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Walton Goggins Set For ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Return

Brace yourselves, boys: Sons of Anarchy is headed back to Venus.

Walton Goggins, best known for playing criminal cop Shane Vendrell on The Shield and criminal criminal Boyd Crowder on Justified, is coming back to Sons of Anarchy for the FX drama’s seventh and final season. He’ll reprise his role as Venus Van Dam, the transgender escort who first appeared during Season 5, then returned for two episodes in Season 6.

The length of Venus’ stay isn’t yet known, but one assumes she’ll cross paths with Tig Trager, the SAMCRO biker who harbors a not-so-secret crush on Ms. Van Dam.

“She’s like a drug for me. And I think she’s like a drug for Kurt [Sutter],” Goggins told Entertainment Weekly last year about playing Venus. “Kurt and his writing staff did such a good job of creating this woman who is as strong as they come and now simultaneously as vulnerable as they come. I just… I miss her. I missed her the day that we wrapped, and I miss her now. I hope to be six inches taller than some of the members of the gang on Sons of Anarchy again, but we’ll see.”


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