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Could Mark Wahlberg Be the New ‘Six Million Dollar Man’?


Fresh off of one big-budget action film with Michael Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, Mark Wahlberg has a bionic eye trained on another. That’s if you believe the latest rumor.

According to The Tracking Board, he’s tipped to star in Universal Pictures’ adaptation of The Six Million Dollar Man, the popular 1970s television series that featured Lee Majors as a former astronaut who, after sustaining severe injuries in an accident, is given bionic replacements for right arm, left eye and both legs. With enhanced strength, speed and vision, he becomes a secret agent for the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

Peter Berg, who worked with Wahlberg on Lone Survivor, is said to be attached to produce and possibly direct.

There have been several attempts to make a Six Million Dollar Man feature — Kevin Smith wrote a movie script in 1998 that eventually was transformed into a comic book — but none has gotten off the ground.


  • mel

    loved this show as a kid

  • Dre

    Loved that show as a kid! But if it’s remade..6 million bucks isn’t applicable. .should be more like the 6 Trillion Dollar Man…inflation and all..

  • mel

    6mil sounds like the govt was cheap

  • Jason M Bryant

    The original book that this was based on was much more down to Earth. He couldn’t run hundreds of miles an hour, but his mechanical legs could run indefinitely without getting tired. He couldn’t see out of his mechanical eye, but there was a camera hidden in it for covert surveillance.

    It might be interesting if they tried to get back to the book and do a more grounded approach. I doubt they’d do that, though. People have expectations, especially for a movie version.

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