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Red Skull and ‘Real’ Mandarin Could Appear in Future Marvel Films

red skull

Although they’ve appeared in Marvel Studios films, in one form or another, the Red Skull and Mandarin remain in the mix for future assaults against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

In an interview with IGN, studio President Kevin Feige spoke about the possibility that the “real” Mandarin — as in the actual ring-clad legend, not washed-up actor Trevor Slattery — could factor into an upcoming Marvel movie.

“There have been [talks]. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to do the fun [All Hail the King] short that Drew Pearce wrote and directed,” Feige said. “That was to clarify, ‘Hey, just because we did this thing doesn’t mean this other thing doesn’t exist.’ And as we were making Iron Man 3 — and I think Drew’s spoken about this — that was always our intention, was that Aldrich Killian was perverting the notion of these things he’s heard.”

As for Red Skull, the Hydra villain’s days aren’t necessarily numbered — not even after he was seemingly incinerated by the Tesseract.

“Well, the way we showed his ‘demise’ in The First Avenger was to showcase to people that he could perhaps pop up again sometime,” Feige said. “I honestly don’t know when or where that would be.”


  • Jeff Culliton

    When I first saw “Captain America: The First Avenger” and saw how Red Skull “died” I thought it looked more like he got pulled into the Tesseract, rather than being destroyed by it. I then thought that if Loki gets ahold of the Tesseract in “The Avengers” he could bring Red Skull back out, and he would be un-aged, similar to Captain America’s suspended animation.

    My theory: Red Skull, unbeknownst to any of the Avengers or any of the Asgardians, is still trapped in the Tesseract.

  • donna brazile fan

    I’m really disappointed that Marvel did that interesting political commentary on racism against the east and comic book villains in Iron Man 3, only to say “that didn’t matter because we’re not brave enough to commit to it!”

  • demoncat_4

    a fourth captain america film would be the perfect spot for the red skull to return. or since the Tesseract is one of the infinity jewels when the avengers battle thanos . thanos sets red skull free the first time he uses the gauntlet. as for the Mandrin should be interesting if marvel can pull off the oriiginal version with the ten rings without getting screamed at for being racist by showing the character in the flesh at last. but when since no plans for a fourth iron man film.

  • RawBeard

    and if Hugo Waving decides to not return (I read a quote he was not keen on the film or the genre afterwards) they could use that to explain the slight change in his appearance.

  • Jason M Bryant

    I feel that just because there is someone out there using the name ‘Mandarin’ doesn’t negate what they did in Iron-Man 3. If they bring him in at some point and show him to be a cackling stereotype, then that would destroy what they’ve done. They haven’t done that yet, and we don’t know that they will.

  • Jason M Bryant

    I think it should be fairly easy to avoid the stereotype.

    Fun fact: the word “Mandarin” isn’t Asian. Nobody in China would actually use that word unless they’re speaking English. It’s a European word that was used to describe China.

    So all Marvel needs is a Warlord who took on the name because of how he wanted to present himself to the west and who found some alien rings. They can dump the very dated original comic look of the character, just as long as he is still Asian. Anything that is looks more like the comic character than Trevor Slattery will make comic fans happy now.

  • Stephane Moungabio

    I always thought it would be cool if they just went the businessman type look that the Mandarin had in Iron Man’s Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. tenure. Perhaps just de-aged a tad

  • Stephane Moungabio

    It could also work if they just said (once he returned) that he looks different because his ‘face mask’ is of him pretending to be someone else. Like quite a few people (myself included) thought they might do with Robert Redford in the Winter Soldier

  • J.p. Ducey

    Personally, I’m a fan of Iron Man III. Was it flawed? Yes. But I don’t think its nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. Let me put it to you like this. Iron Man Villain = Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger. Iron Man II Villains = Justine Hammer & Ivan Vanko/Whiplash. Iron Man III Villains = Dr. Aldrich Killian, Savin, & the Extremis Virus. Seriously, when you think of Iron Man 3, think of Extremis, not a fake Mandarin. I too was disappoint by the fake out. We wanted Mandarin, we were expecting Mandarin, and we were fooled. However, it’s still a good movie and it feels like Marvel will give us what we want in the end. If they make Iron Man 4 with the REAL Mandarin, i think people will start to appreciate Iron Man III more.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I agree. It never appeared to me that Red Skull died. It looked more like he was absorbed by the Cube OR was teleported to another time/planet.

