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Classic ‘Batman’ Finally Coming to DVD in November


Warner Bros. continues its celebration of Batman’s 75th birthday with an announcement many longtime fans have been waiting for: The arrival of the 1960s television series, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, on Blu-ray and DVD.

Batman: The Complete Television Series, featuring all 120 episodes, will go on sale sometime in November. More details will be revealed Thursday, July 24, at Comic-Con International as studio representatives join West, Ward and Julie Newmar in Hall H to screen clips and debut the cover.

To hold fans over until then, Warner Bros. has released a teaser trailer for the collection:


  • TheWolverine

    I know Burt Ward already said a few month ago that it was going to in November, but now its official. Looking forward to the blu-ray color depth.

  • demoncat_4

    nice for figured warners would want to capitilize on the holiday since that would be the perfect gift for batman fans. never thought the show given all the rights issues would ever be coming not to mention burt ward also said when he revealed the show was finaly coming that he was doing commentary for it. which hopefuly also includes julie newmar and yvone craig doing commentary too as a special feature. plus the thing says all episodes which means the green hornet ones two.

  • DoctorGrappler

    That’s great. Why not wait until the whole cast is dead. This has been tied up in so much red tape. A lot of the actors could have used the money from the DVD release since they never really did anything ever again.
    Good move Warner Brothers, get all the money to yourselves.

  • Deuce Sevenoff

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get any money anyway, dead or alive. TV contracts at that time didn’t even pay for syndicated re-runs. Unless they’re all suing, I imagine the actors haven’t got anything to look forward to from this except maybe being asked to more cons.

  • Sean Pasek

    Holy Tardiness! About blasted time!

  • Rom Capprotti

    is that ben AFLAC duck

  • DoctorGrappler

    I pretty sure the living stars (Adam, Burt and Yvonne- for the third season) are going to get a nice check as their likenesses are now being used in comics and toys.. Just read, that Yvonne Craig came to an agreement to use her likeness as Batgirl on some dolls and Action Figures and stuff.

    I think it was all about who owned the rights to all of the mechanizable pieces.