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‘Fantastic Four’ Isn’t Based on Existing Comics, Kate Mara Says

kate mara transcendence

Actress Kate Mara, who stars as Sue Storm in Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot, says she’s never read any of the comics, but that’s just fine with director Josh Trank.

“I’ve never been a fan of comics, I’ve never actually read one,” Mara told Esquire Mexico in an interview presented by ComicBookMovie using Google Translate. “I was going to for this movie but the director said it wasn’t necessary. Well, actually he told us that we shouldn’t do it because the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published. So I chose to follow his instructions. The one fact is I am a fan of comic book movies, so it’s very exciting to be part of a movie like this.”

She also said she understands the character has a lot of fans, but that doesn’t make the role more intimidating than any other.

“I don’t feel more responsibility with this role that I’ve felt with others,” said the House of Cards star. “I understand that there are many fans of Fantastic Four, and I guess they expect a lot from me, but I prefer not to be pressured by that. We are also trying to create a new way of seeing these superheroes, I’m focusing on making her [Susan Storm] as real as possible.”

Opening June 19, 2015, Fantastic Four also stars Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, Miles Teller as Mister Fantastic, Jamie Bell as The Thing and Toby Kebbell as Doctor Doom.


  • Terry Allen

    Sounds more and more that I’ll be giving this a miss

  • spikewriter

    “the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published.”

    :: beats head on desk ::

    It may still be a good movie — but I’m not at all certain, reading this, that it will be a good movie version of the FF.

  • Betty Boolean

    So why make a Fantastic Four movie? make something new.

  • jeez

    So, the question at this point is probably not, “Is it going to be bad?”, but rather, “is it going to be so bad that it effects the future of comic book movies altogether?”

  • Rimmer

    Exactly. Why base a film off a property when you’re essentially not using that property at all save for character names at a high level. Regardless of casting, I think this is the bit that really takes the cake on this one.

  • Jae Xerrano

    Does anyone else feel like he had a a hard time getting Chronicle 2 to take off. So he thought I can just change Fantastic Four and say I am giving it a fresh new take.

  • natureboy1

    The more I learn about this film, the more it strikes me as a vanity project of the director. It’s arrogant and disrespectful to the fans that were hoping for a FF movie.

  • SJNeal

    And that’s the sound of a thousand fanboys hearts breaking…

  • Derek Metaltron

    Christ on a bike, you are playing a comic character, why not READ STUFF WITH THE COMIC CHARACTER IN? You’re taking on Doctor Doom and Mole Man, surely you want to know about them right?! Nothing about Kate Mara, great an actor as she is in House of Cards, screams Susan Storm to me. Susan Storm is a heart felt, caring and motherly person with immense strength. That does not suggest Kate to me. Not does having Billy Elliot as the Thing or the numerous suggested changes which were found in that supposedly debunked synopsis.

  • danielpatrickB

    This just sounds worse and worse

  • Carl Pickles

    This may well turn out to be a good film, considering the talent involved onscreen, but it’s looking less and less like the FF. What’s next? Different abilities? Different method for gaining their powers?

  • Dalarsco

    Not basing the plot on anything specific doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t read it to get a bit more insight into the character. This is actually the first detail about production that dampens my enthusiasm, other than the Sue and Johnny clearly not being biological siblings bit.

  • FFfan

    wtf is wrong with this woman!!
    oh well… i’ll still watch it…
    but the things she said… booooo!!!

  • Fusion

    That’ a shame. I was hoping to see some of the best ever FF run (Waid and Ringo) adapted.

  • Josh White

    They could always turn it into Chronicle 2

  • Allan

    That’s too bad, in addition and unrelated – I thought Mara would look strange as a blonde and I believe I was correct.

  • Mario

    Because that way they don’t lose the movie rights back to Marvel. They don’t care about the actual FF product, they just don’t want to lose the name.

  • JeffGutman

    Oh God. Just…… Oh man.
    And the Internet explodes…. So where do we organize to start a nationwide boycott???

