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Kevin Feige Explains How Josh Brolin Landed Thanos Role

josh brolin

When it comes to Marvel, nothing’s official until Marvel says it’s official. Well, Kevin Feige, the studio’s president of production, is making it official: Josh Brolin is Thanos.

Feige told Collider about how and why Brolin was hired to play the Mad Titan in Guardians of the Galaxy, confirming that the Oscar-nominated actor has signed a multi-picture deal to appear as Thanos in future Marvel films.

“We knew he was going to be in this movie.  We wanted somebody to be more than just the voice,” Feige said. “Josh did the performance as well. We were looking at a wish list of, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if’ names, and his name was on it. And you look at his face and the performances he gives, he could be Thanos without any effects. He has that kind of face and that kind of gravitas to it.”

Once Feige and Marvel locked in on Brolin as their top candidate, it was only a matter of approaching the actor with the material — the rest locked into place shortly after that.

“We reached out to him and it was one of those things that does not happen all the time but when it does it’s very nice, where he was totally intrigued,” Feige said. “He was a fan of what we did, he met with [producer] Jeremy Latcham in a hotel in London and learned about the characters a little bit.  I spoke to him on the phone a few times.  We ran it by James who loved it, ran it by Joss who loved it because Thanos is in this universe because of Avengers.   Then we shot him and recorded for it.”

Brolin’s Thanos makes his arrival in Guardians of the Galaxy, in theaters Aug. 1.


  • demoncat_4

    only as a holoogram but fans proably won’t see josh as thanos in the flesh till avengers three or gotg two.

  • Phil

    They could get his stepmother, Streisand, to play Death. She’s about the right age, and she looks like death eating a cracker.

  • Lance J. Mealer

    Thanks for spoiling it! You’re such an AMAZING person. Now do us all a favor and jump off a cliff.

  • David Nguyen

    Dude, we’ve all known that for months…

  • demoncat_4

    kevin himself hinted that we would proably get thanos in full for avengers three. or not till another guardians film. for marvel knows fans will go to the films they do just hoping thanos finaly appears. classic movie trick.

  • Makr

    Not gonna lie, I’m a little pissed that he took this gig over Batman for BvS. He would’ve been the perfect Frank Miller-style batman. And I’m betting there are couple actors who could pull off Thanos better than him.

  • Ultron 1998

    You’re wrong, he is appearing in the flesh in Guardians, there’s a picture of the back of his rocket chair and you can see his armour and he will probably be speaking too

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  • demoncat_4

    we shall see. for would love to not wait till proably a second guardiains or avengers three to see thanos in full instead of just cameo or as a hologram barking orders to his minions. plus also see thanos starting to put the jewels into the infinity gaunlet.

  • blackheart

    They gave it to ben affleck over him….

  • Wayne Matthews

    Huge mistake. Good actor, but he is not Thanos. Yes, I know, I’m not Kevin Feige, but if I was, I wouldn’t make this mistake.