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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Introduces Villain Agent Kallus

star wars rebels agent kallus

After months of talking about Star Wars Rebels antagonist The Inquisitor, Lucasfilm is finally showing fans the other main villain from the upcoming Disney XD animated series, Agent Kallus.

“His job is to basically make sure everyone stays loyal,” voice actor David Oyelowo says in the video below. “And anyone who gives a whiff of disloyalty has to be cut out. So, I guess you could safely say he’s a bad guy.”

“He’s pretty literally a rebel hunter,” director Kilian Plunkett said. “His whole task is to investigate any sort of instance of local insurgency and see if it’s the beginnings of what could become a rebellion.”

If that’s not enough Star Wars information for your brain, has the full lineup of Comic-Con International events from a galaxy far, far away, along with this new Rebels poster.

star wars rebels sdcc 2014 poster


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