  • RobotShlomo

    “I’ve never been a fan of comics, I’ve never actually read one,”Apparently neither has Josh Trank. Good thing we’ll be too knee deep in Avengers: Age of Ultron to care about this movie when/if it finally is released.

  • MaskedManAICN

    Well Age of Ultron isn’t going to be based on the comic, and I’m pretty damn happy about that :p

  • nihilance

    So the rights don’t revert back to Marvel like they did with Daredevil.

  • nihilance

    You misspelled John Byrne.

  • MaskedManAICN

    Aside from the news that Josh Trank is directing, gotta say I haven’t liked any of the news about this movie. It will be interesting to see if he can actually win us over once we’ve seen the film. Or trailer. If the trailer is bad I’ll wait for TBS, like I did with the last two FF movies.

  • RobotShlomo

    It’s almost like they have no grasp of the material AT ALL. This is what Hollywood used to do back in the old days. Directors used to really throw out the source, and say “Oh no. I’m doing this MY way! Just you watch, I know it will be better!”. You’d think we had reached the point where it’s been PROVEN that staying as close to the source material as possible gives you the best results. I dunno guys, maybe those hipster glasses Josh Trank wears only shows him what he wants to see.

  • bash99

    agree 100%

  • bash99

    yup, and the studio is more than happy to hang onto the FF rights

  • Mitch2012B


  • bash99

    Can’t wait to hear more about the Star Wars stand along project Trank is rumoured to be directing. It would be funny if that was yet ANOTHER chronicle remake

  • Jaries


  • RobotShlomo

    The difference is that when you see it, you’re still going to say “Hey, cool! The Avengers!”. I’m not even sure what this is anymore.

  • runner_j

    Yeah, she’s a fan of comic book movies because they’re successful and she wants some of that coin. Ugh.

  • SamiSwanSion

    What makes me so upset is that this is totally not a movie for FF fans anymore. And I guess we’re too dismal of a target market to reach to really care about but damn…Like even the X-movies were based off the ideas of its comic book counterpart’s continuity. And I mean, I was REALLY looking forward to them going the Ultimate FF route (i.e. Millar’s and Bendis’s run only) because you know…young cast, young director…but damn. Plus the FF are really scientists and explorers that just end UP being superheroes because they made a mess and have to clean it up. And I don’t think anyone’s ever really got that. And I don’t think Josh Trank gets that. Because if he did, he’d be making them read the source material?….I just….how do you say “DON’T!” to an actor researching a very DEFINED role??? Ugh. Whatever. This just makes me want to cry and rant and cry. Where’s my John Byrne omnibus!?!

  • PietroMaximoff

    what an idiot. people already hates the casting and the project.
    but she saying this will only make fans hate her more…

  • Jack R

    Well her character doesn’t really have a lot of fans since it’s apparently Sue Storm in name only… Yeah, I agree. Why even call it Fantastic Four.. Just call it “Irradiated Millennials in Love” or something…

  • Jack R

    Without a doubt, at least one of those.

  • MovieFan

    It should be boycotted so the movie rights goes back to Marvel.

  • Jack R

    Why bother making her blond? Trank’s not conforming to any other part of the characterization, physical descriptions, back story, or the dynamics of their relationshiops…. why draw the line with hair color?

  • lattethunder

    Has anyone stopped to consider that this simply means they’re not adapting a specific storyline from the comics? I’m not possessed of the clairvoyance the Internet seems to afford so many people, so I’m thinking the way she phrased her comments (the word “plot” strikes me as an important qualifier) doesn’t necessarily translate to this being an in-name-only FF movie.

  • Jae Xerrano

    I am not even a real Fantastic Four fan and it bugs the hell out of me.

  • CeeCeeCee

    In an age where every b list actor with a flagging career is launching their own transparent and cynical “I wanna play this character I vaguely look like” campaign, it’s actually really refreshing to hear an actor admit to never having read a comic before. Being a fan of fantastic four doesn’t make her acting ability any better or worse, so why lie?

  • Jeff Gutman

    Sorry, but the quote “the plot won’t be based on any history of anything already published” is pretty damning. That doesn’t say to me that its not a storyline from the comics. That says to me, this isn’t based off the comic in any way so don’t bother researching the comic.

