  • Dark30

    Oh boy here we go. Let’s start with #1 – 1. Autobots Really Want to Kill Humans – So is this an actual problem you have or that you think fans will have? Yeah given the previous installment and well crafted (last 5 years) story line in this one and with zero leadership from Prime (who was in hiding), you are damn right they wanted to kill humans. Wouldn’t you if someone was killing off your kind and pushed the rest into hiding?

  • Pat Dilloway

    I really wish society would stop rewarding people who make crap.

  • Dark30

    2. Trademark Logic Issues – Unless you want to see a 24 hour play by play you are going to get asked to fill in the blanks. Things move fast, keep up or stop watching action flicks. It would have been more crazy to hand hold us assuming we can’t follow action sequences.

  • Conrad Wesley Clough

    Did I miss the part where they explained how the Geologists joined up with Marky Mark and the funky bunch…. last I saw of her she was trying to distract those chasing Stanley Tucci away (and doing a very poor job of it)… later on after Stanley Tucci joins up with Cade and kids the group jumps into an abandoned SUV to try to race across the bridge and suddenly she’s in the back seat. So seriosuly did I miss a scene where she runs into them again and joins up, or was she just asleep in the backseat of the SUV and woke up when they drove off with her?

  • Renaldo

    Tucci’s f-bomb, the racist joke and the over-use of the star’s legs…like wtf…lol — too much Bay. Ya pervert

  • Dark30

    3. Optimus Prime Is the Worst – On this one I suggest re-watching seasons 1 & 2 of the original cartoon series. Prime is a jerk in a LOT of the episodes and he has to beat the stupid out of the dinobots on more than one occasion.

  • Dark30

    4. Transformium – You know what – yeah fans are going to be pissed they named something in a Transformers movie Transformium? Were you just out of stuff to complain about at this point?

  • Puluko

    It’s the same market that continues glorifying people like Rob Liefeld. That explains it.

  • Dark30

    5. Most Unlikable Humans Yet – So let me get this straight? Fans are supposed to dislike a father trying to care for his daughter based on a dream he has? I don’t know of anyone that walked out of the theater thinking…man I can’t identify with having bills or struggling to make ends meet.

  • AfterBurn

    Still better than Beast Wars.

  • Dark30

    6. Cade Yeager: Bad Inventor, Even Worse Father – Wondering why anything is where it is in Texas just means you have never been there. Regarding his choices as a business man and father might make him flawed but they don’t make him someone we can’t “believe” on screen? Really?

  • Zach

    The Autobots and Dinobots didn’t destroy Hong Kong. Stanley Tucci did when he decided to bring a life destroying bomb into it. Are the Autobots honestly expected to just let that thing go off because people will die when they try to stop it?

  • Dark30

    7. The Death of T.J. Miller’s Character – Admittedly I wasn’t hot about this scene, but fans were getting sick of the comic relief in previous films – I think movie goes WILL forgive this somewhat un-expected event.

  • Hogan

    Haters gonna hate , so simple , dont compare it with tha cartoons, ITS A MOVIE and the DINOS did what they had to do , wreck havoc , thats what u wanted to see and the gave it to you!Also we get to see Transformers and less human factor witch is the best if you ask me , And the numbers dont lie!!

    Year’s Biggest Opening Day, Set for $104 Million Weekend

  • Dark30

    8. Wasting the Dinobots – Somehow assuming that fans didn’t want to see the dinobots break stuff? Were you expecting them to go to college and get Cade’s daughter’s degree for her?

  • Dark30

    9. Aftermath of the Hong Kong-ocalypse – The writer here assumes that the Chinese can not figure out who just saved the planet.

  • Dark30

    10. That dialogue! – Refer to the original series then get back to us about dialog.

  • Mark Boyer

    7. The Death of T.J. Miller’s Character

    It’s “feign”, not “fain”.

  • Convoy

    No, they were totally wasted. That’s not even an opinion. They were handled better in the Fall of Cybertron video game. And before you say it’s a game and this is a movie. Yes, the game tells a more coherent story than this movie. So did Transformers Prime which was modeled after the movies, and had a better representation of Optimus Prime.

  • RealDoubleJ

    11. Letting a dick like Dark30 defend this horrible piece of shit.

  • MegaGearMax

    The Autobots had a reason to be aggressive toward humans. I wish people would remember that the humans betrayed the Autobots. With Lockdown’s help, humans were hunting down and killing the Autobots, like Ratchet and Leadfoot. Optimus was the victim of one of these attacks too, but he escaped.

  • Cody McGowan

    For a Michael Bay movie, it’s “fain”.

  • MegaGearMax

    The Dinos were wasted big time. They were the biggest thing advertised for AOE and they were underutilized. The Dinobots should have stole the show.

  • Zach

    Yes, there was a scene where they just randomly ran into each other

  • SinRealm

    I actually think that killing the humans part is good. They risk their lives for humanity then only a few of them remain… Of course he’d want to kill them.

  • Roquinn

    Another poor edit that goes along with the one you mentioned about Optimus Prime – we see the family fleeing the CIA in Shane’s car plowing through a cornfield, then suddenly the next scene they are on a highway in the city…I know Bay had to cut his movie down to the 2hr45min overlong running time somehow, but this cut was really bad.

  • Roquinn

    Oh, and Chicago looks awfully good for having been destroyed 5 years ago

  • NonyNony

    The Autobots were murderous because shitty writers wrote a shitty plot that led the Autobots to be murderous.

    It’s like you think this is a documentary and you’re trying to explain/justify the actions of real people here. It’s a movie – the plot of these movies could have been anything at all. And the writers were given childrens’ toys that transform from vehicles into robots and have decided that the best thing to do with that idea is turn them into murderbots.

    It’s like someone seeing Superman and saying “you know what would be great – putting Superman into a situation where he has to flat out murder someone. That would be awesome cinema.” I mean a person like that would be an idiot. And so would a person who puts Optimus Prime into the same situation. It’s just. so. stupid.

  • Jay

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I actually really liked the way the games handled the Dinobots. Grimlock was a badass and was fairly true to the character from the cartoons and the (far superior) comics.

    From what I’m hearing about the film, he’s just a mindless beast.

  • Convoy

    Here’s the reality. Transformers Animated, Prime and both Cybertron games told the story of the Transformers better than the movies have. I can admit when a movie is bad. I went into Godzilla waiting to be excited. I was bored. I enjoyed the monster fight and they did respect Godzilla, but it was slow and boring. I was excited to see Pacific Rim. The Kaiju and the mechs were spot on, but it wasn’t as good as it could have been. The same with Scott Pilgrim vs The World. But for whatever reason, fans of the Transformers movies can’t seem to accept these movies are flawed, and that every single film critic is either full of themselves, and that other detractors are just Bay hating. Even if those detractors have said that they enjoyed most of his other movies. The last three movies have just been rehashing the same material. How did Stanley Tucci’s character go from Steve Jobs at one point in the movie, to full on Agent Simmons by the end of the movie? Tell me why Cade and his daughter are pretty much just Sam and Mikaelea except the relationships are flipped. I understand that it’s a “summer popcorn flick,” but there have been better summer popcorn flicks that have done a better job at telling a three act story. Armageddon, another Michael Bay Joint, is better than all the Transformers movies, and did the “Oh you’re banging my daughter” angle better. But that was written by J.J. Abrams.

  • beane2099

    “YOU’RE FREE MIGHTY WARRIORS!” “Okay,we’ll be chilling by the Great Wall.” Really Optimus Prime? Really? And they ultimately didn’t even need the Dinobots anyways. What did they add to any of that? The enemy in this movie was a bunch of mindless drones and Hound and Bumblebee seemed to be doing alright with just the two of them. “Galvatron” was nowhere to be seen until everyone was leaving. Lockdown seemed cool but then he completely misses the fact that his most treasured prisoners escaped while he chills out in waiting for his hyper drive to start.

    I also thought it was stupid to show that the Chinese military was mobilizing but then show nothing. I guess Bay couldn’t get the Chinese military to be part of all that.

  • David Fullam

    My ex girlfriend and I are talking again. She said she saw the film this weekend and it was “awesome.” Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore?

  • KryptosXLayer2

    I love discussions like these, it gives people two sides to action movies that they don’t normally think about because, well, there was a lot of action going on! On one side, you know you loved seeing this movie, despite all it’s flaws…. and then on the other, usually the second time you see it, you just have to critique it, no matter how hard you try not to.

    At the end of the day, just try to turn your brain off and watch robots fight, it was a good flick if you just leave it at that, but I did enjoy the critique of the film, always fun to read the Goofs section in IMDB and this was exactly the same with comments to follow

  • Dan C.

    Four movies into this franchise, it’s hard to muster much outrage about the weak plotting or crimes against cherished cartoon lore. It should surprise no one that Michael Bay’s version of Optimus Prime is still Jack Bauer on diesel. And it’s a given that the story, whatever its contortions, will boil down to some ancient doomsday device that must be kept from Megatron’s clutches during a city-levelling brawl.

