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Peter Capaldi’s Hearts Flutter in Latest ‘Doctor Who’ Teaser

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor seems to be having a rough go of things in the latest Doctor Who teaser from the BBC.

Much like the previous preview, this one shows Capaldi’s new Doctor having some trouble on board the TARDIS. Instead of talking to Clara this time around, though, a voice that sounds an awful lot like Davros says, “I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred.”

The creator of the Daleks, Davros first appeared in the 1975 Tom Baker serial “Genesis of the Daleks.” The mad scientist has appeared several times, but hasn’t been around for a while. It might be time for the villain’s return, or this voice might be someone else with an affinity for Dalek cadence.

The eighth season of Doctor Who premieres Aug. 23.


  • Chris Buckley

    For all those deeply critical that the Doctor should ever be played by an older actor again: take heart! Peter Capaldi’s first challenge is, apparently, a cardiac event.

  • Pete Marshall

    I’m hoping for the Dalek Time Controller rather than Davros :D

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