  • CeeCeeCee

    The same applies for literally every actor in any of your favourite comic book movies, reboots and genre homages. From RDJ right through to Kate Mara, none of these actors are looking at these roles as passion projects.

  • Disco_Magic

    Reading Fantastic Four without John Byrne is like eating ice cream without the ice. It has the same flavor, it’s just no fun.

  • CeeCeeCee

    Tim Burton didn’t like/read Batman comics. Starship Troopers only uses the barest elements from Heinlein’s book. You don’t need to be a slave to the source in order to make a good film.

  • lattethunder

    Don’t you get it? She’s supposed to read the comics, watch the cartoons, and go to conventions and ask fans how she should interpret the character.

  • victimblue

    I thought Rise of the Silver Surfer was great. This crap looks like it will be in and out of the theaters…Hope its crap so marvel could get the rights back and do it properly.

  • Catalyst

    It’ll be the series from the point of R2-D2 so he can continue to use the found footage theme.

  • Catalyst

    True, but those examples still kept in sync with the tone of the character/story. This is just using the barest of FF blueprints to create a movie, which may or may not, still star the Fantastic Four.

  • Trama

    I agree with you that pandering actors can be just as bad – can they all have been lifelong fans of the exact characters they’re playing? On the other hand, whether its a comic or a novel – you would hope the people have some interest in the material. It would be the same as if someone adapting Jurassic Park came out and said, “I know there’s a book, but I’m not into dinosaurs, but summer movies make money, so yeah.” This goes hand in hand with Miles Teller basically saying he wasn’t really that interested in the project, but sure why not? I CAN’T WAIT until they go on the press tour for this thing.

  • samuel

    Now I can’t wait for a trailer!
    Also is it true its going to be found footage? Goodness I hope not that be crazy

  • Catalyst

    There have been many hints by the writer and others that the origin story is going to be changed in order to suit a more “coming of age” story plot. As if that hasn’t been done to death in comic films already…

  • Allan

    A lot of comic movies, not including Marvel Studio’s, don’t really ever follow any existing stories but they do try to make the characters look correct. Like Halle Berry’s white hair in X-Men. The first three movies were pretty dumb, Storm wasn’t anything like Storm BUT her hair was white.

  • Jay

    (Sigh!) Tobey Maguire was told the same thing and so what did we get? A slow talking moronic Pete who couldn’t give a quick witted quip to save his life.

    Contrast this with Hugh Jackman who upon being told to not read the comics by Singer, promptly ignored him and got issues sneaked into his trailer. Thus he started ad-libbing ‘Bubs’ into the script, much to Singers annoyance. But eventually he got Singer to keep one in, and it paid off. So that every time he’s played Logan since, he’s been able to inject a flavour of the comic character.

    But I guess we’re again heading down the Jessica Alba route to a Sue Storm who’ll be similar in name only to the character?

  • CeeCeeCee

    Y’know, I doubt a lot of the Jurassic Park crew outside of Spielberg read the book. From what I’ve heard they’re two very different animals. I get your point though.

    At any rate, it’s not like Mara wasn’t willing to read some comics to get in to the character, she was just told it wasn’t necessary for her to do so.

  • CeeCeeCee

    “This is just using the barest of FF blueprints to create a movie”

    Who’s to say that won’t work?

  • Jay

    Joss Whedon knows his comics though. So they’ll undoubtedly be beats that will feel like famous moments from the avengers titles. I mean if you think about it, the plot to the first Avengers movie is pretty much a mixture of the first Ultimates alien invasion story, and the first actual issue of Avengers with Loki causing mischief and at one point using the Hulk to do so..
    But yeah, as long as none of what he uses is from that truly horrible Bendis story, then it should be alright..

  • drno07

    Maybe this will end up being the best thing for the FF in that the movie will bomb so badly that Fox won’t want to even try again, and Marvel can get them back and fold them into the MCU…….