    But what’s surprising about Transformers 4 is that the lazy storytelling hamstrings suspense during the set-pieces. The main villain poses a threat only to the Autobots, giving them little motivation beyond rage and self-pity, while Megatron returns for just long enough to explain why everyone is fighting in Hong Kong. The upgraded manmade transformers have such unclear abilities that their fight scenes raised questions instead of building tension. “Oh, I guess they can reform on the fly.” “Nope, guns work fine.” And the seed bomb inspires much less awe after Lockdown uses a small one to blow up that guy from Office Space…unless that was something else.

    Despite their myriad flaws, the other films in this series at least played a straightforward game of chase-the-MacGuffin that explained (with forgivable stupidity) why everyone was running around with guns.

  • KryptosXLayer2

    ummm, Transformers, Godzilla, Pacific Rim……… Scott Pilgrim vs The World

    One of these things is not like the other

  • beane2099

    I’ve said this on other sites but I’ll say it here too. I like mindless turn-your-brain-off-at-the-door-this-ain’t-Shakespeare movies. I really do. My problem with these movies is that the stories are so bad, you’re forced to think. If Megatron came to earth to help The Fallen blow up the Sun that kind of works at cross purposes with what he and Sentinel Prime had planned in DotM which was to enslave humanity to rebuild Cybertron. This same kind of inconsistency exists within each individual movie.

  • Ushio

    Yeah Transformers, Godzilla and Pacific Rim have some redeeming value.

    Scott Pilgrim has Michael Cera.

  • Ushio

    Go look at the before and after pictures of the parts of Japan hit by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

  • Ty

    I liked the movie, there is just too many haters out there that have no time to just enjoy the movie instead of pointing out every flaw!!! Just FYI, no movie is perfect

  • Andy Martin

    My favorite awful line in the movie?
    Marky-Mark: Do you a warrant?
    Smoky from Lost: My FACE is my warrant.

  • Mike Carroll

    1. Autobots Really Want to Kill Humans

    Alright let’s think about this: What you are saying is that it doesn’t make
    sense for the Autobots to be bitter and want to kill the humans??? WOW how
    dense are you?

    After all the Autobots went through in the first 3 films, working closely
    with the military etc, the war tore both the Autobots and the Humans. Even to
    the point the Humans wanted the Autobots off the Earth in the third film. So
    now, with the Decepticons defeated and nearly all of them dead, the Humans who
    are vengeful (Kelsey Grammar) want to kill the Autobots as well. Now, Jolt,
    Sideswipe, Ratchet, Skids, Mudflap, Jazz, Wheeljack (que), Mirage (Dino),
    Roadbuster, Leadfoot, TopSpin, Wheelie, Ironhide, Arcee, Chromia, Elita One, and
    presumably many others of the Earthbound Autobots all DEAD, Many by human
    hands. And after being hunted for a long time only 6 are left alive. Now, if
    you were in their place, and the people you once protected started methodically
    and fanatically hunting you, would you not want to retaliate?

    This movie really portrayed that desire. It gave the bots a chance to
    display emotion. Show that they truly are living beings and not just machines.
    And yes, there were times in the cartoon where some bots expressed their
    dislike of the humans. Of course, they couldn’t pull a bender and yell out
    “Kill all Humans”. It was a Kids show. The movies are not “Kids shows”.

    2. Trademark Logic Issues

    Are you Serious? Why does almost every Marvel comic, and movie, tend to have
    a base setting of New York?
    By your logic, everything is stupid in ever comic/toy/cartoon based story ever

    For Starters, Chicago
    is the home base so to speak for the Transformers in the movie franchise. And
    since the last movie was in Chicago, it makes
    sense to use Chicago
    again as a backdrop to help tie the first Trilogy to this movie. Plus with all
    the Anti-Transformer propaganda of the film wouldn’t it make more sense to have
    that setting be in the city that they tore up?? What would be better? Dallas? Ft. Lauderdale?
    I mean be smart about it.

    Okay, so clearly you missed the beginning of the fight with Lockdown and
    that is okay but don’t groan about it calling it a logic issue. With so much
    going on on screen, logic would dictate that you don’t have to show every
    single detail for you to put two and two together.

    Now, as for the Dinobots, I do think that could have been handled a little
    bit differently BUT you have to understand that they have simple minds. They
    are primitive and Prime had to “defeat” Grimlock in battle to a degree in order
    to get them to fight. It was a primitive, very Norse like concept. And it
    worked perfectly on screen. The logic was, I will free you from your cage, I
    will promise you freedom if you help us otherwise you will die because we will
    all die. Had the Dinobots not helped there is no way anyone, human or autobot
    would have lived through the day.

    3. Optimus Prime Is the Worst

    First off, Kelsey Grammar portrayed that role really REALLY well. But he
    deserved far worse than he got. Optimus should have drawn and quartered him
    like his men did to Leadfoot and Ratchet. Here is the thing most people missed:
    The Autobots had been granted Asylum on Earth. They were not supposed to be
    hunted. Grammar’s character lied to the government and the people of Earth the
    whole time because he had a personal vendetta against all Cybertronians. Now,
    as I said above, if you were being hunted like the Autobots were, and you were
    Prime, would you not lose faith in those who were hunting you? Would you not
    want revenge on the one responsible for killing your family? Or is it simply
    because he is a giant robot that he is not allowed to have “feelings”?

    Not to mention that Cade was the one who restored a little faith to Optimus
    in the Humans. Made him realize that not all humans share the same viewpoint.
    That is why when Optimus left he told the other bots to protect Cade and his
    family. Optimus losing faith and the humans restoring it was a key plot line of
    the movie and it worked.

    4. Transformium

    Now that I can totally agree on. The name doesn’t bother me so much as the
    way they did it. And using that as a means of “simplifying” the character’s
    transformations was just lazy. They clearly didn’t want to design
    transformations for 52 individual prototypes so they got Lazy. I also wished
    there was a bit more of a reveal for all the decepticons. Showed a little more
    of them rolling out and maybe slowed down their deaths a bit to show more of
    them fighting. But I am not going to dwell on it.

    5. Most Unlikable Humans Yet

    WRONG on every level. Cade was a great character. Much easier to stomach
    than Sam Witwicky. Tess was both far more attractive and less bitchy than Megan
    Fox. Kesey Grammar was outstanding as was Stanley Tucci.

    6. Cade Yeager: Bad Inventor, Even Worse Father

    Okay, everyone asked what the truck was doing there. If you paid any
    attention whatsoever to the characters when Cade asked the owner about the
    truck he said “What Truck?” The look on his face was priceless. The only
    question I had was how in the world did he get it out of the building?

    Now, you want to pan Cade as a bad Father. How? No, like any father, that
    lives in the real world, he doesn’t want his “little Girl” to date. He doesn’t
    want her to grow up and he certainly doesn’t want her to be on the TV show 16
    and Pregnant! And like any teen, boy or girl, she goes behind his back and
    dates anyways. Every teen does battle with their parents. It is a fact of life
    and you are complaining because that was very real part of life was depicted in
    a movie?

    7. The Death of T.J. Miller’s Character

    You can’t possibly be serious? You actually thought the character was
    “likeable”? The kids death was a blessing to the film. He was horrible, the
    comic relief was somewhat there but it was blatantly forced. He was the most
    annoying character to EVER defile a Transformers movie. Worse than Daniel or
    Wheelie in the original 1986 Transformers movie. Oh wait, how in the world
    would you know about that? You likely never watched the original movie. Clearly
    they did take some time to cope with the death.
    A few seconds at the grain elevator where it happened and then again at
    the gas station where Prime left the humans.

    8. Wasting the Dinobots

    The Dinobots were not wasted at all. It was a mere introduction tot hem. A
    chance to utilize them as plot points and set them up for the next film. While
    I believe everyone really wanted Gregg Berger to reprise his role as Grimlock
    and actually talk, I can see why they didn’t this time through. Because they
    have spent the last 95 million years or so locked up aboard Lockdown’s ship in
    his own personal zoo. They may not have
    had the capacity to speak.

    9. Aftermath of the Hong Kong-ocalypse

    So the Chinese Military likely did get involved within the city. They didn’t
    really show it but they were likely busy trying to eradicate the decepticons.
    The Autobots didn’t kill all of them. And, since they had the seed bomb they
    had to get out of town fast. With all eyes on the city it makes sense that they
    were left alone in the hillside. It was a solid ending to the chaos. Who knows
    how long they really had out there? Maybe shortly thereafter they were
    attacked, maybe they managed to drive off and find passage back to America? We don’t know. What we do know is that
    Optimus decided to make like his G1 Season 5 (re-runs) puppet self and “fly
    away” to the stars. Also, helping to set up the potential of the Quintessons
    and ultimately Unicron.

    10. That dialogue!

    You are done! You don’t get it. Every movie has some cheesy lines but this
    movie was indeed well written. The cheesy lines came at opportune times like
    Hound’s “I’m Like a Fat Ballerina” And
    YES Hound stole the show. HE was the best character of the movie. Of all the
    movies combined!

