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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ End Credits Reveal Cameos, Possibly a Big Surprise


Warning: This contains potential spoilers for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

If Nathan Fillion isn’t making a cameo as Nova or Cosmo in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, then who is he playing? Although both the actor and director James Gunn have remained tight-lipped, Stitch Kingdom appears to know the answer to that and much more.

The Disney news site reports it has been provided with the full credited cast list for the space adventure, which reveals that Fillion will play “Monstrous Inmate” — Gunn did say it’s “a very small cameo” — while Stan Lee makes an appearance as “Xandarian Ladies Man.” Gunn gets some screen time as “Maskless Sakaaran,” and Rob Zombie voices “Ravager Navigator Voice.” Fred the dog has his day as Cosmo, chief of security on Knowhere, the enormous floating head of a Celestial that serves as an interdimensional crossroads, port of call, and home base for the Guardians.

However, the biggest surprise may be the acknowledgement of Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik, creators of Howard the Duck, which would seem to suggest the character makes an appearance in the film. Stitch Kingdom notes that it might be a nod to a movie or comic that Peter Quill was familiar with before he was abducted from Earth. Of course, Howard could simply be an Easter egg tucked into a crowd scene in Knowhere’s marketplace or bar.

Whatever the case, we’ll know for sure when Guardians of the Galaxy arrives Aug. 1.


  • percane

    i’m betting easter egg in market, kind of like r2-d2 in the debris field in star trek

  • demoncat_4

    doubtful howard the duck for disney hates the character and owning marvel would never ever allow his use again even live action we shall see. in fact would not be surprised if the end credit scene finaly shows thanos in the flesh

  • adam

    Howard the Duck would be amazing. I actually loved the movie as a kid. Own it on DVD :-X

  • Ben Rhodes

    Even with Ducktits and an Interspecies relationship?

  • Henri

    Nathan Fillion as Howard the Duck

  • adam

    i was 6/7 when i saw it. and yeah duck tits!

  • Gary

    You do a lot of texting don’t you?

  • Talon Jennings

    The Steve Gerber credit is likely due to his resurrection of the original Guardians of the Galaxy when the characters were dormant and nearly forgotten. I don’t know that many of them will appear in this movie, but we already know for a fact that Micheal Rooker is playing Yondu.

  • Jeff Tischer

    I saw an advanced screening of this today. It was excellent. Not sure if there will be in two weeks, but the version I saw had no post-credits scene. Some of you are on to the right track with some of the character cameos. I’m a DC Fanboy, not a Marvel Zombie, so I’m don’t know all of the characters but there were tons.

  • SenorApplesauce

    I’m going to guess the talking raccoon mentions a duck he once knew named Howard.

  • Chris Henry

    Y’no…they can try to hard here. Easter eggs are fun but can get lame pretty fast.

  • Musikonica

    Thanos is already going to be in the movie. They could show him in the end credits, but they have other options to show off other characters.

  • demoncat_4

    only as a hologram and proably in shadows.otherwise nice marvel is tapping into its library and giving fans almost an entire mu on film. we will see who all joins the party when the film hits.

  • captainmeow

    Wow so many spoilers in this post!

  • Vasilibox 720

    I saw an advanced screening on Tuesday night and I can tell you if Howard the Duck is there, he’s hiding somewhere real well because I didn’t see a talking duck anywhere in the movie.

  • Melwing

    The advanced screenings don’t seem to have all the post-credits stuff in them.

  • Jeremy Ryan Heninger


  • Jeremy Ryan Heninger

    So you’ve seen the movie already? Good one but you don’t have to lie.

  • Vasilibox 720

    I saw the movie on Tuesday at an advanced press screening at my local AMC, for which tickets were also given out at SuperCon the week before. There were about twenty seats open ten minutes before the screening started and I was able to get into the standby line thanks to a friend that works there. You don’t have to believe me, but I did see the film and it was excellent.

    And Melwing, you are correct – the screening print did not have the post-credits scene attached so Howard the Duck could be in there.

  • Stephanie H

    Say what now? What scene is this??

  • Ron Locke II
  • yep

    thanos shown early…howard the duck post cred scene take THAT

  • demoncat_4

    which given how Disney dislikes Howard suprirsed james gunn was able to sneak him in the film with out some exec telling kevin feige remove that scene . wonder if Disney has howard wearing pants in the postcredit scene .

  • Talon Jennings

    Boy I was wrong.