  • Banon

    I agree. The version of him in the Matt Fraction run was also good. Despite his original appearances in the ’60s, the character has evolved a great deal. I honestly don’t see any reason they can’t do a big screen version.
    Anyone who describes the character as racist or offensive is basing it solely on the Fu Manchu quality of his original appearance. Even back then the character was always taken seriously as a threat. He didn’t speak with broken English or anything like that. In fact, Stan Lee always credited his creation as an attempt to capture some of the villains from the pulps, which he did quite well.

  • demoncat_4

    thanks for that little bit on where the word mandarin really came from for always though it was Asian. and the Mandarin is kind of a warlord in his own way Marvel to avoid risking some of the countries like china whose box office dollars play a big part just say he is somewhere from Asia or that area and he been busy this whole time collecting the ten rings of power.for iron man four would be perfect for the real Mandarin to come a calling now.

  • mel

    I don’t think I can handle Stark going up against yet another evil businessman. Making him a warlord sounds cool though.

  • uatu13

    Sorry, IM3 was a piece of shit. Even leaving the awful way Mandarin was handled aside, the extremis story was boring as hell, and a movie called Iron Man barely had any Iron Man in it. Apparently the crappy director thought we’d rather see Robert Downey Jr running around having a mental breakdown, playing McGuyver, and acting like himself. It was definitely the worst of the marvel studios made movies to date.

  • seetee

    IM3 was cr@p, not b/c of the mandarin twist or w/e…just having tony stark run around like a chicken with his head cutoff, while in previous films his, 1 to 2 suits withstood a full on earth invasion by loki, but in IM3 all his suits are just cannon fodder to some guy who gets really hot, zzz

  • J.p. Ducey

    I’ll agree with some of that. I thought the big showdown between the Extremis Soldiers and the remote Armors was a fantastic idea and seeing the multiple of Armors was thoroughly satisfying, but it bothered me that every single Armor could be ripped about with little effort.

  • J.p. Ducey

    I disagree. I never once found it boring. The Extremis story was great. We got something besides just another My Armor is better than your Armor story.The panic attacks made sense after falling through a worm hole back to Earth. I didn’t care for the parts where he was James Bond/MacGyver either. I thought Iron Man 2 lacked the focus that Iron Man 3 had. Thor 2 The Dark World was the worst Marvel movie to date IMO.

  • Thedude3445

    Yeah, that made me kind of :/ too, but at least the commentary was there (and everyone missed it)!

  • Thedude3445

    I would really like the Red Skull to come back, as Hugo Weaving. I’m not sure where it’d be best to do that, though… I feel like if he came back in Avengers 3 due to something involving Thanos and the Tesseract, but he doesn’t do anything until Captain America 4, then that would be awesome. That or he comes back in Captain America 3 and becomes a major villain in Avengers 3 or another film.

  • seetee

    I’ve always interpreted the scene with red skull+tessarect in the last scene in CA1 as the tessarect probably teleporting red skull to another dimension or w/e…so he’ll probably be back

  • MichaelinIowa

    Redeeming the Mandarin character can be one thing done to improve Iron Man 3. The other thing would be give an explanation for the destruction of the armor. My theory is that the autonomy that Stark gave it to battle the flame creatures made the armor very dangerous. That is the reason why at the end, when he had nothing left but was still in great peril, that the armor did not assist him. It was quickly developing its own motivations and desires, and those desires were not to risk itself saving Stark. Kind of a foreshadow of Ultron. Also prevents a repeat performance of “House Party”. Of course Stark, being the jerk that he is, told Pepper that he was destroying the armor for her. Removing the shrapnel??? Well we will see.

  • MichaelinIowa

    See above for my theory on why the armor was destroyed. My theory is that AI armor does not fight effectively. It does not want to. It is battling its command to protect Stark the entire time. It has its own motivations (see Ultron).

  • lewis4510

    I believe that Tony, in order to cure Pepper of Extremis he had to perfect it. So I believe that he used it, as was implied at the end of IM3 to rid himself of the shrapnel in his chest.

  • Dante Sparda

    He is not trapped in the tesseract the tesseract teleported him far away

  • isthar

    Dude. The guy who gets really hot is also near invulnerable and has super strength. IN Avengers he didn’t even fight Loki head on, just the cannon fodder army Loki brought. :)

  • isthar

    I’d have to disagree with the TDW bit. Granted, it has its flaws but it is harder to make stories that fit with the MCU for characters that are flying bricks. For me though, the worst film in the MCU is the Incredible Hulk. It just doesn’t have that same feel as the others. :)