  • Ashbury137

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who caught that.

  • justicegray

    I felt the same way when I saw how many comments this atrocious link-baiting article had.

  • ziggymandias

    How much did Michael Bay pay you or did he offer something in the same lines as he did with Megan Fox?

  • Victor Acosta

    “But all of that is Sorkin-esque when compared to Optimus Prime’s parting words: “When you look to the stars, think of one of them as my soul.”
    Which apparently got sucked into hell for making this movie right?

  • Alex Evans

    Also loved:

    1. How Lockdown didn’t notice that an entire chunk of his ship broke off until he was in deep space.

    2. How inexplicably stealthy Lockdown’s gigantic ship is. No one seems to notice it until it’s RIGHT THERE.

    3. How the Autobots inexplicably bail on Optimus at inopportune times. Where were they when he was fighting Galvatron?

    4. The Autobots make a heroic stand on that bridge to defend the Seed, leaving Optimus on his own to fight Lockdown. Except….they defend the bridge against no one since apparently no one ever showed up. So they just stood around, I guess.

    5. All Chinese people know kung fu. Secretaries, random dudes in elevators, everyone.

    6. The line “I’m coming for you” is stated no less than 4 times in one film. In fact, it’s also the last line of the film.

    7. That last line by Optimus about his soul, or…whatever…is only the second worst line. The worst? Tom Sizemore’s line to Mark Wahlberg: “You want to see a warrant? My FACE is a warrant!”

    8. Frasier’s death is hysterically anticlimatic. How did he even find Wahlberg? Forget that. I just loved that quick cut to a dead Frasier, eyes closed, scorched shirt.

    9. How in the hell is Mark Wahlberg so good at fighting? He’s doing barrel rolls, ducking into cover, and aiming with precision like a Gears of War character. Moreover, he’s just carrying a standard alien rifle, but it’s inexplicably effective and powerful.

    10. Tom Sizemore’s death is hysterical. Just….wow. The man is basically killed with a football.

    11. The ships are laughably fragile. Optimus basically cripples a gigantic spaceship with a couple of well-placed shots from his pistol. The transformers are riding an alien dropship that is crippled by a couple of gunshots from some random robot wandering the street.

    This movie is amazing. Seriously, instead of raging over this stuff and getting all upset….recognize it for what it was: 2hrs40 mins of unintentional comedy. The film had me in stitches throughout.

    But yeah, this article hits on some real belly-achers. Like Optimus just letting the Dinobots loose into the hills around Hong Kong. Or “transformium,” which never stops being funny. Or the laughably obvious product placement. Or the nonsensical line about Optimus’ soul being a star….or something.

    Honestly, I loved this movie. It was hilariously, wonderfully, terrible. I’m glad I saw it and I had a lot of fun, between the outrageous action sequences and so-bad-it’s good failures. If you genuinely were thrown into a rage by this movie or couldn’t get over how “bad” it was, you’re probably taking things far, far too seriously.

  • Fistigons

    Beast Wars is awesome. I watch all seasons once a year.

  • mel

    Grimlock thought of himself as alpha dog and Prime had to put him in his place. That’s how I saw it.
    It seems like the writer of this article has a problem with Bay more than anything.

  • mel

    Tom Sizemore was in this movie?

  • Robert Gallentine

    Haaaaa! Best comment.

  • ScoobyDooFTW

    There is so much wrong with this.

    1) You’ve seen the sh*t the Autobots had to put up with, right? Being hunted down mercilessly by those they protected over something that wasn’t even their fault? That’s a valid reason to be pissed off. Also, the Autobots don’t want to kill all humans. Optimus Prime simply said that whomever is responsible for hunting them down is going to die. That’s not ALL humans. The Autobots are cautious around all humans in fear of being reported or killed. And, just asking, if you saw an alien race melting your friend’s head down, would you not get pissed off?

    2) Sh*t can happen off-screen, you know? I mean, it certainly happens in all films, but once Transformers does it, it’s terrible and awful. In the time the humans were being chased by the Cemetery Wind operatives, Optimus no doubt could’ve made his way to that abandoned factory, where Lockdown and him had a brief scuffle. In the Dinobot taming scene, Grimlock was not beat to death; he was smacked with Prime’s shield ONCE. Grimlock, being a legendary knight and warrior in this universe, respects honor and power. Optimus was able to subdue him; therefore, Grimlock and the other Dinobots heeded.

    3) This character arc actually gave Optimus realistic characterization. No one is perfect, not even Prime. Again, have you seen the sh*t he’s had to deal with? Optimus literally killed only two people in this movie. That’s it. Both of whom were about to slaughter another person. Doesn’t matter if Harold Attinger was human or not, he deserved what happened to him.

    4) Someone gets imaginative and they get sh*tted on? Okay…..

    5) These were the most likeable humans yet. Everyone’s character served a purpose somewhere. And, Stanley Tucci was awesome in this film. Great acting for a great character.

    6) Cade is nowhere near a bad father. He was strict with dating, sure, but what modern father isn’t? He was trying to obtain some money so he could fulfill Tessa’s dreams and send her to college. He was trying to pump some money into the household. What is so wrong with this, exactly?

    7) Lucas was approaching likeable, but the others weren’t? Yeah, right. Lucas’s death gave an impact on the audience and displayed the serious tone of this movie. It also showed that Lockdown was indeed a formidable threat.

    8) This complaint is like saying Hawkeye was wasted in the first Thor film, when he was simply placed there as a setup character. Like Galvatron, the Dinobots were added in to be merely setup for future installments. They were included in the final battle to give audiences a taste of these formidable warriors’ power and epicness. Hell, they were freed at the end of the film. Not killed. They will return. How come when Marvel sets sh*t up, no one cares, but when Transformers does it, everyone is up-in-arms?

    9) All of Hong Kong was not destroyed. In that wide shot of the film, you can see the entire city still standing with smoke coming from ONE area. While stampeding through Hong Kong, the Dinobots caused no structural damage whatsoever. The only building in the city which was damaged was the one in which Optimus, Slug, Scorn, and Grimlock crashed into while being sucked up by the Nightship’s magnetic weapon. Also, in a film with GIANT ROBOTS IN A WAR and a small, Earth environment, were you expecting nothing to be demolished? Also, there’s still four Autobots remaining on Earth to assist in rebuilding. And, so what Optimus freed the Dinobots? You really think they’re going to go destroy everything in sight? Hell no. If anything, they’ll go back to the Wulong Karst Geological Park and use the crashed ship compartment as a base of operations or go lurk in China’s forests.

    10) This is just pathetic. What the hell do you want them to say? Seriously. What is wrong with that dialogue? Tell me. What is wrong with it?

    Most of these complaints are erroneous at best and extremely nitpicky.

  • Cylon

    The target audience of these films are ordinary teenagers. 99% of these kids have no idea who Rob Liefeld is.
    You’re out of touch with contemporary youth.

  • Derrick Fish

    It’s a PURPOSELY sill name, on top of it. They mention focus groups and it’s trademark by a character who’s major contribution to human history is seriously bad decisions and unintentional near-genocide.

    At no point are they trying to get us to take that name seriously. I honestly thought it was a goof on “unobtanium”.

  • Derrick Fish

    Of all the points in this article, this is the one I disagree with the most. I found Mark Whalberg’s Cade MUCH more likeable as the lead than Shia’s Sam.

    I also suppose that the writer of this article has never had to try an balance paying the pills and providing with having goals and dreams because the solution of “just sell the farm, etc.” is REMARKABLY defeatist.

  • Hex

    You forgot the “free at last” quote that came off like an awful reference to MLKs popular speech. Even if it wasn’t meant to be in reference to that, It was tasteless and cringe worthy. I witness some people laughing but at the same time I noticed several African American people shaking their heads. I don’t get why Micheal Bay feels this shit is funny. He does this in every damn Transformers movie. Oh, and Marky Mark couldn’t act to save his life.

  • Derrick Fish

    SPOILERS! Prime had them go into hiding rather than retaliate. That decision led to every surviving Autobot that didn’t make it into this film brutally murdered by humanity and melted down for scrap.

    So, yeah, I don’t think it’s TOO damn hard to imagine Prime being a little close to the edge, and in need of a little reminder of who he’s supposed to be by Cade. (Part of the main plot of the film.)

    But for a review that prides itself on pointing out how 2-Dimensional and flat the characters are, it sure is quick to write off the character development on display just because it conflicts with the rose colored memories of the original cartoon.

  • Derrick Fish

    Movie Prime is his most effective when he’s kind of a jerk. He HAS to be. This ISN’T the cartoon and 2-D morality and indecision got lots of Autobots dead.

    By the end of the film, Prime was done hemming and hawing and decided to take charge. And, as it often does, that requires slapping Grimlock down a peg or two and reminding him who’s name ends in “Prime”.

  • Derrick Fish

    Someone in my theater said it fairly well: “That’s what you GET! Snitches get stitches… and, uh, turned into metal!”

