‘SuperTed’ Creator Developing New Episodes of ’80s Cartoon


SuperTed is poised to make his triumphant return to television, Radio Times reports. Mike Young, who created the character as a way to help his son become less afraid of the dark, is working on new episodes for today’s kids.

SuperTed was a Welsh animated series that aired from 1983 to 1985, and was carried in the United States by Disney Channel. SuperTed began life as a defective teddy bear tossed into a storeroom, where an alien named Spotty brought him to life with some cosmic dust before taking him to Mother Nature, who granted him magic word-based superpowers. The show briefly resurrected in 1989 by Hanna-Barbera as The Further Adventures of SuperTed.

Young is overseeing production of 26 half-hour episodes that will likely debut on British TV in the next few years. It will feature a few character changes from the original, specifically when it comes to the villains Texas Pete, Skeleton and Bulk.

“In SuperTed, we had a gun-slinging cowboy, a flamboyantly gay skeleton and a fat guy who had jokes made about his weight,” Young said. “And all these things you just wouldn’t do today. But you can still write the show in a funny, entertaining way.”

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  • Scott

    It’s a sad state of affairs but Skeleton could have his own show today and would have a massive fan following.

  • Mitch Cumstein

    I know right?

  • Jimmy

    HALF HOUR episodes??? As a kid I remember struggling through 7 minute episodes!!