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Kevin Smith Reveals First ‘Tusk’ Poster, Talks ‘Clerks 3′ Troubles

Tusk Poster Kevin Smith has had a busy year. In addition to appearing on several podcasts each week, the filmmaker has been writing plenty of scripts, like his Krampus film Anti-Claus and his new film Tusk. The first poster for the new horror film debuted on the film’s official site and on Smith’s own blog.

Tusk centers on a podcaster played by Justin Long, who meets a strange guy (Michael Parks) who wants the younger man to dress up as a walrus for large portions of the day. Tusk finds its roots in Smith’s podcast SModcast with longtime friend and producer Scott Mosier. Smith recently revealed that Tusk is the first of three Canada-set films inspired by the Internet radio show, to be followed by Yoga Hosers and Moose Jaws, which was just announced on SModcast #302.

One film that’s having trouble gaining traction, however, is Clerks 3, the second sequel to Smith’s first film. He explained to Screen Daily that The Weinstein Co. passed on the project. “I went in with a $6 million budget and they were like, ‘Oh no, Kevin. This is too high,’” Smith said. “Bob offered us distribution, but they weren’t going to finance it.”

The move is a surprising one, considering Clerks II was made for $5 million and earned nearly $27 million worldwide. Ever since Smith’s 2011 movie Red State, though, he’s been getting creative with financing, so the film will still very likely get made.


  • Veidt

    Smith has stated in his podcasts that what is stated as a “problem” here, financing of the Clerks III by the Weinstiend company, is not an actual problem. He wants to finance it himself, because the Weinsteins and Smith are still having legal problems concerning the profits from Clerks II. The film is not having problems finding “traction” it is that Smith knows Clerks III will not be made without him, whereas the other movies could and they interest him more at this time.

  • Veidt

    One thing that many people don’t get now that Smith is a very large champion of is that the typical distribution system that we have had for years for films can now be circumvented and movies can be put out and make money through different channels. Movie budgets for small films, films like what Smith makes, are often not large and sometimes what the financing companies would spend to actual “make the film” they will spend that much and maybe more advertising the film. So a movie costing 2 million to make, including all costs and hiring the actors and paying the director, will have a budge of 4 million sometimes where traditional thinking has the advertising spend just as much getting word out as they spent on the movie. In the digital age such costs for smaller movies are hard to justify and Smith, with this last movie Red State, went around most of this, not financing the movie traditionally. He also did not do a set release date and released the movie in theaters, online, and for download on the same date. This is why getting traditional financing for Clerks III, like they did for Clerks II, doesn’t make sense and isn’t a good ideas. On Clerks II the budget to make the movie, and the cost of advertising was the same amount, so the Weinstiens spent as much on making the movie as they did on advertising it and they didn’t get increased attendance because of it.

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  • TicaPool

    What a wonderfully designed poster. From an aesthetic point of view that is simply gripping.

    While I am a huge fan of Kevin personally, and I find his podcasts highly entertaining, I truly don’t “Love” his movies. Entertaining, yes, with comedic moments that resonate to most in the 30-45 year old bracket. Yet, to this day I feel that “Jersey Girl” is his only true film that conveys and entertains from beginning to end (I’ll admit I haven’t seen Red State). This new slate though sounds very intriguing, and I can’t wait to see each.