  • Dark30

    They really just get introduced in this film. Not sure if they will be back or not, but it is a hell of a lot better than struggling through 13 be “Me Grimlock” episodes when I was a kid waiting for the Dinobots to finally get it.

  • Dark30

    I was paying attention until you said “they did respect Godzilla, but it was slow and boring”…then I was like…hmmm apparently didn’t watch the same bad-ass movie I did.

  • Dark30

    No I am just not a BAYATER.

  • jacobtrue

    Transformium was kind of nod to old stuff from the cartoon. Remember stuff like Cybertonium? Also, if you were a company looking to trademark a name for a metal, what would you think they’d call it?

  • jacobtrue

    People seem to forget that it’s not the cartoon, this is going to be darker and grittier. Prime is fighting a war here, that means taking down the enemy. Plus, Frasier did kind of have his friends hunted down and slaughtered for their metal, if it were me I’d probably make an exception and kill him, too.

  • jacobtrue

    No worse than Cybertonium, which was an actual term used in the G1 cartoon.

  • tmack

    Weak plot? It Is by design. Michael Bay is an old school traditionalist who believes in shiny cars and pretty girls. Remember The Rock ? Sean Connery memorized the incinerator timing back when he escaped Alcatraz. So when the SEALS need to infiltrate he enters through the incinerator and……. Opens the door from the INSIDE…. So why not just leave through that door back when he escaped.

  • Karlton Hester

    To be fair, Superman killed Zod in Superman 2 (how does everyone keep forgetting that?) and the comics. He also killed Doomsday.

  • jacobtrue

    The Chinese stuff was part of pro-China campaign that came with filming the movie, which is why we got a whole extra 45 minutes in China with their product placements and showing their government doing stuff. It was all a bit silly, but stuff like that is going to happen more and more in action movies.

  • jacobtrue

    Also after Avengers 2 comes out and Ultron most likely curb stomps New York City and Avengers tower, I want to see an article about how we had to watch New York get destroyed again.

  • Rob Sharp

    Dark30 you just totally owned this thread- nice work man. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this cliched Transformers bashing.

  • beane2099

    That’s not really my problem with that. I like that things are becoming less Americacentric – or really less New York/LA centric. My issue is the lack of follow through on the Chinese military. It’s the like the gun-in-the-first-act axiom. If you show a gun in act 1, it needs to be fired by act 3. Well that’s how it is in old books anyways. But it fits what I’m thinking

  • Calibraxis

    These films are a fascinating deconstruction – original 80s Prime was based on John Wayne, the icon, the legend, whereas these films base Prime on John Wayne, the ugly and mean spirited man lurking at the heart of it. 80s Prime was America as it liked to see itself, whereas Bay Prime is America as it truly is, a murderous, psychotic menace threatening mad vengeance on all around it. The Constructicons in RotF are literally a bunch of blue collar labourer machines who unionise and become a single powerful entity in the process only to be crushed by a shadowy agency man who calls in the full technological might of the US military for daring to commit the sin of embracing socialist ideology. Devastator’s oft-mocked testicles exist to show what huge balls of steel it takes for anyone to try and stand against the dread power of the industrial-military complex.

    Michael Bay is merely rubbing your faces in your own feces for being such sadly disappointing failures of humanity, and deserves our respect and admiration for doing so.

  • joe

    Nothing about The way they brutally murdered and crucified Ratchet? Who’s only crime was somehow surviving the three previous Bayformers. I almost walked out in the first 15 minutes. But Peter Cullen and Frank Welker need paychecks. I support them, not this shit show of a cinematic abortion.

  • MegaGearMax

    In actual war, humans turned their back on their own troopers, like what happened with the Vietnam vets when they returned to all the “babykiller” chants. What happened isn’t so far out of reality.

    Besides, it’s clear that Bayformers isn’t some kid’s cartoon, but made for a teen and older audience.

  • relentless79

    hallelujah! my sentiment exactly. in a way this movie almost justified all of primes actions, the dude was becoming unhinged from the constant loss of his friends and ratchet was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m happy they made prime more human because it made it possible for peter Cullen to spread his wings and act a bit and he does so especially well.

  • mike

    Amazing! People love transformers regardless of how bad it is. Imagine how much money this movie would make with a good or even middle of the tier director! It would make billions!

  • Adam Robert Sherman

    …somehow, and I liked Revenge of the Fallen, I doubt Bay actually had that going through his head.

  • Ben

    And yet we still elect the same idiots in DC each time…

  • RichiRobot

    You forgot to mention lockdowns well thought out dialogue! “I also have a saying : I don’t care”
    Oh and that marky mark was running around shooting things with a sword for half the movie
    and of course drift being extremely way too Asian
    And that drift bro boyfriend just so happens to show up in the middle of a cornfield to rescue everyone
    Great product placement too, felt like I was watching a string of commercials that happened to have robots in it

  • BCYa

    I didn’t think Godzilla was that fun. The other movies were all fun to me. So that’s the one not like the others.

    Scott Pilgrim had a great vibe to it – I have not read the comics but it was a quirky good film.

  • Cliff

    Anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of ads in it? Like the Budweiser, and Victoria secrets bus? Like they dedicated a whole unnecessary scene to crack open a beer and take one gulp

  • Ricardo Sarile

    There’s another funny part in the movie. When “Frasier” tells Yeager that he has two options… one of them being he and his daughter can go back to the barn.

    Umm…. WHAT BARN?! It was blown to smithereeeens!!

  • Paul Timmermans

    They douched up Optimus for sure. But this was far from the worst TF film.

  • garon strowsky

    japanese sensui artwork design?

  • Max

    Not really, he just looks like a whiny fanboy.

  • Max

    While that’s very interesting, neither Bay nor his writers possess the intelligence required for that depth.

  • Convoy

    That’s the thing though. There are other incarnations of the Dinobots. And in those incarnations, only Grimlock is slow, but not because he’s stupid. Far far from stupid. But when Shockwave changes his alt mode to a T-Rex, his brain processing power is sacrificed to compensate for the strength of his new format. So they don’t have to be stupid. The Dinobots were wasted. And you’ve seen four movies now. So you know they aren’t going to get any character development.

  • Convoy

    That was established when exactly?

  • Puluko

    Not only are teenagers, but a group of young people in general.
    And yes, they know Rob Liefeld … The older comics readers repudiate the Bay films and the “works” of Liefeld. Young people love both.

  • Christopher Jensen

    And actually, we kinda did see the beginning of the fight but it was taking place in the periphery while Marky Mark and friends were driving in the foreground. Seeing it go down would require paying attention which may be why the author missed it. And as for the “beating the dinobot leader in submission”, the story is that Prime freed the dinobots on basic principle but then realized, with the return of Lockup, that he needed their help. Being that the dinobots are animalistic, Prime neede to establish dominance as the alpha male in order to get them to follow them. This part is actually extremely logical even if other parts of the film weren’t.

  • Christopher Jensen

    How about the over-use of the stars behind? Especially that shot from about knee height, looking straight between her legs?

  • Convoy

    He’s not a mindless beast. Grimlock and the Dinobots are just introduced out of nowhere, and they don’t say anything. Their reminiscent of Predaking on Transformers Prime, minus an introduction.

  • Convoy

    I didn’t find it funny. I took it as, you can die one way, or you can die another. What’s it going to be?

  • shaunn

    It’s not clear (at all) that Superman killed Zod (or the others) in Superman 2. He threw them into a pit and all of them were alive when he did this. Given that it’s the Fortress of Solitude, the pit could easily have been a holding cell of some kind. Indeed, that’s the most likely explanation.

  • Christopher Jensen

    What got me about that scene wasn’t that they ended up on a highway, since cornfields have a tendency to run along side of roads – even highways – but that the CIA drivers could apparently see exactly where they were going with absolutely no visibility. Shanes car actually wasn’t plowing through the cornfield, it was driving through a path that had been cut down but even though the CIA driver on shanes left was actually plowing through the corn he somehow knew the exact moment to swerve to the right and slam into the side of Shanes car. Don’t mess with the CIA – they can drive with their eyes closed.

  • Convoy

    Then you obviously were not paying attention at all because that is totally not the point I was making.

  • Christopher Jensen

    Except that Zod and the others were powerless when they were dropped into said pit and were never seen or mentioned again, but you do have a point. In fact the original cut of the film shows Zod and crew being taken away by (arctic?) police. Karlton Hester is still correct that Superman killed Zod in the comics, however. In the 80’s, at the conclusion of the “Pocket Universe” storyline, Superman flat out executed Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul with kryptonite even after they had been de-powered because the threat that they might get their powers back and destroy the Earth was too great.

  • Convoy

    Then you along with Dark30 weren’t paying attention. Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Scott Pilgrim, were all movies that were pretty will anticipated, and people left a little underwhelmed. Even the people who enjoyed those movies can admit the flaws in those movies. Which is something Transformers fans can’t or don’t want to do. They act like the Transformers movies are flawless.

