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Will Ferrell & Adam McKay Producing Animated ‘Manimal’ For Sony


Frequent collaborators Will Ferrell and Adam McKay plan to bring some of their movie magic to Sony Pictures Animation’s Manimal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they’ve brought in Key & Peele executive producers Jay Martel and Ian Roberts to pen the script.

“Like The Catcher in the Rye or The Sound and the Fury, Manimal has always been one of those elusive projects every producer dreams of taking to the silver screen,” McKay said. “I know the movie will be funny and entertaining but will it be the first film to win a Pulitzer? We’ll just have to see.”

The live-action/animation hybrid was initially announced by Sony Pictures Animation in 2012, with series creator Glen A. Larson (Knight Rider, Magnum, P.I.) on board in some capacity. A few days after the initial announcement, Larson gave an interview in which he said the new version would be aimed at families and feature some of the spirit of Spider-Man.

Manimal aired for eight episodes in 1983 on NBC. Simon MacCorkindale starred as Dr. Jonathan Chase in the series, a man who used his shapeshifting powers to solve crimes.


  • Jason M Bryant

    I loved that show. Of course, I was a little kid at the time. I must never watch it again, there’s no way it could possibly live up to my nostalgia.

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