  • Jeff Gutman

    At this point, that’s all we can hope for. If you’re even THINKING about going to theatre, don’t go! Its all we can do at this point to show our disapproval for this sort of attitude towards comic books in Hollywood.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    HahAhaHAha this is just getting too good. I’m legitimately convinced now that Josh Trank is just yanking you guys around for the fun of it.

    None of this is convincing me not to go see it though. I’ll be front row, opening weekend, 3D glasses, big bucket of popcorn with a big smile on my face. Who knows, maybe the movie will still be pretty badass. I’m not a huge F4 fan, but the less it looks like the Tim Story movies the better.

    I feel bad for you guys because I would be mad if this was my favorite comic book, but at the same time it’s just hilarious to think how butthurt you’re probably all getting over it.

  • Darth Kaos

    Good old FOX, they always disappoint. Hiring people who know nothing about the source material.

    Good news is that this should be the final nail…expect the rights to go back to MARVEL afterwards when this movie BOMBS! Hopefully, Trank will be let go of the Star Wars spin-off as well (crossing fingers).

  • bash99


  • Darth Kaos

    I like your optimism. But your heart is going to be broken.

  • Andrew

    She doesn’t read comic BOOKS, but she likes comic book MOVIES. People really don’t read any more do they?

  • Craig Peters

    reject the source material … piss off the fan base … at that point, why not just make a superhero movie without piggybacking on the FF name and canon?

  • JohnRed

    If it’s not based on existing comics, the why the fuck is it called Fantastic four? Facepalm.

  • lattethunder

    Starship Troopers kept in sync with the tone of the character/story of the source material? Not hardly.

  • lyndambias

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  • bandoogiemanz

    If the movie turns out to be 2hrs of sh*t, who will be more butthurt, then? The fans who complained and kept their money in their pockets, or the people like you who paid to go see it?

  • Ushio

    Highest selling monthly is 130,000 copies for June that’s 0.041% of the population of the USA.
    So yeah no one reads superhero comic’s anymore.

  • What?

    Hickman’s run was legendary….Mark Millar had a really good 2 arcs as well.

  • Benjamin J

    That’s not how that works.

  • Ushio

    No one in Hollywood reads the source material you think RDJ ever read an Iron man comic before reading the script of IM?
    Everyone knows who the FF are but 0.01% of people in the US have ever read a FF comic.

  • Misery is named Josiah

    I already saw a non-cgi preview of one scene. The thing is in the bathroom on his special porcelain throne and says “Now to flush my Josiah Silas Michael and get back to lunch”.

  • Jim Kakalios

    If, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we DON’T at some point have Thor say seven words, that start with ‘Ultron’ and end with ‘thee’, I’ll eat my chapeau!

  • Ushio

    Will never happen the Fox and Disney boards hate each other and even if they know it’s a loss Fox will make films just to stop Disney getting the rights back.
    Still Fox keeping FF is good in my mind since if FF had returned to Disney it would be a FF film this year instead of GotG.

  • Ushio

    Hey anyone here like Game of Thrones?
    You know were in every cast interview they all say they never read the books.
    Hmm I guess not knowing the source material really matters!

  • Ushio

    Yeah! oh wait I thought it was called the Fantastic Four because It stars those characters not because it needs to re-tread old storylines.
    Because the new comics that come out are all new art on 1960’s era stories right?

  • Ushio

    But all the Spiderman fans I know love Tobey as Spiderman!
    Since only the original first 8 years of Spiderman comics are any good.

  • Jeff Gutman

    Huge difference. This is a case where the actor WANTS to learn about the source material and the director is essentially saying they have NO INTENTION of following the source material in any way, so the source material is irrelevant. This is an example of Hollywood’s belief that just throwing the name “Fantastic Four” on a film will bring in comic fans even if the story has no actual content from the comic. Its disgusting.

  • joe35

    “I was going to for this movie but the director said it wasn’t necessary. Well, actually he told us that we shouldn’t do it…” Probably because he didn’t want the cast realizing just what an unfaithful piece of garbage the film is compared to the source material. This sounds like it’s already lined up to be one of the worst comic book movies of all time. On par with, say, “Batman & Robin.”