  • Convoy

    No, they’re assholes. Sentinel Prime proved that. Even in the first one Ironhide asked if he could squish Sam.

  • Convoy

    It’s easy for me to turn off my brain. I spent Friday’s and Saturday’s as a kid watching USA Up All Night. My brain can go into complete stasis lock. But it can’t when with Transformers, other mediums have told a better story than the movie and better represented. I’m also not a Bayhater. Except for Pearl Harbor, I’ve enjoyed his movies. Even The Island. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy this movie, but when I turn my brain back on, all of it’s flaws should not hit me like a tidal wave.

  • shaunn

    You’re absolutely right about the point concerning the comics. That was in the original John Byrne run – I’ve got the comics, actually. That led to Superman being so conflicted that he ended up developing a split personality. But it is a valid point and, as much as I hate “Man of Steel,” the Byrne story does lend significant support to those who claim there was precedent for Superman killing under similar circumstances. Of course, in MoS, Superman could simply have forced Zod to look the other way and, as Mark Waid said, it is not clear how one invulnerable man could kill another. Zod should have healed. But that’s a different topic. I guess the defence of Supe’s actions in MoS is that, eventually, he or Zod would have had to die, since Zod wasn’t going to stop until he was dead. I forgot about how in the extended version of Superman 2, Zod and company are taken away. But that verifies my original point – Superman never killed them, he just detained them.

  • DarleneCartangyf

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  • mel

    When he transformed and was twice as tall as Optimus Prime. They said the Dinobots were primitives.
    Why would a giant primitive take orders from someone half his size?
    Put 2 and 2 together.

  • Convoy

    OMG, a one minute fight set right everything that we should know about the Dinobots. I put two and two together that very second and saw that again, Transformers Prime did it better with Predaking. You must like simple stuff.

  • Adam

    dude. the dinobots don’t even speak in this movie, let alone speak a language they’ve never heard before. they have zero reason to listen to optimus, let alone enact some ritualistic combat that isn’t even framed and a struggle for power.

  • Buckwheat_Is_Love

    It barely beats out TF II for the worst movie of the series. Time to reboot that franchise.

  • MegaGearMax

    The TFs would see us as “annoying little bugs”, but it was Optimus and Bumblebee who saw differently. Some heroes can be jerks, but the important thing to note is that not everyone was like that. Sentinel lost his way, but the likes of Bumblebee and Ratchet didn’t.

    But this isn’t new to TF fiction: IDW explores the idea that not all Autobots are saints, while every Decepticon isn’t a stereotypical villain.

  • C4darkmane

    humans were fine, the rest i agree with, the decepticon transforming animation as swirling cloud of lego is stupid

  • Elias Algorithm

    Beast Wars was good, it was just saddled with primitive CGI. Armada on the other hand…

  • Elias Algorithm

    Well, it certainly got the audience it deserved.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Definitely got the audience it deserved.

  • Zach S.

    See, my problem with Cade wasn’t the ability to relate to his situation. Like you said, it’s pretty easy to identify with having bills or struggling to make ends meet. My problem with him was that he was just really boring. As irritating as Sam could sometimes be in the other movies, at least he was memorable in one way or another. You either liked him or hated his guts. Cade was just…forgettable, which to my mind is worse.

    Granted, it didn’t help that the characters around him didn’t give Wahlberg anything to work off of and the Autobots just seemed to not have any rapport with him at all (yes, that’s just my opinion), but still. That might be partially what the article’s author was going for with that particular point.

  • Zach S.

    They may have had a legit reason to be aggressive towards people, and seeing genuine anger in them was actually a nice touch, but by making them angry and cynical for the entire movie the writers just made them come across as out of character.

    Pissed off Optimus is cool and all, but sooner or later the old Optimus (this applies to the others as well) has to show up again to offset him. Otherwise the fun of watching the movie is just sucked out of all of it.

  • Zach S.

    Those are bold words, sir. Beast Wars was awesome.

  • Zach S.

    I think you mean Titus Welliver, not Tom Sizemore. I agree with a lot of your points though.

  • Zach S.

    My biggest problem with Age of Extinction was that is had a total lack of heart. It felt soulless, for lack of a better word.

    1. The humans were boring as sin and had nothing to work with/play off of.

    Wahlberg wasn’t too bad in terms of acting, but his character was so boring and forgettable that I actually found myself missing Shia LeBeouf. The daughter and her boyfriend were both even worse and actually WERE badly acted, which was just the final nail in that coffin as far as I was concerned. If they had given them more of a distinct purpose and let them actually form realistic friendships with each other and the Autobots then things would’ve been much better, but as it was I just couldn’t bring myself to care about any of them at all. Kelsey Grammar and Titus Welliver were both good in their roles as villains, I’ll give the movie that. But when you can’t root for any of your protagonists, then you have a major problem.

    2. The Autobots all came across as petulant and unlikable and didn’t seem to care one bit about each other or Cade and his family.

    Like I said on another post, the angry Autobots angle was really cool and I liked that, but you have to offset that with more likable moments from them. You can’t make them angry and cynical the whole movie. Otherwise, how are you supposed to like them as characters at all? They didn’t give any of them any chance to really bond with Cade or his family the way they did in the previous movies with the previous human characters. They didn’t even seem to care about each other at all, even towards the end when their enmity should have subsided a little. I’ll give them credit for having a few good scenes with Cade and Optimus, but even those ones didn’t go far enough. Oh, and giving them all a little bit more personality than before does not equal character development. The only one who got any of that was Optimus, and honestly it could have been done better.

    I won’t say that the movie was absolute garbage and was the worst thing ever or anything like that. It wasn’t. I’ve seen far worse movies than this. But this was still probably my least favorite in the franchise and though one or two may be slightly nitpicky, the article’s author had a lot of legit points, .

  • Bruno Diaz

    First of all, why the hell did they have to put the Autobots in that situation in the first place. All the famous Autobots are dead now? Gimme a f–king break.

  • Bruno Diaz

    Much worse than Cybertronium.

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    16% on RT!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Sad. I’ll stick with the IDW comics for good stories and Transformers I actually recognise both in personality and appearance.

  • Otto66

    Be sure and call right after your next trip to the theatre to watch Shakespeare. K?

  • Otto66

    I think the JoBlo website has a post of everyone of those shots from everyone of MikBay’s movies.

  • Pat Dilloway

    Um, yeah because Transformers and Shakespeare are the only options. Derp.

  • bayma

    It’s better than unobtainium.

  • Viktor Åkesson

    … what, no point of talking about any sexism or racism or homophobia like the three first movies had? Either this movie miraculously avoided those three all the way through, or you’re too insensetive and whiny and nitpicking to care about serious things like discrimination and bullying minorities… asshole.

  • Cyrus Guilani

    You critics are the biggest bunch of jokes! This is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever read. Critics reviews don’t mean shit. Everyone go see Transformers, this is the best one yet and story is much better. Critics just hate Michael Bay

  • Guest

    Nobody cares what happened in the 1980 Cartoon, this is like another universe, like beast wars, rid, energon, cybertron

  • Kirk Pears

    If you’ve seen the movie you’d understand why prime feels the way he does. And his last words were based on the combo he had with Cade about his spark and it’s like a soul. A star resembles bs spark of light.

  • mel

    Why are people always asking for a complex movie/plot, when they can’t even keep up with something this simple?

  • logat890

    I like this movie becuz Prime realizes humans for the walking shitbags that they are! Grimlock respects strength, a first meeting between Prime and Grim always ends like this!

  • logat890

    you’re not alone in hating the stupid new ‘con transforming animation.

  • logat890

    too much thinking there

  • Ransak The Elder

    Smallville touches on this a bit during one of the season whether its more humane to kill people or send them to die horribly in the phantom zone.

  • Convoy

    So you admit it’s simple?

  • Convoy

    Thank you. There was no setup for any of that. Did we know the dinobots were on the ship? It would have been nice if they had Lockdown say exactly what he was doing, and why he was capturing all these lifeforms. It would have been nice if they had shown Optimus having some sort of interaction with them while he was captured. But we’re supposed to lose our shit because he releases them, threatens them, then rides Grimlock into battle.

  • awkwardMEOW

    me too! I was like… this is the new unobtanium.

  • Callum Robertson

    Man who wrote this, ’cause all your points are really fucking horrible to say these humans ain’t as likeable as Sam is a sin optimus prime is the best and they didn’t waste the dinobots also that’s would be a shit ending the autobots and dinobots saved us yay now let’s kill them T.J Millers death wasn’t funny it was kinda sad the way a guy is lost and in need of really any help gets himself unintentionally sucked into this gets blown up in a second and with all of his guts on show you make me sick. To say anything about rotten tomatoes is pathetic this movie isn’t bays worst reviews because of that shite site rotten tomatoes it’s actually one of the best. And the bad acting thing is just an awful excuse to say something bad about a good movie what an inventor who lives alone and a recently dead wife, doesn’t want his daughter to date ’cause he’s scared she’ll get hurt or worse pfft gimme a break. The story point you made also sucked

  • Callum Robertson

    Uhhhh we know what Lockdown was doing with the dinobots y’know. “Join you’re rebel scums the worst of the worst I’ve collected all the knights(optimus looks at a captured knight that’s is actually Grimlock) except you” and he then goes back to where they were and frees them lose your shit it’s the fucking DINOBOTS who the fuck cares

  • Callum Robertson

    Well then you “thought” stupidly a goof unobtanium please just shut up

  • Callum Robertson

    I don’t think their wasted to know all about them now would waste opportunities for the fith and sixth film and for them to come out and destroy everything now is perfect

  • Callum Robertson

    I agree did you like this movie though?

