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‘Arrow’ Season 3 Will Explore Oliver and Felicity’s Romance

The Season 2 finale of Arrow toyed with “Olicity” fans, when Oliver Queen declared his love for Felicity Smoak — only for it to be revealed as a hoax designed to ensnare Slade Wilson.

But the sparks cannot be denied: Felicity has feelings for Oliver, and it appears he might have some feelings for her as well. The question will be further explored in the third season, producer Greg Berlanti tells TV Line.

He confirms that in the season premiere, Oliver will ask Felicity out on a date, now that he believes he has a better grasp on his crime-fighting lifestyle.

“They’re real characters to us, and they had that conversation on the beach, and they had that conversation in the house to help capture Slade,” Berlanti said. “So the question you have to ask is: Does Oliver have real, genuine emotions for her? And how aware is he of that? And how aware does he make her of that? That is an active part of the season this year.”

Beyond his love life, Oliver has to deal with a new antagonist once the season comes into focus. Berlanti teased that the villain will “feel different” from Season 2’s Slade, with “some personal elements of connectivity to Oliver,” as revealed in flashbacks.

“Hopefully, fans of the DC Universe will be really pleased by who it is,” he added.

Arrow returns Oct. 8 on The CW.


  • Simon DelMonte

    So dating Ronnie Raymond’s dad is out then?

  • HypnoFist


  • antonio dueñas

    At last…

  • Iloveyoursoul

    Absolutely love them and their chemistry.

  • Kay

    Never a good sign when they going to “date” this early on..

  • Sara

    I don’t believe they’re actually going to date. I think they will give us a small preview of what they can be but they won’t go that way so early on the season. They don’t want to mess Olicity up, in my honest opinion. Yay for exploring their relationship.

  • bobbee87

    Don’t care about Olicity, but I dislike Laurel intensely, please powers that be, eliminate her character.

  • 3rdEye

    That’s wack, he’s never shown any interest in her. He’ always had feelings for Sara and Laurel.

  • Domino

    Cant wait to see

  • SlamAdams

    Lame, they were better as friends.

  • AnnB

    I am certainly excited to see Oliver and Felicity exploring their feelings for each other. Their relationship is based on honesty, trust and respect. It is such a healthier relationship than Oliver has had with any other woman on the show. I really enjoy the slow burn and hope they do not rush the romance between them. I would love to see Oliver and Felicity as the endgame. Their chemistry is beautiful to watch!

  • ions are

    We see who gets the last laugh when things doesn’t go your guys way.

  • ions are

    Hate to break it to you but laurel isn’t out of the picture when it comes to Oliver and also the writers also hinted that Oliver and laurel will get back together in season finale while also hinted the olicity relationship as a couple and since the writers said that laurel knowing Oliver secret will change the dynamic for everyone surrounding Oliver which means it can’t be good for the olicity because we all know that laurel will get more air time and get more screen time with Oliver and also be in the arrow cave as much as she can while trying to be apart of the team.

  • ions are

    Hate to break it to you things might not go as you plan or hope since they also hinted that laurel and Oliver might end rekindling things between them now that laurel knows Oliver secret and from what I’ve read and heard is that Oliver and laurel will get closer than ever now that laurel knows Oliver secret and that Oliver will be putting everything on the table with laurel before getting back into a relationship with laurel.

  • ions are

    Hate to break it to you but laurel isn’t going anywhere and also laurel will be in season 3 and will get more air time now that she is in on Oliver secret.

  • ions are

    You shouldn’t until season 3 of arrow show is aired on tv and going into the finale season of season 3 and for the rest of the show until the end because what is probably said now might not happen on the show between Oliver and felicity and even if it did it won’t last long because they will eventually put Oliver and laurel back together when they are ready and even then they will play musical chair with Oliver and laurel until they put them back together like they did in the entire season 1 and some parts of season two and felicity might end getting the same treatment like Tommy did accept dieing.

  • ions are

    You shouldn’t believe anything that being said about Oliver and felicity becoming a couple until they show it on the show because they can say things and then do the complete opposite of what they said will happen. Like they said that they would show us why Oliver and sara got back together as a couple and that they will show us sara and Oliver deep connection between them in 5 episode in season 2 but they did the complete opposite of it and in fact the relationship between Oliver and sara comes out between them like they are friends with benefits and all of their scenes together comes out cringed worthy except when they are fighting against bad guys. Also their isn’t one episode between Oliver and sara were Oliver emotionally open up to sara about everything thing happened to him on and off the island since she knows about what Oliver been through but they didn’t have that since or any scenes like that to show us that supposedly deep connection between Oliver and sara.

