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Clark Gregg Promises a ‘Very Different Coulson’ in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 2

What’s on tap for the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this fall to ABC? Let’s see: Poor Fitz is in a coma, with Simmons likely traumatized after watching her friend nearly die; Grant Ward is in custody after he was outed as a HYDRA sleeper agent; and Phil Coulson is the new director of the agency, tasked with rebuilding the organization from the ground up in secret.

That last point is the one that’s most likely to drive the new season forward, according to Clark Gregg. The actor spoke with IGN about what to expect in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2, and the answer is “a very different Coulson than the guy who everyone knew.”

“A lot of people who knew him in the old days say, ‘He’s different.’ I think you would have to be different having gone through that stuff,” Gregg said. “I think he’s reinventing himself and re-understanding himself as a person anyway, which is probably really necessary to taking in the new environment and figuring out what S.H.I.E.L.D. ought to be in a way that it doesn’t get rotten again.”

“Coulson got to watch himself pre-memory wipe describing why he thought the whole Tahiti Project was a bad idea. He was talking about all the things that were happening to the people they were using on it and why he suggested they can the whole thing – and looked pretty shaken while he was saying it,” Gregg continued. “So I’ve got to suspect that some of the stuff he saw and some of those patients have some version of the stuff that’s going to happen to him. So we go from having no SHIELD at all, with a director on the run, to a tiny Guerrilla S.H.I.E.L.D. with Agent Coulson at its head, and maybe not in his own right head. That sounds fun.”


  • Chad Harris

    Please don’t screw this show…. I love it … it started awesome, got a wee bit slower, then went out with a bang…. I’m a marvel fan-boy and i’m biased, I really want this show to make it… and i think Skye is the best looking gal on TV right now and love her character… bring in Jennifer Walters, Jessica Drew, or Carol Danvers and I’ll betray Skye in a heartbeat just from sure fanboyishness.

  • Daniel Sellers

    this show started extremely slow didn’t really go anywhere for quite awhile I stuck with it because Joss Whedon and Marvel. I was glad that it eventually paid off heres hoping they can keep the momentum up for the new season.

  • Timtaper

    Who knew that Cashduties is a scam site and would high jack your computer and make you post stupid stuff.

  • Heathen Samm

    Whedon shows don’t jump into action. They unfold, like a good story. the characters are given the time to fully develop. It’s well worth it.

  • Adam Picton

    When does the new season come out in the UK? can’t wait!

  • I Love Melinda May

    #SPOILERS. The thing with Guest Host was eerie. I thought it was actually going to be that GH was someone they were keeping alive with the GH235. Spooked me.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Wow… so…. awesome… wait… are… you a… grown… man?

  • DaMak

    Good for her…

  • DaMak

    Nothing wrong with a little “fanboyishness”…. Let him indulge in his dream.

  • Kaine Morrison

    What a coincidence, the girl above had the same thing happen to her Aunt Allison.

  • Kaine Morrison

    More like cash for doodies …
    And use a real computer, not some CrApple piece of shite!

  • Kaine Morrison

    It hasn’t even started in the ‘States yet. relax a bit… lol

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  • Matthew the Wayfaring Pilgrim

    Wow. That said a whole lot of nothing didn’t it?

  • rosie1843

    [“this show started extremely slow didn’t really go anywhere for quite awhile I stuck with it because Joss Whedon and Marvel.”]

    I get so sick and tired of reading comments like this. Of course “AGENTS OF SHIELD” started slow. It was a new show with a serial drama format. What the hell did people expect? If they expected a show that zooms right into the action with no real character or story development, then I suggest they stick to the formalized action shows on CBS.