  • Derrick Fish

    Well, with a well reasoned retort like that, how can I possibly hope to go on. You’ve destroyed the very building blocks of my position with your well worded thesis. THANK you for showing me the error of my ways, Callum. I am forever in your debt.

  • saturn0205 .

    My biggest problem with the film was the death of Lucas, which I believe is listed as #7. It was extremely graphic, too graphic for a PG13 film, and was lingered on for too long (at least 5 minutes of film is wasted on continuing to show us the burnt corpse). My friend – who’s father, fyi, was killed in 9/11 – freaked out and had to leave the theatre.

  • saturn0205 .

    My friends and I went to see it, and one of them had to leave the theatre when this scene played. It reminded her too much of what must have happened to her dad when the terrorists flew that plane into the South Tower on 9/11.

  • Convoy

    That attitude that it’s the fucking DINOBOTS, is why the movie is fucking STUPID. And obviously you care because you took the time to reply for the movie you enjoy. So don’t say who the fuck cares when you wasted time to reply.

  • favioi

    Ok, Bay is an artistic director, nothing else, that’s why his TF movies are so absurd. Bay has a problem developing personalities and logic in his movies.

    See this… 365 years ago there were dinobots with similar transformation characteristic than the actual autobots, now in the present time, took 4 years to the bright humans to create new robots with “better” transformation characteristics…. ja ja ja, really? and how yo explain a robot half a dinosaurs and half a humanoid shape robot with a samurai knight design?…..and how you explain Prime defeating Grimlock so easily, and why Galvatron seems to be much less than Megatron after all?, Why put those short pants in a chick so thin? made me laugh!…

  • Nxtiq

    I can’t believe they got away with not telling us how the government contracted Lockdown to kill the autobots. Like…how did they even contact him?

  • Axcalay

    Actually that rooftop brawl does have a beginning. In a couple of the car chase scenes you see Optimus and lockdown trasform and crash through a building, later emerging through the rooftop, and then the brwaling starts in another scene.
    I agree that the acting and humour in certain places was whack, and that the dinobots were extremely wasted. There wasn’t a ” Me Grimlock!” anywhere, which sucked.

    On the whole though, I enjoyed it.

  • valerie

    I like ‘Brains’- he had me rolling “no union, no benefits..” lol!!

  • Ronan

    I’m honestly surprised that peter cullen delivered those lines.

  • Kuro

    Um Cade is being your typical father. A lot of dads who care for their daughter tell them they aren’t allowed boyfriends for a long time and where were you at the beginning of the film and in some bits xD sorry but it stated that he had built quite a few robots and he actually fixed Optimus. It shows he can learn and can succeed in areas. He isn’t useless either he goes to hell to get his daughter back and gets an alien gun and actually helps out Optimus a lot. (I liked sam, but I did notice he just screamed a lot most of time).

  • Kuro

    I liked that they decided to go against humanity for awhile :) it shows they have personal values and such. Remember wars years ago on actual earth. Wars happen cuz some asshole has done something to hurt another. :) so it was their way of saying stop being jerks to us cybertronians. (I’d punch someone for hurting my cat or favourite cousin for example xD it’s like that)

  • Kel

    How on earth is Cade forgettable? Sam was a downright idiot with no skills, no sense of who he was or where he wanted to go in life. Cade on the other hand is an inventor, world changer, a man on a mission. There is nothing boring in that.

    What else made Cade boring? the fact that he didn’t raise his daughter to be a car stealing hooker like Mikela? Come on. You need to come with a better argument than that.

    I was relieved to finally see a lead character with substance.

  • Zach S.

    In movies like this, there are 3 things that make a main character memorable and not boring.
    1. Having a distinct or unique personality to make them stand out.
    2. Their relationships/rapport with the other characters.
    3. The effort put forth by the actor.

    Cade failed number 1 by having no personality outside of “generic overprotective dad”, which I’ve seen before so many times I’ve lost count. The inventor thing they didn’t even do anything with aside from showing that he was one, which rendered it pointless to the plot.

    Number 2 he failed by being surrounded by characters that either had less character than he did, or ones that just didn’t care about each other or him at all. The only one he seemed to react naturally with was Optimus, and even that didn’t go far enough sometimes.

    And number 3 he failed because Wahlberg halfassed his way through the whole film. He’s a good actor, I’ve seen him do well in other movies, but here he had nothing to work with and just seemed to not care a lot of the time, which to me is worse than LeBeouf’s overacting in some of the others. He wasn’t at all the worst actor in the film, but he wasn’t good either.

    Those things combined make for a boring, forgettable character and that’s what Cade was to me. If you liked him, more power to you. I didn’t.

  • Sebuuu

    I just loved the whole film! It was the best so far and yeah the dinobots werent that much in this movie but im sure theyll be back. And th movies main villan ,Lockdown was just pure awesomness! But this is just my opinion :)

  • Talz

    Can’t we just contend this is Bay yet again liquefying his 5hit and then spraying it over grateful and some not so grateful audiences?

  • Primus

    dinobots aren’t the way they should be personality wise and physically, the jokes are not funny, they use the same type of jokes from the previous films, the story has a lot of plot holes, hound was never fat, wtf was with those stupid transformium transformations, lockdown is an autobot mercenary.. I could go on. the only interesting part was with galvatron, which isn’t even galvatron because galvatron is unicron in megatrons body, that was just megatron. and “im coming for you next creators”. so optimus is going to kill primus? the one that gave him all his power and memories? if primus died optimus would go back to being a librarian cause he would lose his memories as a prime. primus and unicron are also technically “mystical” beings so theres no way he could.. they say themselves in the movie they are “living creatures”. also, SOLO TRANSFORMERS CANNOT FLY IN SPACE. WHY DO THEY THINK THEY HAVE SPACE SHIPS!?
    1.5 – 2 stars for me
    well done Michael bay, you lived up to my expectations once again.

  • TheMagicNipple

    The fans were pissed because the metal actually had it’s own name; Cybertronium (or Cyber Matter) :] #TheMoreYouKnow

  • Dark30

    Cybertonium is basically the blood so to speak of Transformers. It is used in the construction of Transformers, but it is not the Transformer itself. That is like saying we mine for coal which just makes itself into energy that can be commanded all by itself. It’s not even close to the same as the Transformium in the movie which could turn any metal object into a controllable Transformer.

  • Dark30

    This is actually wrong – see above.

  • Victor Polk

    I’m not going to listen to this post.

  • Jafet Nieves

    Dont they have satellites tracking their phones or even satellite imagery of where the cars going. By no we would know this.

  • Jafet Nieves


  • Daniel Barnes

    Your argument supports the shit decisions made in the 2nd and 3rd films that led to this garbage. The bottom line is, Prime wanting to kill humans is out of character. That’s like saying why doesn’t batman kill proven homicidal criminals…because it’s not in his character. Is it smart? No, but instead of lazily avoiding that trait in the writing, it would have made more sense to use it as a character flaw that requires something smarter and deeper than raw carnage to overcome. But Krueger can’t exercise healthy pathos or character development to save his life.

  • Daniel Barnes

    Sorry, but I don’t watch movies in blanks or between scenes. Don’t justify this twitter generation – short attention span narrative trend that’s plaguing films. I can recall plenty of action films that move fast and “hand hold” as you put it that were quite successful: The Matrix, Inception, Avengers, Winter Soldier, Casino Royale (remake), Taken and so on and so forth.

  • Daniel Barnes

    The scene with Prime and the Dinobots was pure contradiction. He set them free and then literally told them, help him or die. THEN, spewed out this rhetoric about the need for their help to ensure freedom, while forcing them to help him. What isn’t logical is he appeals to them as advanced intelligent life forms (which they are – they traveled the cosmos and are referred to as ancient warriors) but you argue they’re the equivalent of pets?

  • Daniel Barnes

    No, but that doesn’t justify the complete lack of logic in the premise or characters.

  • Kevin J.

    This is a horrible article and you should be ashamed for writing such junk.