  • Jeff Gutman

    Worse. At least Batman and Robin was somewhat based on the characters! Even if it was more of a tribute to the Adam West version, it was still recognizably the character!

  • Jeff Gutman

    The problem with your argument is this: The film will not star “those characters” According to all sources, it will feature actors using those character’s names with no recognizable attributes of those characters.

  • Reginald

    Actually, that’s exactly how it works. If this movie bombs and does terribly, Fox may not make another because it isn’t financially viable. Then the rights will return to Marvel after a time.

  • Trama

    Shouldn’t they want to? If you’re signing on to adapt anything, shouldn’t you want to check out the material you’re adapting? It’s weird to me that a director was basically like, don’t worry about this everyone. I got it.

    It’s a well-established fact that Nolan wasn’t a comics guy, and it took Goyer to convince him to have things like the utility belt, etc. But even his team poured over Joker appearances in the comics to understand what worked, the dynamic, etc.

    Instead, it seems everyone from this film keeps saying, “it’s real, it’s grounded.” I can’t wait to see this movie about fantastic people being very grounded.

  • runner_j

    Yeah, but she doesn’t have to be so obvious about it; that’s my point.

  • the_Hold_Steady

    It sounds to me like she’s just following the instructions of the [misguided] director.

  • Guest

    No they don’t, Maisie Williams was on breakfast TV a week or two ago and she said she’s read all the books and always compares the script to her expectations. I’ve also seen other videos of cast saying they love the books.

  • guest

    That’s not true. Many people have read an FF comic. The only reason that the current number is that low is because of the current quality of the series. It is not good. Many people have given up on the comic book but have wished for a good movie. Obviously that’s not happening either.
    P.S. RDJ has admitted that he read many comics before signing on as IM.

  • facebook

    Facebook, call your group ‘USA boycott FF reboot’ and I’ll join it ;)

  • guest

    Again, you fail. Spider-Man’s sales continued to grow as well as the popularity even after 8 years.
    Tobey isn’t loved that much either.

  • Hair color fan

    Hope Michael B. Jordan also has blonde hair in this, the hair color is the most important part of the characters for both siblings.

  • guest


  • Parker

    I mean, if you don’t want your movie to do well, sure! Piss off and alienate 70% of your targeted market, that’ll definitely help run your name through mud. That’s always a fun thing to do :)

  • Derek Metaltron

    They could even have a Ghost Rider situation where having failed with a second film in 2012, Sony simply elected to hand Marvel the rights back with no fuss. This movie is pretty much the ashcan 1994 FF film situation all over again because Fox figures getting anything out at least keeps the rights in check.

  • Maras Memcevic

    That’s it FOX…More nails into the coffin..and GOOD LORD she is one FUGLY woman…damn…hopefully she will stay invisible for most of the movie if she looks like that!

  • Hugomarink

    So they’re willing to spend millions to make a movie that will bomb just so they can retain the rights? What do they do then, make the “real” Fantastic Four movie that the fans want? Doesn’t make much sense. Honestly, if they make a movie that nobody wants to see and it bombs at the box office then owning the film rights to the FF is not going to be worth all that much going forward. Who knows, at that point maybe Marvel Studios can get back the film rights when this film inevitably craps the bed? Might end up being the best-case scenario, no? Oh, and on a side note, I will see it for Kate Mara alone. BIG crush on her. :-)

  • Benjamin J

    I think Fox would continue to make movies that bomb financially – though they probably will make enough money to justify their existence on that level – to retain the rights rather than allow Marvel/Disney to profit from them. If not, they would’ve handed them over in the first place.

  • Kaine Morrison

    He was seen and photographed buying a tonne of issues before they started filming.

  • Dave Busby

    They’re leaking this because Marvel is canceling the FF titles. Tit for tat.

  • Kaine Morrison

    The worst thing that can happen is for this movie to completely bomb…
    If it does and Marvel gets the rights back, FOX will have tarnished the name of The Fantastic Four for a long time that there will not be a Marvel/Disney Fantastic Four movie for a good long time.

  • Kaine Morrison

    Ultron you vile villain, have at thee?

  • Kaine Morrison

    I hated Hickman’s run.