  • ions are

    And it won’t last long if it’s true.

  • ions are

    Thank you.

  • SlamAdams

    Great, so stupid crappy wheel spinning. It is completely dead weight on this show.

  • ions are

    To you.

  • SlamAdams

    To me? You like overwrought dialog delivered by crappy actors to perpetuate soap opera storylines. Will they? Won’t they? Enough already especially when when one of those actors has the screen presence of an old shoe

  • ions are

    Katie Cassidy isn’t a crappy actress and she isn’t over acting even though she might seems at times that she is over acting which when she does the her anger scenes and other emotional scenes and that’s not over acting , that’s what happens when a person gets angry constantly when they are betrayed by some. Secondly if you feels that Katie Cassidy is a horrible actress then Emily Richards isn’t any better actress either because so far she only gets completely light and easy stuff to work with and Katie Cassidy gets the real hard stuff which is the emotional storylines to do all the time which can’t be easy or fun. Stephen amell isn’t even better at acting either and also David Ramsey or caity Lotz who by the way always come out looking like Mr.scourge that pouts intensely especially when she supposedly to looking like a tough bad ass fighter especially when she gets angry but she only comes out looking like Mr.scourge that pouts or a little spoiled child who pouts when they aren’t getting their way. Even in episode 4 called crucible when sara visits Oliver at his club and when walks in behind Oliver and the camera shows her face you will you see how she tense up her face and mouth alot in that scene which only to come off looking like Mr.scourge that pouts in all her scenes since she been on the show and don’t get me started about when she talks which only makes me cringed in her entire scenes on the show. Katie Cassidy isn’t a bad actress , the writers just needs to give better storyline for her character and no more emotional drama scenes for a long while which she might be getting in season 3 of arrow show. Lets talk about Ms.Richards who when given an emotional scenes she completely fails miserable especially during the whole moria funeral scene when her character is supposedly to be crying for Oliver because he wasn’t at his own mother funeral because he was busy doing the poor me victim act. Also Stephen amell isn’t even better when it comes to acting because he’s at times he done lots of scenes from season one and 2 which have been an hit and miss at times when it comes to acting including David Ramsey and Ms.Richards who also gets the easy work to do which Mr.amell gets it the hardest than anyone on the show and then Katie Cassidy which by what she said in an interview about constantly have been given the emotional drama storylines to do all the Times on the which is draining for her to do all the Times on the when you said Katie Cassidy is over acting in her scenes which she isn’t and I can understand why you think that but she isn’t over acting she just bringing the emotional drama scenes to the show all the time so they could bring her character down to bring her back up stronger than ever so she could go through her own crucible and come out of it stronger so she could start her journey into becoming black canary arc character which will be in season 3 , like the writers did with Oliver when they gave him his own crucible which was the island so he could one day be green arrow , the only difference between Oliver and laurel is that we never saw what Oliver was like as a character before the island and we never saw what sara was like before the island too and we definitely also never saw what either felicity or diggle characters were like before they came to starling city in fact we never saw felicity character back storyline to how felicity was like before she came to starling city and neither diggle and not talking about diggle life in the army , I’m talking about diggle life in general. Also I pretty sure that felicity character won’t be as popular as she is now sooner or later when they start giving her own storyline for her because felicity popularity will actually goes down.

  • kat

    Ions are… i mean damn can’t you let people talk about what they like without bashing everyone that isn’t a lauriver shipper! People aren’t saying that olicity is endgame, they are saying they would like them to be… so cool your jets would ya!

  • ions are

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Oliver and laurel as a couple or not and my point is that the olicity and the felicity fanbase constantly bashing Katie Cassidy and want the actress to lose her job so that they and felicity can get their way which is cruel and sick and also the haters are doing the same thing. It’s one thing to want or even rooting for felicity and Oliver together as a couple or an endgame of the show but to wish someone to lose their job or hate a character to the point of taken their hate out on the actress and body shaming the actress is just plain simply wrong on every level. I get people don’t like the actress or her character but to go to that extreme is completely wrong on every level.

    I don’t have a problem with people shipping felicity with Oliver but at the same time I wish people would stop acting as if Oliver is too good for laurel and laurel should be lucky to have someone like Oliver in her life which isn’t true it’s Oliver they should be saying that to because Oliver treats people like a bad horror flick movie that gone wrong especially laurel and in fact Oliver is lucky that people talk to him or even want to date him considering the way he treats others especially laurel.