  • ood

    This fkn article had me actually laughing out loud. Holy shit . Awful movie my word

  • Unizzy

    I have a few questions that bugs me:

    1: Why did they go to Hong Kong?
    2: Where did the dinobots come from, how did they scan dino forms. If they scanned them in Hong Kong, must have been near a museum of miniature models…
    3: Why did Lockdown suck up Hong Kong with his big magnet, and why did the autobots all run towards the tractor beam?
    4: Why did the antagonist inventor wait at the elevator for 3 min for thugs to catch up when he could have went up to the roof right away…

    These are just a few of the things that does not make sense to me… Hong Kong also has no valley with a giant stone ridge and farmers in the mountain where they found the dinobots btw…

  • DestinyOFire

    #1, you speak about how the autobots spoke excessively about killing humans, and that they have personalities, if you go back to the Quintessons, they were shocked of realizing that the autobots developed personalities, and when you look at it, why wouldn’t any alien regardless if they’re robotic or other alien type species have a personality, and a soul, the earth is alive even, but anyhow they weren’t obessed with killing every human, they just wanted to take care of the ones that were killing them, but if you look at it say a real life alien ever came here, the first thing that more-or-less would happen is that they would become a test experiment. 2 If you would have paid attention to the movie, you would have seen that scene where Optimus and lockdown were fighting, on the rooftop, 3. I I didn’t see Optimus as a “murderous gun thug,” I seen a being that was upset at what the humans were doing, and who could blame him, Ratchet was a medical officer, he was the one that helped fix them when something went wrong, each autobot had their own role. 5 As far as the actors are concerned I think they were fine in the movie; 6. As far as Cade being the worst father, many parents like to show an example for their kids, it’s not that he didn’t want his daughter to not date, in his own mind he was protecting her, but also he wanted her to focus on her education first, and graduate, get into college, for than he could have a peace of mind knowing that his daughter can make it out in the cruel heartless world, what if she ended up pregnant and became a young mother, before she even got to live and of course she wanted to date; 7. That character was wrong for what he did, he should have known better than to call and report. 8. I don’t think the dinobots were wasted, Also if you remember Grimlock was how we say in his own mind his own boss, he didn’t like if anyone tried to rule him, and that even goes back to when the dinobots came out, 9 the autobots and dinobots, well it wasn’t a happy ending for them to destroy the city, if the humans would have never sought into making their own and using megatron for resources, none of this would have happened, and 10 as far Cade with the words of being an inventor, well if that other guy is a true inventor than he would have cared as to what happened and as far as Optimus, not too long ago, I just learned that we’re all made up of stardust and if you know science than you know that after the big bang theory we’re all made up of stardust and that is why Optimus said what he said: he’s made up of stardust, for if you remember in the beginning of the movie, the “Creators” came down and planted those seeds which change earth. The only thing that saddened me regarding the Transformers movies is when some of the autobots were killed off, because each autobot had a job, like Ironhide was the weapon specialist, Ratchet was the medic, each one is needed for the autobots survival, but just like us, they have to learn to survive without their friends.

  • DestinyOFire

    They went to Hong Kong to transport the seed there, the dinobots were in that one ship, if you remember correctly Optimus when he pulled out his sword he cut the bar to release them, Lockdown was angry that Optimus had escaped and so he went on a hunt, as far as the antagonist waiting in the elevator, he had hit the button it wouldn’t close, so apparently it was set that way so when the thugs got there, the other two took them out

  • Lizfan

    I HATED Lucas. He was an absolute moron. This movie got 100% better after he was killed off.

  • Josh

    People actually liked TJ Miller in this movie? he annoyed the hell out of me more than anyone else. i cheered when he died.

  • Josh

    you can make a dumb fun movie that isnt overlong, has humor thats actually funny, and isnt completely stupid. Pacific Rim did it masterfully.

  • janjohansson

    So many things are bad in this movie.

    1. Dialogue Is a huge mess. Its impossible to follow any kind of story.
    The one-liners are so bad and stereotypical. “My face is my warrant” “Theres a missle in the livingroom” “A tactical nuke LoL” “That was awesome!”
    Uwe Boll level of dialogue.

    2. Characters. *

    Tess and Shade was so extremly bad and annoying.
    Tess was crying 99% of the movie and yelled for help all the time, becouse shes a pretty helpess girl.
    *Shade was even more annoying. A complete douchebag that carries around a card that makes him allowed to sleep with underage girls..yea.
    If i was Cade i woulda kicked his but long time ago. Extremly abd acting aswell.
    *Cade Yaeger? Who came up with that name?
    *Joshua Joyce. Massmurderer who created an army of killer robots that killed tons of civilians to get a bomb. Dissmantled craploads of transformers corpses.
    But thats fine, becouse i changed my mind and now carries a bomb through a city when i just coulda, you know, give it to an transformer to take it out of the city..
    Everyone forgets what i did at the end and hugs me, and i also get the girl.
    3. The Transformers are not humans, their robots.
    The ony choose to scan vehicles they can turn into to blend in.
    Why are there robots that smokes cigars? what possible function would that have?
    Lockdown has a hook on his arm. Why in the movie does he have a penis-cannon growing out of his face?
    *The poor Dinobots.
    Grimlock is an iconic character in the comics. leader of the dinobots and of of the strongest Transformers that even defeated Megatron.

  • woodrow

    This was one hour and sixty minutes of fecal matter. Who wrote this crap anyway? Who ever wrote this should be thrown in prison for life. Michael Bay for the sake of humanity please don’t make anymore movies, America thank you.

  • C. D. Carney

    I’m not sure this person watched the movies and if they did they didn’t pay attention and even if they did watch and pay attention they certainly did not enjoy them. “Transformium- That’s the name of the metal Stanley Tucci’s character uses to make his own army of Transformers. Really? Really?! Oh movie, you’re not even trying!” Did you say that to UNOBTANIUM where the morons in Avatar didn’t even try calling their crap floater scrap Pandorum or whatever? How about the whole EVERYONE IS TRYING TO MURDER THE AUTOBOTS??? I think that qualifies as a big f**k you! to the humans doing the murdering. I love this movie, at least the part where they kill all the govt. officials. Kill em all, have a good time doin’ it!

  • Suave787

    Ha…the author says optimus was modeled after John Wayne then in the same paragraph says that he had out of character homicidal tendencies!! Yeah cuz John Wayne wasn’t a hardened killer in any of his movies lol…this guy is an idiot…

  • Shubhendu Singh

    You guys forgot the hidden plea from Optimus Prime to Michea Bay?
    In the end he says “And to our creators,..Leave Earth Alone!”
    Thats right Bay, Leave us alone.

  • Tim

    May have missed it, but how exactly were the new decepticons powered? Without a “spark”, were they nuclear, battery powered? As for the rest of it, best Transformers movie was the origional 80’s cartoon version, sure soundtrack and some animation issues, but that was something. And death of Optimus think ruined the franchise from then on. But, again, how were these new creations powered?

  • Gabriel Ortiz

    I don’t think this reviewer really liked the comics or possibly even the show, just from the countdown of reasons. The show was for kids so of course they had to be nice a friendly all the time but they did have way more then enough reason to hate the humans. But I do thing this movie is really just for people who like transformers in general.

  • DestinyOFire

    The one thing that saddened me in regards to the movies so far, is that how Iron hide and Ratchet were taken out, so now with no weapon specialist or a medic how are they supposed to survive and defeat, and I didn’t like to see how Ratchet got killed like that, and one thing they are not just “robots”, people have to keep in mind they’re robotic aliens,they are living breathing creatures just as we are and even though so many disagree with of how Optimus claimed that he would kill the one that brought this all on, I think that many are mistaking the true meaning behind it, despite all the cartoons, and why not put yourself in Optimus’s shoes, what would you want to do if someone killed someone that you cared about, wouldn’t you want justice for that loved one? I think of what was trying to be showed in the movie was not that Optimus was some kind of terror of some sort of killing humans but or seeking revenge but to show that he has feelings, he feels sadness, happiness, anger, people may think that an alien doesn’t have any feelings but they would and can you imagine what would be done to one if one ever came here alone, so you have to keep in mind as I said they are not just robots, they are robotic lifeforms and even they would have a soul

  • Guest

    And I’m just speaking in general, I can understand why Optimus would want the one that took Ratchet down to pay, for as Ratchet and as Optimus said in the movie “They were my friends” as to which he also told that one that “I’m not your technology”, so it’s showing that Optimus is alive, breathing, that he has a soul, interesting too, of his last comment when the father asked if they would ever see him again, for he told him that he didn’t know but to look to the stars as if they were his soul, and and if you look back as to how they earth was created, and the big bang theory etc, well I read an article where it was written that we’re all made of stardust, I found that interesting.

  • DestinyOFire

    And I’m just speaking in general, I can understand why Optimus would want the one that took Ratchet down to pay, for as Ratchet and as Optimus said in the movie “They were my friends” as to which he also told that one that “I’m not your technology”, so it’s showing that Optimus is alive, breathing, that he has a soul, interesting too, of his last comment when the father asked if they would ever see him again, for he told him that he didn’t know but to look to the stars as if they were his soul, and and if you look back as to how the earth was created, and the big bang theory etc, well I read an article where it was written that we’re all made of stardust, I found that interesting.