  • Ushio
    Go to 2:20 where she says she hasn’t read them.
    If you want I can give you links to the actors playing Tyrion, Tywin, Sansa, Cersei and Jaime (can’t be bothered to look up the actors names) say the same thing.

  • Ushio

    The same is true every time the creative team on the comic changes as well.

  • Ushio

    LOL 30,000 people is many to a person but it is a tiny number to how many people there are.
    If you went and did a random survey at Wallmart’s say I bet you could ask 100,000 people with out one saying they ever read a FF comic.

  • Jeff Gutman

    That’s a strange opinion. So you believe everytime a comic changes creative teams, the characters are rebooted such that they exist as the same characters in name only? I’ve never heard that opinion shared by anyone, and you’re entitled to believe it. It doesn’t make it true.

  • Ushio

    Oh no, I meant all the Spiderman fans I know who liked Tobey only consider the Spiderman books written by
    Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to be the good ones with the hundreds of issues they’ve bought since pale imitation’s.

    I much prefer Andrew but then I’ve only been following the comics since 97-98 (can’t remember) and only ever watched the 60’s 80’s and 90’s cartoon’s before without the geeky and unconfident Parker that most Spider fans I know prefer.

  • Ushio

    There is so much inconsistency with the portrayal of any comic character that through the decades and I have no idea how many different creative teams that saying if you read Spiderman issue (random issue’s incoming) 127 and then 432 and saying all the character are the same just doesn’t work for me.
    Especially since the characters haven’t actually aged much for the amount of change there is.

  • markgpyle

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  • Catalyst

    I didn’t, but it’s just a question of whether an adaptation should maintain it’s source or not. If the film is good, then good. However, “is the film really a true adaptation of the source or not?” is the question many are struggling with right now. Since we have not seen the final product, it is hard to decide either way, but the more information that comes out the further this film seems to get form it’s source material, and therefore fans of said source material have every right to question the film’s legitimacy (though not the quality of the final product).

  • DarthTigris

    That would be 3 million people, which is potentially $30 million of domestic box office gone, along with any positive word of mouth within fandom.

  • Ushio

    Population of USA – 318,389,000

    0.01% is 318,389 people which at my local UK cinema price £16.40 (using XE currency converter) is $28.12

    So $8,953,099 at the USA domestic box office at UK rates.

    Or at your $10 a person rate $3,183,890.

    Not that much.

  • Ken Pierce

    This sounds pointless and honestly Marvel should have some kind of clause on these characters that affect their rights usage if such proposed films can jeopardize the overall franchise of the character. This “Fantastic Four” film sounds foolish already and they have not even disclosed a possible plot. You cannot mess with the hero team that was canon to the Marvel Universe. It makes no sense. I will see this film when it hits Netflix or HBO. I cannot see myself getting in line at the theater.

  • Melwing

    What terrible publicity.

  • Melwing

    “Clearly” – not really. It’s likely they’ll go some adoption route, but the characters could easily share one parent (or even both, really- though, while scientifically feasible, that’s even less likely).

  • DarthTigris

    Your math is faulty. Watch your decimal. USA wins.

  • Cafeeine

    That’s because the character needs to be recognizable on the movie posters. Once the tickets have been bought, there’s no need to stay faithful to the characterization.

  • FF Fan

    I hope the crowd at SDCC lets this cast/crew have it at their panel. They deserve nothing less.

  • Ushio

    In my original comment I said 0.01%, a tenth of a percent of the US population.

    You then said 30 million people which is wrong that is closer to 10% of the population.

    Also what do you mean USA wins? what is that about?

  • Cafeeine

    The difference here is that there is already a significant cinematic universe to work with, the difference between being the first film in a series and being the 11th.

  • Eric09

    I’ve never seen a movie work harder to try to piss off an established fanbase.

  • Eric09

    Lol. I think it’s because she’s a natural brunette. She just looks odd with blond hair.

    Apparently Fox has some issues with finding natural blond actors/actresses.

  • UdelJames

    Worked for Roger Corman.

