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SDCC | ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell to Host WBTV’s DC Presentation


Arrow star Stephen Amell will step into the spotlight Saturday, July 26, at Comic-Con International as master of ceremonies for Warner Bros. Television’s “A Night of DC Entertainment.”

The Hall H presentation will include screenings of the pilot episodes of Gotham and The Flash, a look at footage from the Constantine pilot, and a sneak peek at the third season of Arrow. Amell will also introduce some of the stars and producers of each of the four series.”I shudder to think how awesome the Arrow footage is going to be,” the actor wrote on his Facebook page. “Last year we had 4 shooting days to build something. This year we have 10 or 11.”The Arrow spinoff The Flash arrives Tuesday, Oct. 7, on The CW, followed Wednesday, Oct. 8, by the return of Arrow. Constantine premieres Friday, Oct. 24, on NBC. Fox hasn’t announced a premiere date for Gotham.


  • Morgan

    You couldn’t have chosen a better host! He’ll be phenomenal.

  • Robin Cognato

    Crap, I’m going to miss it! I thought I would be able to make it SDCC this year, but I can’t take off work Thurs & Friday, and I have family obligations that came up that i CANNOT miss, that weekend.

    Oh well, there’s always next year.

  • Asheesh

    if they keep on making lots a tv serials like that then we wont hav ebuf time to watch EM ALLLLLL