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Robert Rodriguez Not Involved in New ‘Predator’ Sequel

Robert Rodriguez’s days with the Predator franchise are over, but he’s more than happy to go back to being a fan.

In an interview with Collider, the Predators mastermind said he has no idea what Fox and director Shane Black have in mind for the next film in the series, adding, “But if Shane’s involved it’s gonna be awesome.”

“So long as they make another one,” he said, “I just wanna see it.”

Rodriguez looked back on his time with Predators, a film that was made in less than a year.

“It was really fun,” he said. “It was a really intense time working on a couple projects and it was really exciting. I love the whole, working in that world and getting to throw our hat in the ring for one of the movies.”


  • Adam Robert Sherman

    I really hope Shane Black considers getting Rodriguez involved. It might make for an interesting collaboration.

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