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Halle Berry’s Sci-Fi Drama ‘Extant’ Debuts First Clip

“It’s OK. It’s OK.”

Despite those assurances from an über-creepy intruder, the first clip from Extant is anything but “OK.” The upcoming CBS series centers on an astronaut, played by Halle Berry, who returns to Earth after a one-year solo mission in outer space, inexplicably pregnant.

In the new look at Extant, it appears we have an idea as to how Berry’s astronaut managed to become pregnant in space. The clip features her character, Molly Woods, reuniting with a former flame named Marcus Rawlins (Sergio Harford). Except Marcus has no business being onboard Molly’s ship, leaving one to wonder whether this is really Marcus at all — and if it’s not Marcus, who the hell is he?

We’ll find out the answers when Extant premieres July 9 on CBS.


  • Bill T.

    Sounds like it’s OK.

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