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‘Doctor Who’ Season Premiere Details, Image Revealed

doctor who deep breath

With the new season of Doctor Who a little more than a month away, fans are clamoring for all the details they can get. Some have even read leaked scripts for the first five episodes. However, those who prefer less intense spoilers will be happy to see this new image of the season opener “Deep Breath” appear on Entertainment Weekly, along with comments from co-star Jenna Coleman and Executive Producer Steven Moffat.

“Deep Breath” marks Peter Capaldi’s first full appearance as the title character. Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, called this new version, “a lot fiercer.” “This man is a total adrenaline junkie,” she added.

The Aug. 23 premiere not only features Capaldi’s first outing as the Doctor, but also the return of the Paternoster Gang, consisting of the Silurian Madame Vastra, her human girlfriend Jenny and Stax the Sontaran. But, as Moffat points out, Capaldi will be be in the spotlight.

“It’s a big introduction — he’s the new Doctor,” he said. “There’s no point pretending that it’s not the most interesting, dynamic thing that you’ve got to sell in that first episode. It’s going to be about ‘What’s he like? How’s he different?’ I suppose it feels a bit like a character piece, but there’s plenty of action and nonsense and jeopardy, as there ever is in Doctor Who.”


  • demoncat_4

    can’t wait. for should be interesting to see saxon and madam vestra for love the characters. and they get the first ineraction with the doctor too kick things off. hope the season also includes a show down with the master or the rahni whose time to pester the doctor is long over due

  • Jacqui H

    Excuse me, Jenny is Vastra’s wife thank you very much! *professor corrector, away!*

  • Anthony J Fuchs

    Thank you! And the Sontaran’s name is Strax!

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