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‘The Flash’ to Introduce DC Villain Plastique

plastiqueWarner Bros. Television’s big DC Entertainment presentation at Comic-International isn’t until Saturday, but TVLine has already dropped a bomb, of sorts, revealing that comic-book villain Plastique will appear in the first season of The Flash.

Created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick, Plastique was introduced in 1982’s The Fury of Firestorm #7 as a terrorist whose attempted suicide bombing of a newspaper was foiled by the title character. She later underwent genetic engineering, which gave her the ability to project explosive force from her body, and became Captain Atom’s enemy and love interest, and a member of the Suicide Squad. She was reintroduced in DC’s New 52 as a foe of Firestorm and an apparent member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

On The Flash, Plastique is Sgt. Bette Sans Souci, described by TVLine as an Army bomb specialist who was injured by an IED in Iraq: “Since being exposed to the Central City explosion, she can turn any object into a bomb with just a touch of her hand.” The website seems to suggest she could be a potential ally for Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen.

The character appeared in an episode of the eighth season of Smallville, where she was played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

The Flash series premiere, which will be screened at Comic-Con, airs Tuesday, Oct. 7, on The CW.


  • Big Ulf

    I wonder if she’ll be French-Canadian in the Flash. Once again, doesn’t sound like it. Name is close, but if she’s army in Iraq I don’t think so!

  • Dwight Williams

    The parents of this version could have emigrated from Québec, New Brunswick, eastern Ontario…any of those parts of Canada when she was very young. Certainly, this version’s backstory – what we see of it here – goes far afield of what Conway and Broderick gave her first incarnation, but even back then, FLQ-style terrorism was a decade or two behind the times of 1982.

  • dekko

    So, she’s a bomb specialist who somehow gains the power to turn things into bombs? Contrived much? Makes me think they’re setting it up that how a person’s powers manifest are directly influenced by their psyche.

  • Michael Alden

    That’s pretty much how a lot of super heroes and super villains have gained their powers in the past when they were created.

  • Cyrus D Virus

    Seems like some of The Flash announced thus far might be getting their powers from the particle accelerator. Makes me wonder if that means there were a lot of people in Central City who were in the “blast zone” of sorts and became meta-humans as a result. Not saying all of the characters on that show will get their powers from that event, but it would be an interesting aspect/explanation.

  • Cyrus D Virus

    Meant to say, “The Flash characters…”

  • maddie

    As a child Barry was insecure that he wasn’t a fast runner, believing being fast could help him help other kids from getting bullied (himself included).

  • PatriciaWBowerman

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  • Steven Roberts

    Candace Woods (@africandace) looks just like Plastique and has the fiery but sensitive personality to match! #RedheadActress

  • Tophman

    The map Dr Wells showed Barry revealed that the particle accelerator fallout was scattered all over Central City. I agree that this is one cool reason why we haven’t seen any villains in Arrow having super powers as it is grounded in ‘reality’ and partially explains how Arrow/Flash’s TV Universe gets metahumans.

    I am excited about the prospect of finally seeing Count Vertigo wielding his ‘vertigo’ powers in Arrow (with the new Vertigo coming to Starling for an easier mark -Central & Starling could be the TV equivalent of comics’ sister cities Central & Keystone).

  • Tophman

    I like the idea of bringing in Plastique as a potential anti-hero in Flash… though I was hoping for more of a Rogues-centric first season (where they pop up & eventually band together). Naturally this could still happen so fingers crossed as I count the days to the series’ official premiere.

    Incidentally, I had thought that Caitlin (whose alter ego is another Firestorm anti-villain originally -though not the Snow alter ego- coincidence?) would fit the bill of Barry’s potential ally-turned-villain-turned-ally.