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There’s No Psychotic ’50s Captain America in ‘Winter Soldier’ Sequel

In the Marvel films, there’s only one Captain America, and his name is Steve Rogers.

In other words, despite rumors to the contrary, the upcoming Winter Soldier sequel won’t feature William Burnside — the psychopath best known for running around in Cap’s star-spangled costume in the 1950s.

But you could be forgiven for thinking Burnside would appear in the untitled Captain America 3, considering that writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus previously tossed out an explicit mention of the “psychotic 1950s Cap.” But in an interview with, the writing team backpedaled on their earlier remarks, putting out the Internet fire they effectively started.

“That was a smart remark, off the cuff,” Markus said. “What I love about that whole run, the whole existence of that, is the sort of single minded desire to retcon everything into continuity, you know? ‘But there was five issues in 1950 where he was a jerk!’ I know he was a crazed college professor who had plastic surgery, but I think we can honestly say that he will not be making an appearance.”

Then again, maybe the writers aren’t ready to completely crush that particular rumor, as McFeely added: “You know, there’s probably 20 minutes of movie there. There’s something interesting about a guy who so desperately want to be [Captain America] and be a tribute…I just don’t think it’s a whole movie.”

We’ll know about Burnside with 100% certainty, one way or the other, when Captain America 3 slings its shield into theaters on May 6, 2016.


  • Nate

    Pulling for Baron Zemo. I’d love to see that sword to shield battle.

  • David

    Why wouldn’t it work? It’s worked very well in extended stories in the comics, so I don’t know why the character wouldn’t work in a film

  • AirDave

    Zemo! Zemo! Zemo!…

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  • andrew11

    Cap 2 was really great, but they should have put that story off til the third movie. As it stand, the Winter Soldier himself (i.e. the return of Cap’s partner) just didn’t have that great an impact, seeing how Cap was relatively fresh out of the ice.

    Cap 2 could have left out the Winter Soldier, and let Cap brood (a little bit, but not too much) over Bucky’s death. His return in the third movie would have a much bigger impact. Or maybe it was just that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky from the first movie was utterly charmless and forgettable, who knows.

  • samuel

    I’m hoping for Nuke possibly played by John Cena

  • Allie_225

    “Or maybe it was just that Sebastian Stan’s Bucky from the first movie was utterly charmless and forgettable, who knows”
    You’ve got to be kidding me. I was devastated when Bucky fell from that train. I was so invested in their friendship and how Bucky was always the one who had saved skinny Steve and was then saved by the new Steve and partnered up with him. Chris Evans’ face when Bucky fell from the train spoke volumes. Sebastian Stan’s portrayal of both Bucky and the Winter Soldier was amazing. He was cocksure and brave in TFA and silent and deadly in TWS. To have so few words and yet convey so much with his eyes and facial expressions…brilliant. I don’t even count the Hydra story line as the main theme in TWS. It was about Steve finding Bucky and how it affected the both of them. I’m SO looking forward to seeing how Steve helps Bucky in the future. The filmmakers and writers for Marvel know exactly what they’re doing and I say they need to stick with it as it is!