    Oliver constantly condemning other’s to death when he isn’t getting his way or others isn’t kissing his ass. Oliver telling laurel to trust him but yet he chooses not to trust her while lying his ass off in fact Oliver lie so much he 110% or more believes the lies he’s telling himself to justify his bad horror flick gone wrong ways and people are believing it while constantly hating on laurel all because people are claiming Oliver is trying to do good and that’s the problem he shouldn’t be trying to do good or be good he should be doing good because it’s the right thing to do and the same could be said about himself. People is quick to hate on laurel for the the she treats him but they don’t treat Quentin lance the same because he doesn’t treat laurel any different or better. Quentin lance chooses to be a drunk instead of stay strong for laurel and be their for her the way she have with him for years but he was easy to give up on her because he is no longer a drunk or throwing his life away. He always allow Sara to get a with lots of horrible stuff and willing to jeopardise his career for Sara but when it comes to be their for laurel like he was their for Sara and the way laurel is their for him ,he act as if he is covering up a cold blooded murder for laurel and don’t get me started on the mother who abandoned laurel because of Sara and also who gives Sara the ok to continuing screwing laurel over with Oliver all because Sara claims to be in love with Oliver and kept quite about it for six years and Sara isn’t even better. Sara screwed laurel over and then got back with Oliver because she couldn’t handle the truth that laurel dishes out on like years ago so she retaliated by getting back together with Oliver just 5 minutes or less after laurel gives her the cold honest truth about her and to make the whole thing sicker is that everyone expected laurel just act like one big happy family like nothing happens and don’t get me started how Oliver acted.

    The truth be told bringing back Sara lance back from the dead and back to the show is the worst thing they did because they not only ruined Oliver since she have been back but they have him back peddle on everything he have said in season one in order to fit Sara into the show and some were in season two episode 5 they start turning Sara from this tourchered soul into this poor innocent victim when it comes to laurel and in fact they have laurel forgive Sara so quick even after Sara got back together with Oliver like the way she did .

    What I would have liked is for laurel to forgive Sara for everything but at the same time cutting Sara out of her life forever and no longer think of Sara as her sister ever again and the same with her father and mother and Oliver because all of these people aren’t worth anything. For me I don’t buy the sisterly crap between laurel and Sara after what Sara did to laurel years ago and after she have been back from the dead and the same way with Oliver.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Oliver and Sara getting together or back together with each other if they didn’t screwed laurel over the first time and then doing it again. Another thing that really annoys me to no end is that Sara said that she gave laurel six years to get over her screwing laurel over big time which isn’t true, the only thing Sara gave laurel for the past six years is pain , suffering , anger and resentment and bitterness and her not being able to trust anyone and the reason why laurel gives people cold shoulders .

  • tokio

    Can there be a pairing where all three lead females on the show not have a relationship with Oliver. lol. I like Oliver and Felicity and it is a good pairing but I would love a female character on that show that doesn’t get involved romantically with him. Thea doesn’t count. lol.

  • Guest

    Considering the comic books, I assume end game is Laurel since she is the black canary and wife to Oliver Queen. So yes, Laurel will never be out of the picture. Felicity’s character is just being pushed and added to the list of women he has been with. Like you said prolong the inevitable.

    I like Oliver and Felicity but I’d much rather her not be paired with him. I just feel it does a disservice to what an awesome character she is. I also don’t think the writers have it in them to write their “love” story that well.

  • SlamAdams

    The character isn’t really DInah though. Just a poor Dinah placeholder. Which they fixed with the addition of Sarah

  • Adrija Banerjee

    i love felicity….my heart skipped a beat when oliver told her that she is his true love….and then it turned out to be a hoax to get slade….don’t know who was more angry, slade wilson or me!!!

  • ions are

    Really when did Oliver told felicity that she was his true love?