  • DarthTigris

    318,389,000 x .01 = 3,183,389. Take that times $10 a ticket and you get $31 million. I never said 30 million people.

  • Ushio

    Yeah your right I was wrong about the 30 million my apologizes. That is a 10th of the US population but your 3 million is 1% while we want a tenth of a percent.

    you want to do 318,389,000 x 0.001 to get 1/10 of a %.

  • DarthTigris

    You know, I was wrong (my apologies as well), the decimal needs to be moved two spaces over so it should be .01% should be times .0001, which would only be 31k. Ugh.

    Can we agree that far more than 31k people (or even 318k) in the US have read a comic with the FF in them in the last 50+ years?

  • Spacedog2k5

    *FACEPALM!* Seriously?! Why is it that NO ONE can get the Fantastic Four done right as a movie? Seems like it should be the simplest formula, yet EVERYONE seems to come at from the most wrong angles possible! I would rather *never* see an FF movie if this latest insult to our intellects is what we are going to be presented. FAIL!

  • Ushio

    “Can we agree that far more than 31k people (or even 318k) in the US have read a comic with the FF in them in the last 50+ years?”

    Yeah easy but I was more thinking in the present where and lets be honest comics being mainstream died in the early 80’s.

    That’s why I said in my original post

    “Everyone knows who the FF are but 0.01% of people in the US have ever read a FF comic.”

    And I still stand by this (even though it was to a different post)

    “If you went and did a random survey at say all the USA’s Wallmart’s I bet you could ask 100,000 people with out one saying they ever read a FF comic.”
    The above link is for Archie comic sales and it shows just how bad for comics the move from the newsstand to the direct market during the 70’s was.

    If your under 45 comics would never have been a mainstream kid thing like it was for those who are older.

    My parents are in their 60’s and 70’s and both read comics as kids I didn’t even know comics still existed until I was 14 and we moved to a town with an actual
    comic store (ah the pre internet days how I don’t miss them at all).

  • Mark Strange

    Hi, I’m going to make a movie based on something you love, but I’m not going to study it or even give too shits if it looks like it. Who cares. What little I know came from a wiki page and I got bored so I just looked up pictures of the characters and just came up with my own Idea of what they look like sound like and act like.

  • Gullibles Travels

    Wow, that’s crazy. I’ll head over there right now! Goodbye dayjob!

  • Oilnwater

    Each time I read something about this upcoming movie I can’t help but think they are making a movie about something other than the Fantastic Four. For godsake just make the movie you want to make then and keep the FF out of it.

  • Oilnwater

    That’s so not true. Anyone who has read the run from the beginning to now can see the effort to create continuity between writers. They can make any movie they wish, but why call it something it has next to nothing to do with. It seems lazy.

  • Oilnwater

    that’s basically true. An entire generation has grown up knowing Marvel characters from movies and animated TV shows rather than comics. I can introduce you to them if you’ like.That being said this movie sounds useless. At least Captain America, Thor, Avengers reinvented marvel for the screen in a way that was both fun and true in spirit to the original story lines. This so called FF project just sounds disappointing.

  • Oilnwater

    Sure he is.I hate the Garfield Spider-man.

  • Hugomarink

    Uh, no. The Corman FF movie is a joke. I mean, it’s good if you want to laugh hard at how bad it is. Yes, the two recent FF movies sucked as well (although I did like the way they handled the Silver Surfer in the 2nd movie) but still better than the Corman film. And you can’t even compare the situation (in terms of film rights) with superhero movies in regards to the Corman film as to what’s going on with comic book-based superhero movies these days. Totally different ballgame.

  • Jérôme Cloutier

    Whatta revoltin’ development…

  • Dave Truth

    So your classmates aunt is a web-cam slag?

  • Eric Matthew Patterson

    So what if it isn’t based on an existing comic book storyline. You are playing a character that HAS appeared in those comics, screw what the director/producer/anyone else says. You read the book to at least understand who she is at her core for the people that want to see some element of her comic book personality there. I liked you Kate Mara until this very moment, now I am shaking my head at you big time.

  • Peter LC

    They could just as easily for the same dollars, make a movie that follows established canon and keep the fans happy rather than alienate them.