  • KungFuMasterLarry

    It depends. Would they be killing off my kind due to a conflict that I brought to their unsuspecting planet in the first place?

  • Douglas da Rosa

    Number 11: All Chinese know kung fu.

  • disqus_uwfBzESCXa

    This Director is overrated I cannot remember a single movie from him that can be consider great, a masterpiece, or a cult classic. They are just mindless action movies or plot that when you try to justify them they give you a headache.

  • britone


    the dinobots Sludge is a Apatosaurus not a ficinal spinersawras and why did swoop have 2 heads and 2 tails? this just pissed me off

  • Ezio Auditore

    What language does Optimus use when he talks to the Dinobots?

  • eldin

    I hate reading some of these reviews on here. The writers of these reviews are so biased it is ridiculous. I thought the movie was pretty cool especially the character Lockdown and the cool ass Jablonsky music they played every time his ship hovered! There was just something otherworldy and alien about that particular robot and his ship that sent shivers down my spine and gave me funny dreams (nightmares to some)! Bay and co should make an even cooler alien transformer for the next flick they make and explore the alien origins of the transformers.

  • Jaimal Lindo

    ‘why doesnt Batman Kill Proven Homicidal Criminals’Well for One prime does not have the Temperament batman has Secondly if human kind was killed off by aliens or something like that or say Terrorists attacked a country wouldnt you want Said Aleins/Terrorists Head on a plate? whether its out of character is irrelevant because of the situation Prime and the Autobots was actually put into Prime had his People slaughtered and watched for the most part so doesnt he by default have the Right to Abandon human kind? he didn’t want to kill us but he wanted to Abandon us as he was pushed to the point where he could not put up with it anymore

  • Jaimal Lindo

    you do realize The Threat was already coming to Earth Before Optimus even Thought about arriving

  • nasyki

    These comments are funnier than the article and i was amused by the article to begin with. :D i love transformers fans. Clever bickering is awesome.


    There was a truck in the theaters because there was a war! And there was a war….come on! Do you think the place was gonna look like a palace?!

  • Einar Tobias Grude

    Mark Wahlberg was NOT an improvement over Shia. Mark was cringeworthy and impossible to take seriously throughout the entire movie.
    Like that pic of him on his graduation (or dance, don’t remember) where he looks to be in his 30s, or when he punches the ground in slow motion… He was just laughable the entire movie

  • Philip Albert Jackway

    that scene hearkens back to the original cartoons leadership struggle that the g1 prime and g1 grimlock had for dominance grimlock is meant to be strong stubborn its a pity there was no Me GRIMLOCK moments in the movie.

  • Muhammad Kashif

    But Before He Want To Save Human!

  • BB53

    While I agree, the movie makes no sense, that doesn’t excuse number seven of the ten things the writer can’t believe. First of all, what makes TJ Miller’s character likeable? He’s stupid, lazy, and he betrays them all by calling in the government hit squad to massacre them all. While they’re on the run he keeps blabbering about the scary cars and scary guys. He’s a buffoon.
    Then the writer says his death is played for laughs when it wasn’t at all. There is appropriately sad background music and Cade and Tessa speak mournfully of his death. Did the writer expect them to stop running for their lives in order to have a funeral service? Admittedly it wouldn’t have taken as long as usual, since he’d already been cremated. Kind of.

  • voxullus

    There is only 1 simple reason why Michael Bay has got to die because of this movie (there are many others, but this is the main one).

    Having some science-person declare that a piece of fucking metal has been carbon dated to 60+ million years old…. THE FUCK!

    This is actively making people stupid and it is a crime against humanity. The fucking chair for these cunts…

  • tha sinistro

    I hated the others, I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, and drew parallels to Americans pulling out of the middle east. The action was more human centric and entertaining. I give it a cheesy 4 out of 5. And I’m a female transformers fan.

  • tha sinistro

    it would be ridiculous that he’d just lay over and let humans kill them. It’s like saying a soldier known for his non lethality would never kill. Everyone would kill their enemy if they became too dangerous especially if they killed many of their people.

  • tha sinistro

    Yet you probably think it’s ok for any person to crap out a child.

  • Pat Dilloway

    Well women at least.

  • Daniel Barnes

    You’re missing the point, and clearly you’ve never seen the original cartoons. It’s OUT OF CHARACTER, they should have never been written into this fucktarded scenario to begin with. An angry, raving mad Optimus is not the stoic autobot of even the first Transformers film. It’s just a bad idea. In TF3 he lets the decepticons decimate a city and kill hundreds of thousands of people to prove a point. Prime would never let that happen! There’s nothing heroic about that decision, at all.

  • Daniel Barnes

    Yet again, a bullshit character trait Kruehger created for this flawed TF series. Prime doesn’t abandon, and doesn’t let people die. You need to watch the original cartoons. His actions in the movies are a cop out and a product of lazy writing.

  • Jaimal Lindo

    wheres the logic in comparing the old material to new material im pretty sure thats within the reasons of a reboot so they can do things differently

  • Daniel Barnes

    Was this a reboot? With the same writer/director that carried over the plot line from the previous two? Or are you saying this is a reboot when compared to the cartoon? Because we totally need a reboot of a live action film adaption of the original story that never happened. There’s nothing to do differently, when they never did anything right with it in the first place. The TF series is bland escapism that thrives on the fact that 10 year olds could give a shit about story/character development as long as there are tons of explosions and fights. Not once did I care for any of these characters, making each fight a snooze fest rather than something that drove the conflict. It’s a crap film, if you like it then kudos for you, but you’re also the audience that’s giving Hollywood the permission to dumb down film so that it appeals to the masses for profit, rather than trying to actually tell a story. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. It’s cool if you like to go along for ride just to have fun, but don’t defend this for what it isn’t. And what it’s not is a film trying to tell a good story, it’s another cash in to profit from the easy amusement of children a fanboys of this series.

  • Phrenzy Mcmillan

    Nobody is going to mention that sword gun that looks more hasbro than Hollywood?

  • Fred

    “Mark Wahlberg’s Texas inventor Cade Yeager (which is a name that exists never) is a slight improvement over Shia LaBeouf’s Sam”. What ??? Sam was fun, goofy and it worked… Wahlberg is just a creepy father, a self-proclaimed invetor who actually invented nothing instead of getting a real job (like… to take care of his daughter…), and he is a walking cliché…

  • IronFist

    Can you just shut the FUCK up dammit nobody cares about how u feel about the movie u are hating on a movie that has flaws and there is a number of movies with flaws. So calm your balls this movie and its whole series is hugely successful and u think u whining about is going to make you feel better. i hope you and everybody on rotten tomatoes that gives good movies bad reports, fall in a hole and is never found and being forced to eat cactuses

  • Tanne Roskat

    Honestly, I’m not a Transformer fanboy, but I can still say that the movie was great. But there were few things that bothered even me.

    The first is simple and that is how the Galvatron looks, because he’s just so damn ugly. Ugh..

    The second issue I had were those 2 useless characters, Tessa and her boyfriend. In fact, every Transformer movie had this same problem, the heroine, which are obviously there for one sole reason, fanservice.
    I would prefer if they ditched those heroines and romance scenes, and focused more on the transformers, their lore and action, instead of giving us these bothersome romance scenes every now and then, where the hero needs to give some love to the heroine while in the middle of explosions and stuff.

    But that’s just me.

  • Jacques Jones

    Agreed. Optimus Prime is not Dirty Harry. His heroism and refusal to kill humans is what makes him unique. By making him willing to kill humans, you’ve betrayed the core principles of what an Autobot should strive for. In essence, Ehren Krueger does not understand or respect Transformers, and this movie is a bigger betrayal than the goddamn Bat Credit-Card.

  • Jacques Jones

    Bullshit. If this movie was ‘dark and gritty’, than why the hell did Stanley Tucci’s character need to exist? And explain to me the logic in the ‘Romeo and Juliet Law’ in a movie called ‘Transformers’. Even if it’s not supposed to be the cartoon, one would expect a movie called Transformers to not be a case study for why Ehren Krueger should not be left near a middle school.

  • Adam Stewart

    It’s not out of character because in this movie he doesn’t do it. Even when prompted by a human to kill him he walks away and the only time he does, he does it to save another human. Optimus is still someone who doesn’t want to kill humans. He’s just furious that his friends are being murdered. It’s character exploration. And Optimus doesn’t let people die to make a point. He’s forced to leave by the humans and then hides out until the time is right.

    God bless you! God bless everyone!

  • Xavier

    Dreary and dreadful, M Bay likes taking fun nostalgia and stabbing it in the heart with Optimus’ blade . . Bay’ is Megatron/Galvatron.

  • Xavier

    Dreary and dreadful, M Bay likes taking fun nostalgia and stabbing it in the heart with Optimus’ blade . . Bay’ is Megatron/Galvatron.

  • Scrounge

    I think he assumes that most of the humans in the audience will be biased towards their own species. WHY he made this assumption, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

    The humans killing off Autobots is bullshit as hell in and of itself, though.