  • Meh

    If you have a problem with fans bashing Katie Cassidy then that’s fine and you can take that out on those who actually ARE bashing her. AnnB was not bashing the actress, but merely stating her interest in Felicity and Oliver’s relationship…

  • arrowfan14

    It is my observation that Oliver does not yet know what true love is. From his past relationships with the women in his life, and his parent’s example of love, he is not able to discern what love means or how to trust it. I believe that Felicity will be the first woman to show him what a real and honest love relationship is and how those who love each other choose to treat one another. I would like to see who Oliver would choose after that. Personally, I am currently a Felicity fan I just feel that Laurel and Oliver lack the same level of chemistry. (Plus, I always cheer for the underdog. I like the idea that relationships are not destined. I think every story should develop on it’s own and with Felicity coming in and owning her small part, it makes this TV show’s experience special and unique. What are the odds?) However, once Oliver learns what love is, and he sill chooses Laurel, then for me that would feel fine. I think that another factor that will help Oliver learn about love in it’s purest form will be the relationship he will develop through his child. Love for Oliver at this point is still made mostly of passion and lust. Just as he is struggling with finding his “Green Arrow” he is growing into a man with deep emotions and sense of duty in all aspects of his life. So, for me, I hope Oliver does not decide on any woman of substance right now, because he could only protect them physically at this point. In my opinion, he lacks the emotional depth and experience for anyone of marriage material. Let’s let him continue to grow.

  • tua33915

    So we should ignore Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti in their interviews when they hint at Olicity being endgame? Someone should tell Captain Amell to stop uploading and favoriting Olicity vids then and the president of Warner Brothers and whoever runs the CW to stop tweeting about #olicity since it’s obviously not going anywhere.

  • heisenberg

    i guess oliver is best with laurel, and she was the one who pulled oliver off even in his worst times…olicity is good but laurel & oliver are always the best :)

  • lebene

    I love the arrow. I cant wait watch the 3. Africa loves it. my country Ghana some of us love the arrow

  • cynt

    I hope it won’t last long I am one of the view people who love lauliver. So they better not mess that up because I am not gonna watch it anymore. They screwed up enough in the show already please let it be Laurel in the end or else the strips don’t get the credit they deserve

  • Critter

    To me Season one sets up how strongly Oliver feels for Laurel. She is the only person that has always known him for the person he is. I think their relationship will have its ups and downs and Im ok with it but for the writing to make any sense, in the end Oliver needs to quit feeling he has to keep his distance from her and share his life as himself and the Arrow. I think he does love Felicity and I enjoy their chemistry but its not a romantic relationship, not brother and sister , but not lovers, that would feel forced. The worst thing they did was bring Sara back, that was a total slap in the face for the whole first season and made no sense and I wish it hadnt happened. So, Im good with Oliver/Arrow having “flings” with women that come across his path when he needs them ( except Sara which really bothered me because it was just poorly done) but the endgame has to be Laurel/Black Canary.

  • Deem

    Oh my… Laurel knows him?! it’s a joke… He’s not the same person that comes back, even Stephen said that Felicity in the present is the only woman that knows him bether that anyone… And of course if Olicity it’s not meant to be…. why Stephen said on comic con that he never will be with Sara or Laurel again?! That they’ll be teammates but not together together….
    Hummm and just to be clear… arrow is a adaptacion of comic book…
    and a even there Laurel and him do not and up together… they divorced kkkkk

  • Canry

    I just don’t see Felicity and Oliver together. No offense to Olicity fans but Felicity is just not his type. They don’t even match as a couple and having a Olicity affair….if something happens it could effect the team. I just feel they are better as friends. So I really don’t want them to happen.

  • Cultsphere83

    Your right , they don’t match as a couple, and I think,that’s what makes their pairing so interesting… I’ve learned through the Sarah/Oliver coupling, how absolutely boring it is to see too people so alike dating.. Seriously, where’s the drama, and originality in that …. Oliver is obviously very protective of Felicity, and during Season 2 you see the progression of his feelings for her.. I think it makes since that they would end up together, because she’s literally unlike any other girl he’s ever dated, which makes her stand out from the rest… As far as the comic books go, well we all know tv series and movies don’t always follow the same outcomes..

  • cynt

    I don’t give a damn about Felicity and Oliver. Oliver/Laurel forever for me fuck the haters.

  • Samantha Derrick

    Now we know how you spend your pathetic life

  • Cultsphere83

    hmmm you’re one to certainly talk … =)

  • Samantha Derrick

    Mope! You’re like a nursery rhyme! Easy to read! You have no substance! You’re really worthless! Arguing with dumb folks is futile. This is entertainment for you! You get no attention from humans

  • Cultsphere83

    ” You get no attention from humans” …. wOw you just burned yourself !

  • Anja Rego

    Savvy commentary , Coincidentally , if someone have been needing to merge two PDF files , my secretary saw a service here