  • SparkleBunny

    and this is why a movie made about comic book characters will fail.

    FOX please stop making these bad comic book reboots and give up your contracts to Disney so we can see a good F4 movie. PLEASE.

  • Allan

    You got that right. I see what you’re saying but they could still be siblings. A brother from another mother.

  • David Fullam

    Why don’t they just call it the Quandary Quartet?

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    I’ll be surprised if it has zero redeeming value. I already like Mara and Jordan and recently watched Chronicle to get familiar with the director. It’s more likely that it will be entertaining but bear little semblance to the F4, in which case the fans are going to be crying “Sell the rights back to Marvel” until they get carpal tunnel.

    If it’s boring and terrible though, I’ll admit it.

  • Josiah Silas Michael

    If you were going with “non-CGI” I would have picked a character other than The Thing. (I’m still paying to see this)

  • percane

    well that theory certainly flies out the window with the human torch casting…

  • percane

    starship troopers is a little different in that verhoven said specifically that there was a story he wanted to tell, and he was using the property as a vehicle to tell HIS story. he still stayed faithful to many of the elements of the book

  • percane

    chronicle was, at best, mediocre. i don’t even consider josh trank’s name to be good news.

  • Demi Voices

    These stupid idiots are abandoning the best principals that made the AVENGERS and IRON MAN such mega hits. They were based on the comics! Saying the comics “don’t matter” is almost a sure recipe for disaster. Their greed for money is only matched by their contempt of the source material.

  • Lornelb

    Yeah. No. The Maguire Spiderman was less than perfect because there was a complete lack of the quick witted quipping that makes Spiderman Spiderman. On the other hand, the Maguire Peter Parker, was spot on: A dissaffected, painfully shy, awkward nerd whose fortunes always turned sour.
    While the Garfield Spiderman is much closer to the comic book verison, complette with quipping, the Garfield Peter Parker is absolutely off base. Instead of the shy, awkward Peter Parker, we get a skateboarding, pretty boy millenial, with emo tendencies and abandonment issues. By the second scene of the first Garfield movie, Parker is making out with the hottest girl in his school and has a bromance going on with Flash Thompson who is supposed to be his tormentor.

  • Lornelb

    Enjoy yourself, my friend. I just hope you have PLENTY of space to stretch out in at the theater when you go see it.

  • Lornelb

    Ushio, there are plenty of pics snapped of RDJ in his local comic book shop loading up on Iron Man back issues.
    I don’t know when he began reading them, but I’m pretty sure he has read them.

  • bandoogiemanz

    Fair enough.

  • CeeCeeCee

    I’ve read that Verhoeven didn’t even read the book. In a lot of ways they’re two completely different stories with two completely opposing messages. Thats a good thing.

  • Grungebreath

    I’d totally watch anything titled that. Not this trainwreck though.

  • Cafeeine

    Not necessarily. A man on fire is pretty recognizable regardless of the race of the actor behind the CGI flames. Still, you have a point.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I’m completely passing on this. The more I learn, the more I don’t want to see it. I don’t mind the stars in it, but I think they’re all miscast. If they switched some of the roles around, it would look a bit better.

  • Barry Allen

    Thanks again, Hollywood, for raising a Middle Finger to the fans and telling us you know better than we do. The reason we go to comic book movies is we want to see the books and characters we love on the big screen. Thanks for the advance warning, Kate Mara… and for the big screw you.

  • Barry Allen

    “I’m with you fellers.”

  • Barry Allen

    Aww… that’s really nice of you. No, it won’t be.

  • Gavirio Vicuta

    That’s what you get when ideology becomes a market parameter. This one will be a free bit torrent download for me so I don’t sink one cent into it.

  • RoyBatty

    She was cheap to hire, and as shown by her statements in the above article, she followed Trank’s orders; meaning she can be controlled. That’s why she’s in the movie. I swear, half the actors hired for any given part, are hired for their vanilla ability to not pull focus from the other actors, director, concept, etc.

  • Duncan Webb

    Yet ANOTHER reason to bypass this crapfest.