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Dwayne Johnson Teases His DC Movie Role

Dwayne Johnson

Ever since Dwayne Johnson broke into the superstar sphere as wrestler The Rock, fans have been clamoring for him to play a superhero on the big screen. He’s been linked to a variety of comic-based roles like Lobo, Darkseid and Black Adam, but according to a recent chat with Total Film, it sounds like he’s very close to making an announcement about a DC Comics film project.

In the clip, Johnson says he and DC have been talking for years about which role he should play, but the process is tricky because they’re both trying to find the best fit. Johnson then says an announcement is coming, teasing that the hero has the power of Superman, but it’s not Green Lantern (although he was interested in playing John Stewart). After searching for the right clue, he finally settled on, “Just say the word.”

This, of course, points to his involvement in the long-discussed Shazam film. For years, Johnson’s name was attached to the likely villain of that movie, Black Adam, but it would make a lot of sense to put the superstar in the hero role. As it happens, when a purported slate of Warner Bros. superhero films was leaked last month, Shazam was pegged for release in July 2016. So don’t be surprised if something official is announced this week at Comic-Con International.


  • Lyle

    He would be perfect for Black Adam, but would not be upset at all if he ended up playing Captain Marvel (sorry, can’t get myself to call him Shazam).

  • ECONOMYpolitica

    You know, it would be really cool to have The Rock play Captain Marvel. We know this thing can be huge. It was in the 40s. As long as they do something with his hair that looks okay, I would be really excited about this. And, I don’t get excited for superhero movies much at all any more. – excellent weekly crime comic strip

  • Patrick Keely

    He should probably be Black Adam. The role of Captain Marvel/SHAZAM, should primarily be about Billy Batson which equals not a lot of time for Dwayne Johnson (unless they decide to do the Captain America route and have a cgi Billy Batson voiced by Dwayne Johnson). Dwayne Johnson will want as much screen time as possible and so Black Adam would make more sense since his alter ego is not as necessary to the movie.

  • Nerd Rage

    Johnson would also have been a good fit for the film adaptation of Mark Millar’s Superior. He can play at a certain childlike innocence required for the role.

  • tumblrfollowsu

    comics on her arms?

  • Kim Anh Nguyen

    Kimota!! Ohwait.

  • Red Dog

    This asshole ruins movies, I have absolutely no use for this hollywood sellout prick in ANY movie. Dwayne is nothing but a worthless piece of hollywood bottom of the toilet piece of shit

  • Kim Anh Nguyen

    i just imagined the rock in that small CGI Steve Rogers-body hahaha

  • Livnthedream

    You sound awfully mad bro.

  • Ninjajp

    oh god stfu.

  • Ninjajp

    well in essence the wizard shazam could only patent the name as he passed the tests of the gods, shazam is an acronym after all. Billy never passed the tests, but freddy did. Thats why Billy became marvel, and freddy became Shazam when he took over for that short time.

  • Ninjajp

    perfect for black adam, as both the wizard and teth adam were from ancient egypt.

  • the_Hold_Steady

    Dwayne Johnson for Black Adam. Patrick Warburton for Capt Marvel

  • David Lee Rott

    why dont they just go the full on pro wrestling route and go with rock for black adam and john cena as shazam? hahaha

  • mel

    Jon Hamm for Capt Marvel

  • Jonathan

    woulda loved to see him as Lobo.

  • Foreland

    He should play both Shazam and Black Adam.

  • AWwriter

    Stupid. “Trying to find the best fit”? You start with a role then look for an actor, don’t look for a way to shove an ex-wrestler who couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag into the universe.

  • todd

    “Just say the word.”

    If that doesn’t mean a Shazam movie than I don’t know what does lol.

  • Voice of Reason

    The villain role is the better role. But it also requires a better actor. Black Adam as a character is FAR MORE interesting and has greater depth than Captain Marvel. #notgoingtocallhimshazamever

  • Voice of Reason

    Shazam starring John Cena.
    Critics: “You can’t see this.”

  • Planetary

    Good thinking! Sadly I think Warburton is too old for Cap now, but I never thought of him for that role. He would’ve owned it.

  • the_Hold_Steady

    Why does Cap have to be a young guy? Johnson is 42. And Warburton is the same age as Robert Downey Jr

  • Planetary

    Good point.

  • Roger Stetson

    Hahaaaaa. Oh boy. Did he steal your girl, man?

  • casjwell

    I could see him as Shazam or Black Adam.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    How the fuck can you even do a captain marvel moviethe DC version CM. I’m not an expert on this character but i do know he’s a little kid that turns into a huge powerful man. that sounds like its going to be a hard sale for the non comic fan. Even if you turn him into a teen I got a feeling this is going to be tough to do..

  • Laurence J Sinclair

    Elevator pitch: Think ‘Big’ but with superheroes.

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  • Tophman

    I think Dwayne’s ability to show strength and humor will work well for Shazam’s elder Captain Marvel alter ego. Although Billy Batson turns into an adult, he still retains his sense of immaturity & whimsy. So I say it’s gonna be a great fit if it happens.

    Beyond Shazam’s CM, I’d love to see him as J’onn J’onz, the Martian Manhunter.

  • Brian from Canada

    If the rumours of Jason Mamoa being courted by WB are right, then it’s possible we might get Dwayne Johnson as Shazam and Jason Mamoa as Black Adam — which makes every action fan happy and presents the opportunity for an amazing fight sequence that still can be decently acted around.

  • The Last Word

    Johnson should have been cast as Kraven the Hunter in Spiderman 3, with Harry hiring him to humiliate and hunt down Parker. Instead, we get Sandman (which wasn’t so bad, really), Harry as some kind of Goblin (which was pretty lame) and Venom (which made no sense whatsoever).

  • ykandil
  • Doug

    It could be, then again, maybe not. Who else in the DC Universe has the power of Superman that the Rock has been linked to? How about The Martian Manhunter. I don’t think I woild go getting all worked up over Shazam yet.

  • the fray fix

    Um…If he played shazam then they would have to explain why shazam is Black. They would also have to make Billy Batson a little black kid. I Know he’s multicultural, (Black and Samoan) But casting him as Shazam would be a little bit of a stretch.