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New ‘Danger Mouse’ to Feature Gender-Swapped Characters

danger mouse final seasonDanger Mouse’s gadgets won’t be the only elements getting updated in the BBC’s recently announced revival of the 1980s animated series.

According to The Guardian, the new Danger Mouse will also feature some gender-swapped characters.

“Characters that might have been male in the past will now be female characters,” CBBC controller Cheryl Taylor said during the Children’s Media Conference.

This is part of an overall movement by the BBC to not only include more female characters, but also feature more women as hosts and narrators.

Taylor said the new Danger Mouse will feature classic elements of the original while branching out into new directions for a modern audience.

“Having seen the scripts, which are really whiz-bang, they’ve managed to retain that fantastic rather old-fashioned British humor as well as bringing something fresh,” she said

Danger Mouse will debut sometime in 2015 with a 52-episode season co-produced by FremantleMedia.


  • Melqior

    So Morocco Mole is now female?

  • BPoMo

    Gender swapping! Race changing! Political correctness knows no bounds!

  • Carl Pickles

    There’s only really Colonel K, Stiletto and Baron Greenback… unless Duckula is making an appearance as female? BTW… are we going to get David Jason reprising his role? And who is going to replace Terry Scott as Penfold?

  • joe35



    Cry harder about spicing things up. Makes you seem like a great person.

  • VBartilucci

    (exhibits restraint)
    Morocco Mole is from Secret Squirrel. That fellow’s name is Ernest Penfold. He’s a hamster.
    Though you have now given me the idea for a truly epic crossover.
    So thank you.

  • VBartilucci

    I had my heart on Matt Berry as DM and Matt Lucas as Penfold, actually.
    If we keep going down that road, Jennifer Saunders as Colonel K. And I don’t know too many female Brit comedians who famously do an Italian accent, and I don’t know any Italian comedians, but a female Stiletto could be a lot of fun, in a Natasha Fatale sort of way.

  • VBartilucci

    Indeed, it was probably a mistake to make the characters animals, as it took jobs away from human cartoon characters.

  • vicki_leekx

    Let me guess… your a straight white male?

  • Melquior

    @ “(exhibits restraint)”

    Eh relax, it’s a total ripoff anyway. Cartoon secret agent rodents, derivative of bond and villains. One super cool the other accident prone half blind bespectacled and smaller, with gadgets, converting flying car, “Chief” on screen etc. , even both their main villain antagonist is based on the same Sydney Greenstreet.

  • Melq

    @”Though you have now given me the idea for a truly epic crossover.
    So thank you.”

    It’s been done –

  • Bl00dwerK

    Let me guess: You’re a straight white female?

  • demoncat_4

    the way the creators stated both danger mouse and penfold will still be male. so guess baron greenback wlll now be baroness green back. should be interesting to see which characters get the gender swamping.

  • LGBoex

    There were only ever five or so recycled characters in every episode, including the henchmen. OMGosh, they won’t be living in that manly red postbox anymore?

  • courtneydfugate

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  • Gary Jones

    If they are going to gender swap someone then I think it would be a good idea to make it Penfold.

    The character wont be the same without the late Terry Scott providing the voice anyway, so why not reinvent the character as the original’s daughter.

  • Brian Thomas

    “52” episodes… I saw what you did there :-) Pure coincidence of course…..

  • BigJohn

    Why not just add new characters??

  • darkflame

    Its “gone mad” if your going to get it wrong, get it right!

  • vicki_leekx

    I’m a queer white female and I’m ashamed that the increasing amount of racial, gendered, and LGBT representation in comics lately is being decried as “political correctness”. It’s not about being politically correct, it’s about bringing this industry out of the 1950’s and into a contemporary mindset where not everyone is a straight white male.

  • VBartilucci

    Not surprised. There is little that hasn’t already been done on the Internet

    Resisting the urge to check if Rule 34 has been obeyed yet.

  • turtle fan

    This is my question as well.

    Secret Squirrel came back in the 90’s with Two Stupid Dogs, they wanted a woman and we got Penny, and frankly the show was better for it

    Over the course of Ninja Turtles they’ve tried to make it more diverse, they’ve had successes like shifting April from royal smart person or damsel in distress to action girl and adding Karai, Ninjara (Archie) and Alopex (IDW) to further serve the action girl role. They’ve also had controversial additions like Venus and Carter that have garnered mixed reactions.

    As a fan of a franchise I’d rather see a hundred new characters added and run the risk of some of them being lemons than seeing one of the core characters drastically altered in the hope of reaching a new audience

  • Bl00dwerK

    When established characters are being changed to suit one group or another “political correctness” is exactly what it is. Create new characters instead of changing the ones we already have…